Will dandruff cause pimples in men?

Will dandruff cause pimples in men?

Will dandruff cause pimples in men

If you have dandruff in your hair you are more likely to have pimples on your face. The pimples are seen mostly on the forehead area. Due to dandruff there is flaky skin on the scalp area and the sort of dry skin can block the pores and in consequence one suffers from acnes and pimples. In case you have the tendency of having acnes then dandruff can really make the case worse. Dandruff can happen at any point of time in life. However, the pimples are mostly seen at the time of teenage and this is when you should tale perfect care of the hair and cleanliness is highly expected at this point of time in life.

Dandruff is one of the serious problems one wish to eradicate for life as it leads to consequent problems like itching of scalp, pimples in face, hair loss and poor hygiene. Dandruff is considered as the root cause for all the above problems. Hence, it is vital that one treats their hair properly to prevent any other infections and damage to your face and health.

Dandruff can be a major problem that most people today are afflicted with. Dandruff can be caused by dry scalp or bacterial/fungal scalp infections. No matter what the cause is, dandruff can be quite an irritation and a pain. But what can one do when dandruff is aided by its ally, acne? Acne and dandruff together can be a rather painful combination. Dandruff is considered one of the main causes of pimples/acne. Dandruff can lead to a full face pimple break out in most pimple prone people. But the more commonly we see that dandruff causes forehead pimples. Generally the dandruff flakes clog the pores on the forehead. The clogged pores lead to pimples. So, to stop the pimple break outs you need to first treat your flaky scalp. Once you have combated the dandruff you will not have to worry about pimples caused by dandruff. Here are a few ways in which you can combat pimples caused by dandruff.

Is the dandruff reason behind pimple?

You must have seen men of different ages suffering from the pimples. But, have you ever thought about its reason?  Some people have an impression that dandruff is a main reason behind pimple. Even it has been observed that people with pimple over their face have dandruff in hair. Some group of people says that dandruff causes pimples in men where as other group does not agree with the fact.

One of the reasons behind pimples or acnes is due to excess wash of hair. If an individual is suffering from neurological disease, there is a risk of having dandruff. If you wish to eradicate acne from your face, regular wash of face will be a necessity.  This remove the oils from your face make your face really attractive and natural in looks.

Wash up

If you have dandruff problem then washing your hair might not always be enough. As important it is to keep your scalp and your hair clean it is important o keep your face clean as well. Washing your face only during your baths might not be enough. Washing your face frequently can help your pores remain clean of any dandruff particles. Again just splashing your face with water is not enough. You need to use a face wash that suits your skin type. If you use soaps then your skin might become too dry and damaged. You need to know what your skin type is and then buy the face wash accordingly. Use the face wash as often as you can to prevent the dandruff from affecting your skin.

Pimple medication

There are many kinds of acne fighting medication available in the market today. Since acne is a major issue today you can easily find acne creams or gels in your local drug store. There are many popular brands of pimple creams and gels that are popular today. But when even choosing such acne gels or creams make sure that they suit your skin type. If they do not suit your skin type then it can end up damaging your skin more instead of helping your skin recover from acne.

Fight the dandruff

Since dandruff is the main reason behind the pimple problem the best solution would be to fight the dandruff problem. Just like dandruff has many causes it has many remedies. The best remedy for dandruff can be regular oiling of your hair. But oily scalp can make your face oily as well. If you have an oily skin then it is best if you do not leave the oil for long. Aloe Vera can have its benefits as well. The aloe juice can help reduce pimples as well as dandruff. Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient that can help you eradicate both pimple as well as dandruff. In severe cases you can turn to dermatologists who can prescribe medication to help you deal with your dandruff as well as pimple problems.

For those, who feels embarrassed with these white flakes – Here are some of the amazing remedies for curing dandruff hit hair.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a powerful ingredient which helps in eradicating dandruff to a greater extent. Baking soda is alkaline in nature. Hence it acts as a mild exfoliate in treating dandruff. It also helps in removing dead cells in your scalp.

Add baking soda with water to form a paste like substance. This paste can be applied to the scalp and left for few minutes until it becomes dry. Once it is dried, it is rinsed off with warm water and shampooed. This when continuously followed, will help in reducing the irritating dandruff to a greater extent. This in turn does not allow any pimples to form in your forehead or the face.


This powerful natural ingredient is packed with load of remedies. Neem is famous for its ant-bacterial properties leaving behind any bacteria and fungi. It is also rich in antifungal, antioxidant and antiseptic properties. These combinations make Neem as an excellent antibiotic agent which helps in keeping your hair clean.  Boil the neem for 15 minutes and make it as a paste with warm water. This powerful neem when applied to your scalp helps in getting rid of dandruff. It also helps in preventing hair fall. In the same way, neem paste can also be applied as a face pack along with turmeric. This is an effective ingredient for pimples.

Yet another simple way to get rid of lice and dandruff is to keep a bunch of neem leaves on top of pillows and sleep on top of it.

Fenugreek seeds

This famous natural ingredient is also called methi. The methi seeds are a natural way of preventing dandruff in your scalp. This is a slow but a sure reactor for getting rid of dandruff. All you need to have is patience. A fenugreek seed also leave your hair silky and makes your body cool. When these seeds are soaked in water deeply and grinded into paste, you can apply for your hair. Leave for 30 minutes and was off with cold water for best results.

An anti-dandruff shampoo can help

In order to keep the skin acne free it is important that you wash the hair and keep the same clean and dandruff free. You can use the anti-dandruff shampoo to wash off the flakes and in the way the scalp becomes all the more clean and absolutely free of grime and dirt. You must make use of the shampoo for at least two times in a week. You should make sure to wash off the affected parts like the scalp, the ears and the even parts of the face. You can even use the shampoo for cleaning the hairs of the chest. Once you use the shampoo the right way and at the right places you are sure to have less attack of the flakes.

Tie your hair at one place

Once you know that your hair has dandruff try to keep the same away from the skin. In this case you should not allow the hair to come in direct contact with the skin. If the dandruff comes in contact with the skin of the face it can cause pimples. Please make use of hair bands to keep the hair off the face. If you have long hair do not keep the same loose. You should tie the hair at one place and avoid the same from coming in contact with the skin.

Hot oil massage can cure acnes and dandruffs

Hot Oil massage can be a great remedy for keeping away dandruff. In case you have pimples due to scalp dandruff a hot oil massage can be the best solution for the purpose. The massaging will help in loosening the dead skin cells and in the way can make you feel so relaxed. It also help in improving the method of blood circulation and in the way the scalp is made to stay healthier. The hot oil should be applied on the scalp and the massaging should be done the right way. After you keep the oil for sometime it is time that you wash off the same with anti-dandruff shampoo. You must repeat the process once in a week to allow the dandruff to disappear and this way you can keep the face free of pimples.

Do not wash your face regularly

Regular washing of the face is important if you want to do away with acnes. To wash your face you need to use cleansers and this is to be done for at least two times in a week. Proper washing will help in removing the flakes and this can even take care of the grime on the face. Once the grime is gone your face is sure not to show more pimples. It is always good to use the water based cleansing materials. In case you are washing your face too often it is not good for the skin. This can make the skin excessively dry and once again this can be a reason for the outbreak of acnes.

Use the conditioner cautiously

In case you use conditioners after using shampoo make sure that you apply the same away from the scalp. Conditioners have residue and this can simply cause increase of the acnes. Never allow the conditioners to touch the scalp. This can really make things worse. It is also important that after applying the conditioner you rinse off the same with normal water so that no residue is left. The residue of the conditioner can really cause more acnes and make you feel the harshness of the application.

Prevent using hair styling items

It is best not to make use of hair styling items. These are products and items which are basically oily in base. These products can clog the pores once they come in contact with the skin. Thus it s safe that you make use of water based products and agents so that you have lesser chances of having dandruffs.

Brushing the hair can prevent dandruff

If you want to stay away from dandruff it is essential that you have regular brushing of the hair. Once the hair is brushed properly all the dead cells are aptly removed from the scalp area and there is increased blood circulation. It is necessary that you brush the hair for at least two times in a day. Regular and timely brushing of the hair will help you keep away dandruff the best way.

Oil oregano and garlic can help

Using oil oregano and garlic can surely help in fighting acnes. These are stuffs which can reduce chances of dandruff and once there is less of dandruff the acne growth is minimized. You can apply garlic and oil oregano on the scalp and this should be done thirty minutes before taking bath. These are components you can directly apply on the scalp or you can even have an intake of the same to avoid problems of pimples and dandruffs.

The combo effect of lime and olive oil

You can even make a combination of olive oil and lime for dandruffs and pimples. This is the best remedy for preventing dandruff. For this you have to take one table spoon of the olive oil and this should be properly mixed with one tea spoon of lime juice. The mixture should be applied on the scalp and it should be kept as it is for the entire night. Nest morning it is time to wash off the mixture using a mild shampoo. This way dandruff is sure to go forever.

Turmeric and curd for acnes and dandruff

Dandruffs and pimples can be best eliminated with the application of curd. You can even mix turmeric with curd. This will make the solution antiseptic. Curd is for the hair and the combination of curd and turmeric is for the skin where you can notice pimples due to dandruff. Before half an hour going to bath you should make sure to apply the curd on the scalp. Then it is time that you wash off the same with lukewarm water and this will help you get clean and shinny hair. You can even apply the solution of turmeric and curd on the acne affected zones and this should be kept for twenty minutes to allow the solution to work on the pimples.

How almond oil can help in preventing dandruff

Almond Oil is extremely good in combating dandruffs and this way you can surely stay safe from the acnes caused by dandruffs. Almond can reduce dandruff and at the same time it can make the hair grow long and healthy. Almond Oil has all the vitamins and this saves the hair from the attack of dandruffs. It is necessary that you heat the Almond Oil and massage the same on the scalp and this way dandruff can be aptly removed. At times almond oil is even mixed with olive oil and the combination of the two is great for people suffering from dandruff problems.

Honey is a perfect dandruff curing agent

Honey is an antiseptic stuff and it helps in the reduction of dandruff and it is the best element in curing pimples. Honey can reduce the itchiness of the skin and there are several way by which honey can be used. To remove dandruff honey can be well mixed with curd and then applied on the scalp for the perfect result. You can even mix honey and smashed bananas and this can be applied on the scalp once more and it is kept for twenty minutes in order to prevent dandruff. Honey and turmeric can be mixed together and applied on the pimples caused due to dandruff. There are more ways by which honey can be used for eliminating dandruff in style.

Beetroots can cure dandruff and acnes

It has been discovered that beetroots can really cure the problems of dandruff. Beetroot when used on regular basis can really help in eliminating conditions of dandruff. Take the beet plant and boil the top and the root portion of the same in water. Then you can use the water to well massage the scalp and this is usually done with the help of the finger tips. The remedy should be followed for some weeks and this way one can get rid of dandruff completely. Once there is no dandruff there are no pimples too. In the way the skin is made to stay so clean and fresh.

Use natural conditioners

If you do not want dandruff to disturb you the best thing to do is to make use of the natural conditioners like the egg white and the mayonnaise. This is the best way you can combat dandruff and even stay safe from the disturbing acnes.

How can vinegar help

Even vinegar can help in fighting acnes caused due to dandruff. However, make sure that your scalp does not have any bruises before you apply vinegar on the same. In the case the condition can worsen and so you should have a careful application of vinegar on the scalp to reduce chances of acne caused due to dandruffs.

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