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How to deal with jealous friend

Is your best friend behaving suddenly in an odd way! have you ever noticed such kind of nature in her! Then it might be jealous, if you are getting the same kind of actions frequently then deal her in a good way as following.

Understand her

One of the best way found to treat the jealous friend is by understanding her. You have check her from the deep inside, Check whether she is bad due to  in-satisfaction relationship or job. Might you don’t know that she in been with hard time and sensitive to the issues.

Take it simple

Another best ways to deal with a jealous friend is by facing her attitude, while you both are in a shopping and if she throw a negative comment on you take it as simple don’t go anger with that. Tell yourself it is one of your favorite costume and you don’t want to skip it. Stay confident and don’t show apologize for what you have done.

Don’t avoid

Don’t try to avoid her though she making you feel bad. If you avoid being with her or her calls it increases the gap between both of you and prompts for the worse conditions, particularly if she is jealous due to your closeness with other friends. She don’t think about her way of behaviour which is causing the distance between both of you. Handle it smooth and treat it calm.

Go and help

One of the ideal way to treat your jealous friend is by helping her, no matter how she hurts help her while she is in need. These kind of things make her to think about you and the way she acted before. If you feel like she is good with her looks and style, tell her and express you are a good friend to her..She might be with the people who made her criticize, so,give positive reinforcement in her times.

Face her

Sit for few hours and share her feelings, get her behaviour and what is going with her. Might she is tackling some hard things and may be that’s the reason behind she is in that nature.People deal with the things and problems in various ways might being like that is her way of treating the problems.

Never change yourself

You may feel like it would be better if i don’t do few things while she is with me inorder to skip few issues. But indeed it’s not a good method.You don’t have to change yourself and mask your happiness due to because of her. Don’t skip things but ask her about her life in equal. If you got good marks in your exams, ask her does she need any help from you.

Come out

If she is making the things in her way although you had done many things to make her happy and jealous free, don’t resist for more than long and it’s better to come out of the relation for temporarily or permanently.