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How to deal with your selfish wife

How to deal with your selfish wife

Selfishness can be tolerated only to certain extent. If you are experiencing selfishness with a third person, the solution is easy enough – get rid of that person. However, if that person is a close relation to you and if it is someone special, especially your wife, you have to think about it. If she is selfish only to a certain extent, you can try to make her understand about her behavior. If it has gone to an extreme case, you will have to handle in a different way. Whatever may be her behavior, never try to break up from the relation at the initial stage. Try to have an open talk with her and make her understand her negatives. An open talk can be a medicine for many years of fight. Here are some of the tips that help you in getting even with your wife and lead a happy life.

It’s hard to per-suit the perfect couple in the globe. Each and every individual has born with some odds and goods. Your partner have some of the flaws at the same  you too have your own while measuring in the faults scale. How ever when your partner switched to the mode of selfish, then the relationship will be in a danger. The word selfish is having the skill to ruin any kind of relation. We can watch it even in the adults. Some times they turn selfish and behave worse than the kids and make the things irritable and in an immature manner. It is need to believe the existence of selfish wife’s and even husbands too. The nature of the selfish wife will makes to move the things only about her. She don’t care about her partner, children and the house hold functioning. Marriage is a responsible relation which doesn’t be sailed by a single person. She need  to        understand the person whom she married and have to give love, affection and care to her partner for the successful relation. Respecting the emotions and feelings of each other strengthens the bonding.

To the end if she don’t understand all of these then here are few principles in order to get her own flaws. Deal your selfish wife by the following ways.

Point out

Most of the situations she might not even realize that she is behaving in selfish way towards her husband. In such situations as a husband you need to pin her flaws, pointing will be in such a way that she will have to understand it.Try to talk her in a cool way, start a conversation and ask her whether she is facing any problem while doing a particular work and if any thing is bothering her. By such move she may think that you are concerning her and your relationship.

Keep the limit

If the things are not working with the talks then pick a safe option. Don’t let her to talk over you for all the times. Make her know you are concerned about her and it doesn’t figure out that she can take the decisions to any heights.

Separate the responsibilities

Prepare a list of all the household responsibilities, separate the responsibilities and explain her what she need to do. Don’t get freeze from the excuses she punch, tell her clearly  what are consequences need to face if th e work had not done in the proper time.

Threaten her

If all of the above are not functioning to the mark, threaten her that you will move out from the relation. If she is the person who have love and care towards you, she will change her self for sure. But she is not caring and not that kind you will know where your relationship is.

A successful marriage is consisting of the compromises and adjustments from both of the couple. But for all the times you shouldn’t be the only person who need to adjust. So, try the above ways to help your relationship.

Who Isn’t Selfish?

This is a question which many people find it difficult to answer. Each and every one of us is selfish in our own way. Some may reveal it directly while others keep it hidden. Try to look into your wife’s selfishness from her point of view. You have to understand what’s making her to behave like that. Instead of looking for a temporary solution, find the root cause of the problem and eradicate it completely to have a healthy relationship.

It’s “We”

Yes, after marriage, everything you think about and act are to be considered as “we” and not “I”. So, start changing your thinking process and think as “how do we solve the problem?” Avoiding her or irritating her will change the situations from bad to worse. Hence, try to communicate with her and if she finds a fault in you, and if that’s true, have the heart to accept it. Also, give her some time to experience the change. Don’t expect her to get rid of her selfishness in days or hours.