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How to do chest waxing at home and waxing tips

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Removing the hairs from your chest can be done using waxing technique. Since it removes the hairs from the root, it last for much longer than shaving. Shaving removes the hair from the surface to often shaving is required, with waxing mass hairs are removed from the root which shows better result of a long time. These are the steps involved in removing chest hair using wax.

  1. Select a wax kit : There are many wax kits available in the market. Choose an appropriate one, I would rather suggest a honey or wax strip – soft wax made for coarse hair. You can make your own wax by heating sugar in a thick pan. When the sugar caramelize, add honey and lemon juice with a wooden spoon. The sugar will be foamy and very hot. Stir continuously  until it is a consistency of a pancake batter. If it is too thick add a spoon of water. Remove it from the fire and let it cool.
  2. Check the length of the hair : The ideal length of the hair should be between 1/4″ long, it should not be longer than 1/2″. If the hair is longer use a clipper to trim it evenly.
  3. Clean the area : Before waxing clean the surface and your hands. Keep the strips ready before waxing. Lightly dust your chest with baby powder before waxing.
  4. Waxing : With the help of wooden spoon spread the wax evenly on the surface in the direction of hair growth. Don’t apply the wax too thick and avoid your nipples.
  5. Place the strip : with one hand hold your skin tight, place the strip on the wax applied area and slightly rub. Grab the strip from one end and quickly pull it out from the opposite direction of hair growth. Don’t pull it straight upwards, slightly lower side is better and quick action good.
  6. Relieving the skin : After waxing slightly press your skin this will help your relieve some pain.
  7. Finish waxing : Repeating the waxing process you can finish it. Do not apply wax on the same area twice, this may cause irritation and redness.
  8. Removing extras : Use a tweezers to remove those extra hairs.
  9. Rejuvenate skin : After waxing it is better to apply a lotion or oil preferably a baby oil or lotion to the waxed area. This will clam your skin, since waxing removes hairs from the root.

Tips for waxing

  • Check on the length of the hair before your start with waxing. Too short hair cannot be waxed, longer hair can be trimmed and then waxed any how.
  • Using wax close to your nipples is not recommended. The skin near the nipples are delicate so waxing will damage them. Using a trimmer on those area are preferred.
  • It is better to wax in front of a long mirror to have a better view. Always check on a small area may be hand before using the wax on the chest to check whether the wax is warm or hot.
  • After waxing do not touch the area to avoid irritation and redness.