Hands and nail care tips for men

Hands and nail care tips for men


Manicure is not just a process for the females. In fact, men too need to keep the right care of the hands and the feet. This is part of the personal hygiene. You can appoint a professional for the reason or you can even take care yourself. When you come in contact with someone for the first time the hands speak and this is the reason they should be absolutely neat and perfect for external interaction.

Taking care of the nails

In case you don’t have the time to pay special attention and sit with your nails and hands for a long time it is good that you take the usual care of the hands. The nails should be kept short and they should be cleaned perfectly. You should cut the nails underneath the tips and this is the rule for the men. To clean the nails you can use nailbrush for the reason and there are more ways by which you can take absolute care of the nails. With the help of the nailbrush you can brush the tips of the fingers. This will help in easy dirt removal from the nails. You should also brush across the tops of the nails. This is sure to make the nails appear so bright and clean.

Taking care when the skin is extremely dry

The skin of the hands tends to become extremely dry. This happens quite often. In case you make frequent use of the hands you will have the tendency to develop calluses. This is when you should make use of a pumice stone and you even have special apparatus for calluses removal. When doing this you should not indulge in excess skin exfoliation. This can lead to severe pain and this is the reason it is important that you do things within the limit. After the exfoliation is over you should apply the best hand moisturizer. This will help the skin stay tender and soft. You have men with extreme dry skin and this case special care should be taken to make the skin retain the normal status.

Exfoliating every week

Exfoliation of the hands and the fingers should take place once in every week. You have the right products for the reason and you can even take to the trusted home remedies. For this you can add sugar granules to the sort of moisturiser that you use and then you can rub the same on the hands for the dead skin removal and even for the softening of the skin. Now, your skin is sure to appear so fresh and bright and the hands get rid of all the dullness.

Treating the cuticles

Cuticle care is another way to keep the hands and the nails in the perfect state. It is important that you take care of the cuticle and this is not something which only the girls do. You can select a product to help in making the cuticles soft. Once you finish applying the product on the cuticle the same should be pushed back by making use of a stick and this is meant for the reason of treating the cuticles in style. The process is sure not to take more than few minutes and the difference that you notice is just beyond expectation.

Buffing of the nails

You can even take to the buffing of the nails. This will help the nails look extra clean and they will shine like nothing. It seems that you have polished the nails and your hands are sure to look so neat and different. If you visit the drug store you can look for the nail buffer. This is the tool to help you rub the top part of the nail and this helps in making things shinny. However, this is extremely easy and you have no hassles involved in the process.

Moisturizing nail soaking recipe

To keep the nails strong you can even make use of moisturizing nail soak recipe. For this you need ingredients like one tablespoon of Hemp Seed Oil and you also need 3 to 5 drops of lavender essential oils. You should take a small bowl to mix all the ingredients. You should soak the nails in the same for 10 to 15 minutes and then it is time to rinse well.

Orange juice for nails

For the proper care of the nails you can even take to the citrus nail growth soak recipe. For this you need ingredients like orange juice. For the treatment you need to soak the nails in the orange juice for ten minutes. The juice has folic acid and this is just perfect for nail and hair growth.

Nail strengthening recipe

For this you need ingredients like beaten egg yolks, one fourth cup of milk and one tablespoon of honey. You should take all the stuffs and mix well in any type of small bowl. Then it is time to soak the nails for around 10 to 15 minutes. After this you should rinse the nails well. Once the application is over you should apply the cuticle oil on the nails. The eggs have protein and the milk has calcium and these are the ingredients which can help the nails become hard as rock. The same can also help in developing the quality of the nails too.

Anti aging hand treatment

You have the anti aging treatment for the hand. For this you need 6 table spoon of Jojoba oil. 2 table spoon of flax seed oil. You need 3 drops of carrot seed essential oils and 3 drops of pomegranate extract. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients well. You should allow the ingredients 20 minutes oftime to set and then it is time that you remove the stuffs and wash the hands.

The recipe to whiten the nail

You even have the nail whitener soaking recipe. For this you need to collect lemon juice and warm water. Take a ceramic bowl to mix the juice and the water. Then you should make sure to dip the nails for 10 minutes. This is sure to remove all the stains and make the nails appear so perfect and glittering. After the treatment it is time to apply a perfect cuticle oil.

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