How to deal with mismatched libidos in sex life

How to deal with mismatched libidos in sex life


This condition is mostly seen in couples. Mismatched libidos are poles apart from having different libidos. Mostly mismatched libidos are not sexual. There are other factors that affect a marriage other than sex. A few of such factors are explained below.

  • The physical appearance of a person can make them feel low and avoid sex. Say if a person gains weight, he or she may have a feeling that their partner no longer finds them attractive. This attitude takes them back and they avoid sex.
  • When any one of the partner shows power, that mean power to drive sex or money. In such a case the other may feel down and gradually lose interest in sex. Often one person controls or shows power during sex will make it boring. It will result to other person avoiding by classic refusal or sometimes may always expect the other to show the sings of initiations for sex.
  • When certain issues or arguments are not solved. In this case always there are some unanswered questions which always are in between them. So whenever an argument comes up try to solve it completely rather than leaving it abrupt.
  • It is general that when changes come in, the routine practices are affected. At the beginning most of the couple struggle to adjust with the new condition, this is very common for couples who have their first baby.
  • Serious sex or silent ones often can turn up to be boring after some time. Sticking on the old techniques can also result to the same. It is good to experiment with sex to keep it lively. This can be achieved by discussing sexual practices and adopting new methods.
  • Some couples want time alone, this will gradually lead them to have a separate secret life. All this occurs due to lack of communication and sharing their desire.
  • When couples have difference in opinion. When both their priorities are not similar, the partner how show power initiates the desire of sex. It will lead to dissatisfaction or others priorities unfulfilled. In such case mostly sex is a rush act, eventually there is lack in sex drive and boredom.
  • Many women take birth control pill, this could also be a cause for mismatched libidos. Often it is observed that women in long term relationship and how are on pill lose their libido.
  • If a person has health problems like medical issues, depression or surgery. In such a case it is evident that sex cannot be possible for them.

Through this discussion it is evident that couples having such an issue face hardship in life and would need help or diagnosis. The libido analysis is simple and convenient. Rather than dealing with hard life problems which is quite difficult at times. So many couples get the simple road and practice good moves on the bedroom problems in its place of the actual or deeper problems. When the couple deal with tough situations their bondage become stronger in turn they get more intimate. More intimacy means more sex, this way libidos can be swept away.

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