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How to increase sex life by yoga

yoga for sex life

People have a very specific mental image when it comes to yoga with a combination of sex. Some people mix yoga sutra with Kama sutra. People ready do remember the story associated with yogasms or naked yoga. This activity is also known as Orgasmic Meditation movement. You must have also viewed the cheesy movie scenes where a man is caught up to view a sex video. With Yoga, it is now possible for the couples to go ahead with sexual intercourse just by starring into each other’s eye. They also achieve levitation before they experience universe altering orgasms.

Have you ever experience the pleasure of simultaneous orgasm? It is only possible if you know the techniques of having sex through Yoga. You can now learn the magical king pigeon pose, that will easily impress your partner.

Yoga is an Ancient practice which has been discovered to be helpful for persons who have problems in communicating, staying closer and being frank with the partner.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga helps in developing a healthy and balanced relationship between the couple.
  • It also helps in building compassion and trust in each other.
  • Yoga encourages healthy and balanced relationships.
  • Yoga prepares a person to live in the present and enjoy the present.
  • Positive, strong, and effective communication skills can be easily developed by performing yoga regularly.
  •  The partners come closer through touch, contact and intimacy.

Ways to increase sex by Yoga


If you want to try out new poses of sex, flexibility in your body while attempting for the poses is important. Yoga is a wonderful way in gaining flexibility in gaining flexibility in switching from one pose to another. If you are attending yoga classes regularly and practicing the same in a regular basis, you will be able to hug your legs while you lay flat with the back. You can easy kiss your own thigh. This will help your husband to sling your leg up and over his shoulder. This will help in getting deeper penetration during the intercourse.


You must have heard about Yogasm that pops in media every now and then. Stimulation is very important to create orgasm. This happens when you work on mula bandhan. Improved orgasm will be noticed due to this activity. You will easily get awareness about building body through yoga. This will help each one of the couple to help getting a way to extreme horniness.

Mental health

Maintaining mental health is very important for an individual when willing to attempt for sex. This is only achieved if you can carry on with Yoga on a regular basis. Yoga will help individual coming out from the situation of chronic depression. You will definitely get mental peace while having sex with your partner along with a support of Yoga. Many people have achieved success with the physical benefit of Yoga after many years of marriage. The breathing exercises are also very helpful in getting a balanced mental and physical health while successfully achieving stamina when having sex.

Mula Bandha

You will always get the strength building poses in a well balanced yoga practice. But, it is important to practice Yoga in a regular basis in order to achieve success in retaining stamina while proceeding with the sexual activities. You will learn the ways of body weight balancing through certain position of Yoga. This helps in controlling the muscles between the muscles that controls urination and sphincter muscle. This is also known as yogic version. This is also commonly known as exercising your kegels.

If you want to do little different in sex as compared to others, you must practice partner yoga.

Some sexually effective yoga poses

Cat/Cow Flow—Turn the body into a table top with shoulders directly above the wrists and hips above the knees. Inhale and get to cow position by lifting the chest away from the belly and lifting the tailbone. Now exhale and round up like a cat by drawing the stomach in and separating the shoulder blades. Does thispose five times daily?

 Bound Angle Pose—bring the soles together while bending the knees and touching the floor. Hold the toes together Inhale and exhale and hinge forward from hips. Bend the head to the toes and hold for a few seconds. Release and get back to normal position. Bound Angle is great pose for low libido and it helps in getting rid of anxiety and gets a feeling of freeness and intimacy

Pigeon Pose—Lie on the tummy and bring the left leg on the top part of the mat with the heel closer to the groin. Keep the left leg straight. Slowly lower the forearms and rest the head in the arms. Hold for a few seconds and repeat from the other side .This pose relaxes the mind and removes the tension from the hips. This also brings the person to the present times by helping to get rid of other thoughts coming in the mind.

Eagle Pose—Stand on left foot and twist the right foot round the left knee. Inhale and take the arms above the shoulders and cross left arm around the right arm, fold the fore arms at elbow and wrap around to bring the palms together on the top of the head… Enjoy the stretch of the entire body. Hold for five breaths and repeat on the other side. The eagle pose is said to be a sexy pose depicted in the Kamasutra as well. This pose is very beneficial in a stressed mind as it allows the person to come in the present times and enjoy the moment.