Dos and Don’ts While Dating with Pisces Woman

Dos and Don’ts While Dating with Pisces Woman


When you are interested in a Piscean woman, you must find out all about her. She has got some specific likings and is a very good companion at any moment. She is emotional and insightful person and so she does not like a lot of practical talks. They are very strong in romantic ideas and are ultra sensitive.

Romantic talks and approach

She has got a lot of romantic ideas. You must find ways to place the idea of true romance in her mind. You will find that she is an introvert when it comes to starting a romantic relation. She will take care of all your needs and will start with knowing you more. You must lead her slowly as she will feel shy if the speed of maturing of relation goes fast. Keep the conversation light but start with an intense urge to know her. When you know more about her, you will find that she cares for a lot of people.

Be confident and look at her eyes

When the Piscean Woman is there in the room, you can make her aware about you by looking her eyes when you are speaking. You must focus on her when she is speaking as she also gives all the attention to the most cherished work that she does. She will feel important and will also find out about your warm feeling for her. She is the sensuous type and will reciprocate with her being.

Hilarious jokes and fun words

She loves to laugh. Make her laugh with your fun words and jokes. Be patient as she is slow in taking up any friendship and then the relationship progresses from there. Do not rush her. She sees through the clutter of pushing or coercing her by anyone and she definitely does not like to do anything against her own wish. She hates tricksters. You can come to her straight as that is what is going to bring you nearer to her.

Attention and special words

She glows in your attention and so you can take her out for dinner and pamper her with gifts and special words. She loves mystery and will find atmosphere that are out of regular life to be appealing. She leaves the whole planning to you but she hates to be in the same environment each day. She loves new things that help her to imagine. Dinner and some good old movies can be good for a special mood but she will also love to go out and dance in her new dress.

Partying and gifts can bring glow in the relation

She is feminine person and loves to be spoiled by you. Take her to parties and wish her in special occasion and she will simply start adoring you. Costume parties or a small solo show does not make a difference as long as she is the center of your attention. She will reciprocate with gifts and take care of your needs. Do not do anything to upset her as she is very sensitive.

Adore gentleman like attitude

Be there for her when she needs you. She will give you back the caring shoulders when you will ask for them. She needs comfort when her dream is broken down by reality or other people’s harsh words. You should take care of the situation and bring her back to fight for her own visions.

Flirting makes her feel special

Never make her feel that she is not good for a particular thing. Be there to guide her. You can make a joke of the whole matter later but at that moment she needs your understanding nature. She may often reveal some sad incidents of her life or some intense feeling about something. Be there for her and give her a helping hand in understanding the situation but never give this hint of rejection. She also enjoys flirting as this gives her this message that you are interested. She loves to know that she is loved.

She needs space for herself and enjoys sometime with herself. She does not want to lose her freedom so do not cramp her with your presence. She collects secrets and she may share some with you. You will be surprised but keep in mind that she is one who keeps the secret and so never ask her to share her whole baggage. She is a sweet creature and loves to laugh and enjoy life. She is pained easily as she is very sensitive. Give her lovely time and keep her laughing. She will take care of your world and will make you the king of hers.

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