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How to do manicure for male

How To Do Manicure For Male

The nails of the men should look neat and clean. You should cut and clean them in a way to make the nails appear so clean and shinny. Shaking hands is a part of men courtesy and no one would prefer to shake with dirty hands. This is the reason it is essential that you take proper care of the nails to feel perfectly neat and social.

To cleanse the nails

In the first step just like the face it is important that you take the right care of the hands and for this you need to regularly cleanse the part of the body to remove all the grime and girt. When your nails are neat and well maintained, you can easily prevent the attack of infections. This is why it is essential that you keep the nails well hydrated by making the best use of the hand wash. Please do not make use of the regular soaps as they are extremely harsh on the skin. A standard hand wash can do the needful in this case.

Softening the nails

It is also important that you make the nails soft. However, there is no need to do anything separately. You should start making things soft from the tip to the bottom. You should soften the hands, the nails and even the cuticles. This you can do by dipping the hands in the solution of soap water. This is done in order to make the cuticles pliable. Dip your hands inside the water and wait for ten minutes. This is how the nails are sure to become soft and then it becomes easy for you to treat the same.

Checking the nails thoroughly

It is also important for you to be thorough. Often you are reluctant in checking the under portions o the nails. Lots of dirt and grime get accumulated at the area. This is the time you should make use to clean all the dirt to make the nails appear so clean and perfect. After removing the dirt it is time that you wash your hands again. Next, you can make use of the cuticle pusher to make the tissues go back to place. Things should be done gently. Please make sure not to push things too hard or else you will have the sort of irritated nail bed.

Nail trimming is extremely essential

It is important that you trim the nails well. For this you need to make the best use of a standard nail clipper. The clipper is used to cut the nails well. It is important that you stay extra careful when cutting the nails. You should make sure to get rid of the excessive nail length and there is no need to cut the nails too short as this can affect the skin badly. There is a thin white strip at the end of each nail and this is the limit to tell you where to stop. You should not cut the nails beyond the strip. It is important that you make the nails short but there is no reason to touch the skin.

Giving the nails the right finish

After everything is finished it is important that you give the nails an apt finish. For this you need to make smooth the edges of the nails. To do this you should make use of the nail file. Make sure that you are filing following the similar direction. There should be no moving back and forth. This will help the nails look neat and round and you can witness the goodness in the look of the nails. This is the lovely way you can make the hands look so neat and perfect.

Let the cream be there for the entire night

It is equally important that you apply a daily cream to maintain the look of your hands and wrists. This helps in the restoration of all the essential nutrients and now your hands look roper and good. It is also important that you apply lots of cream on your hands before going to bed. This will help in softening the hands for the entire night. Once you get up in the morning you will find your hands so soft and fresh. This is something which you should really do during the winter season to maintain the goodness of the skin.

Coconut oil for the nails

Coconut oil is something extremely good for the male nails. It can nourish the weak and the brittle nails. The oil contains saturated fat and this is the reason the oil acts as the perfect moisturiser. This is also the solution to fight against the nail infections. For this you need to warm the coconut oil and apply on each of the nails. Then it is time that you message the same gently and this should be done for at least five minutes. Massaging keeps the nails well and this helps in proper nail growth and maintenance.

Apple cider vinegar for the brittle nails

Apple cider vinegar is one again just the right solution for the brittle nails. This comes loaded with all the essential nutrients and the same is extremely healthy for the nails. The vinegar contains ingredients like potassium, vitamin, calcium, magnesium, iron and the rest. Moreover, vinegar has acetic acid and malic acid and these are stuffs to help fight against nail infection. For this you need to take a bowl and mix apple cider vinegar with water. Now, you should soak the nails in the solution for some time. Just after this it is time that you push down the cuticles. If you repeat this for some days it is sure that the nails are sure to be stronger.

Sea salt for the nails

Sea salt comes with lots of minerals and it is the right ingredient for the nails. This can help in making the nails strong and at the same time it even works in softening the nail cuticles. The salt will also help in making the nails too shinny. The salt with water and essential oils is sure to do magic on the nails.