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How to deal with men in angry


Due to an incorrect things or due to some problems at the work some times leads a men to lash out. But in a relation it not just affects him but her women too. While he is in angry women need to be careful and have to follow some basic steps.

Stay yourself cool

While he is angry and speaks some thing odd, help him to collect what he said. Things won’t work when both the people are shouting,  Explain it in calm. “Those words are rude” in some cases they don’t even realize that they are hurting their partner. Explain to him how his anger is hurting the feelings of you and let him know these kind of mistakes may ruins the relationship.

Things work with silence

When he is in angry or in some another bad mood, offer him some own space. Fix a thought that you are not going to talkin that situation, its not keeping you down but giving a chance for him to be free. Mostly don’t interact with your guy in his angry mood.Though even the silence is big, he never wants to miss you for the next minute if you are important to him.

Lets the silence speak

Silence makes wonders at some cases. If he is rude for something and you are on the mode of silence, it not only make
you an instigator but offers him a chance to listen to his own words, eventually it makes him to think about he said.

Encourage the positive

When he is happy and feeling lucky, let him explain you like the way that he is.

Prediction is important

If he trust you, he will intimate his actions and the way he is. As a trust worthy, you need to be predictable. As angry men are not easily predictable, Women will tough to intimate and relax with this kind of men because they don’t know when ever they turn angry or start criticizing them.

Actions make more things

When you are not showing great interest to go out with him or not talking to him much, its makes him to get a point.

let us sit

Does he is with more good qualities than the bad! then its time to herald it to him.Have a long sit and say him the good qualities that he had amidst let him know where he is dropping due to his bad’s. This will increases your strength of bonding.

Get help from other

Every one of us have unique life experiences. He might have a mentor to talk with. On the process of mentoring, he may get the notion that whether he is hurtful or not.

It’s in unconcious mood

In order to avoid the feelings of others an angry men lash out at others.Indeed, it is an unknown action. They may had a bad and dull day at work due to various reasons, instead of explaining that to you he shows his anger on the dishes they are not done according to his interests or it was not the food that am not looking for.