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Dos and Don’ts while Dating with Leo Woman

Relationships are something that is tied up with love and emotion. Some may consider that dating a woman is a just a fun but there is also a greater chance that you get attracted to her and go ahead with an actual relationship. Dating has its own power to take that fun meet to a lifelong commitment. So, before you are moving with a dating schedule, it is important to know what are the dos and don’ts you have to follow while dating a woman.

Having known that there is a pretty less chance of knowing more about a woman before dating, all you need is the birth month of her. Does her birth month falls anywhere between 23rd July to 22nd August? Then, you can be happy that you have got a Leo woman for date.

Let us understand the traits of Leo woman in detail by entering into the most powerful world of zodiac.

Basic Nature of a Leo Woman

Basically, a Leo woman radiates loyalty. She fits herself to power and authority. She possesses leadership skills and has the ability to control anyone she wishes. She can be arrogant sometimes but that’s just an external appearance which lasts only for few minutes to days. She likes to be loved a lot. So when you are about to date a Leo woman be sure that she sees the eternal love in your eyes.

Sun is the ruler of our solar system. Hence no doubt that Sun is the lord planet for Leo according to zodiac. A Leo woman possesses similar characteristics of Sun. She is gifted with qualities which prove her superior among others. She will be the center of attraction wherever she goes. She is a strong woman with great will and mind. Hence, you will find your Leo woman to be stubborn at many times and many places.

You may experience the above traits of a Leo woman during your first date too. You might have prepared the entire conversation you like to have with her beforehand. However, you will be disappointed that she does all the talking, you feeling like a puppy listening to her.

Leo- A Challenging Personality

She always likes to possess the rarest of things one can ever have. Also, she is not the character who goes for second opinion or chances. If she thinks she wants one, she gets the same. No compromise. So you will have a hard time in conniving her for any matters she dislikes. A Leo woman likes to have costlier and valuable things around her. If you are planning to surprise her with a gift, make sure that you get the most expensive one that fits your budget.

Another toughest challenge you face with the Leo woman is her demand for things to be done to her wish. Don’t ever try to come late on the time of dating. She takes that really serious and there are chances that her first impression about you entirely goes crack pot. Spend as much as time you can with her. This makes her feel special and happy that you actually value her.

How to Handle a Leo Woman

This is the part where you need not worry about. Because, she handles you rather that you think of how to handle her. As said earlier, she never gives a chance for opponent to take her role. She wish to talk first, she wish to choose the place, she wish to order the food you eat and much more. More than that, she expects compliments from you for the actions she do and you have no other go but to do that to impress her.

The Other Side of a Leo Woman

The above traits might have made you think more about how to handle the Leo woman. However, there is another side of Leo which makes you go crazy for her. When it comes to love, a Leo woman is serious about it. If you win the heart of hers, she makes you feel that that you are the luckiest person in the world. She shows her infinite care and affection for you. She always thinks about her loved ones and make sure that she makes them happy. So all you need to do is make her add your name to her list of loved ones.

She shows great respect and sincerity for her lover and tries hard to bring the relationship blooming and blooming. Now, to make her think she is special, you have to put a lot of effort. She should realize that you actually adore her for her physical attire and her personal characteristics. Be confident of what you speak and show modesty in your thoughts. All these will definitely melt the heart of a Leo woman.