How to be a good father to your kids

How to be a good father to your kids

Respect the children mother

One of the good way to show his children that you are a good father, always respect their mom. A father and mother respecting each other shows a secure environment for them.  When they seek their parents respecting each other then they feel like they also respected.

Give time for them

The time a father spends tells his importance. No matter other things are important to him, giving a quality amount of time for their kids is vital. Sacrifice the things for children. Stay with them, do fun and enjoy with them.

Listen first and talk next

Give a good time and listen to their ideas and what are the problems they are facing. Listening to them is nothing but respecting and understanding them. Before talking listen first, Help your kids to sort those problems. Be friendly so that they can explain to you their fears and troubles.

Discipline with love

Discipline is necessary for kid, while being in the track to keep them discipline don’t admit rough nature, it will make them fear. Let them know the consequences they need to face when they make a particular action and provide meaningful information for their clean behavior. Fathers who keep their children in discipline with calm and simple way expresses their love for the kids.

Role models to their kids

Fathers are the real role models for their kids. If you are honest, responsible, hardworking and genuine in nature they even try to admin it. Explain your son what is more important in life like character, hard work, being responsible etc. A girl child who spends quality time with her father easily understands what kind of respect she deserves to get when she is in the public and from the boys, and what to look for in a husband.

Be a teacher

Teaching is not just the duty of a teacher, as a responsible father you need to be in that incarnation according to the situations. Teach what is good and what is bad, let them capture the output when they do positive and negatives. Inculcate the every day basic lessons of fairy tales that are needed for the life.

Eat together as a family

How ever you are busy in the whole day, allocate the dining time with your family. Whether it is a lunch, dinner or breakfast. Have them with the presence of complete family. It will be a good chance for your children to talk with you and to discuss the moments what they have done in their day.

Read to your children

Try to stay them away from the television and put your effort to help them study. Children will grab when see, listening and reading. If your kid is too young make them tell the words along with you, if not let them read the books by their own. Correct them when are going with mistakes and prove them parents are always with you to conquer the problems.

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