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What are the real culprits for men dark circles?

 What are the real culprits for men dark circles?

People must have heard about the ladies complaining about their dark circles under their eye. But today, this has become a common problem to even men. Dark circlers are the areas of pigmentation that forms under each eye of individual which are generally having a round shape as well as having uniformity in appearance. This is effective for both men as well as women. There are many causes of having dark circles under eye. Some people develops it due to excess of partying and sleepless nights.

The real culprits of men dark circles are as under:

  • Some lifestyle factors such as consumption of caffeinated drinks, smoking and alcohol
  • Allergies
  • Hereditary
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Stress
  • Sun exposure
  • Thinning of skin with loss of collagen and fat
  • Improper circulation of blood
  • Irregularities of pigmentation
  • Nasal congestion

Lifestyle changes with dark circles

The appearance of the dark circles will be shown visibly with the changes in lifestyle. With the habit of vigorous drink as well as improper food habit, dark circle can be within the trend. There are several ways to reduce the same. One of the simplest ways is the cold compression. You can also elevate your hair while you are sleeping t night. This will be really effective in reducing the puffiness of your eyes. Some people also states that, lack of sleep is not a cause of developing dark circles under the eyes. If you have already dark circles under your eye, lack of sleep will focus it once again.

Prevention of dark circles

If you don’t want to get the dark circles, you can easily go ahead with the preventive measures. If you have a regular habit of smoking, same can be reduced or stopped to remove the dark circles under the eye. You can also protect your eyes from sun. This can be done by using a sun glass while you are travelling in the day light. Tanning of your skin can be followed by pigmentation as well as dark circles. There are several creams available in the market which includes extracts of vitamin C and vitamin E. There are also ways of hiding the dark circles. Concealers can be used to hide the dark circles.

Avoid the culprits and apply home remedies

You must avoid the culprits and by the above mention ways. It is also possible to adopt the home remedies and get a wonderful face which is far away from the dark circles. Cucumber is thought to be a wonderful remedy for eradicating the dark circles from the face. You can slice off the cucumber and place it over your eye. Keep it for some time and remove it and get a wonderful feeling. A soothing and cooling appearance of your eye will be really appreciable during the hot and scotching heat climatic variation. You can also apply little bit of vitamin E oil under your eye to get rid of the puffiness of your eye.