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Dos and Don’t While Dating with Capricorn Woman


It is very difficult to understand a Capricorn woman perfectly. She can be sexy lady lying on the beach while taking sunbath or she can be a geek scientist sitting on her laboratory and doing experiments. You can not judge the characteristics profile of a Capricorn woman perfectly. She can be anything from outside but if you look inside of a Capricorn woman then you will see that she is a simple girl who is searching for security, love, authority, position and respect as an ordinary girl. But even she don’t know who is she searching for. Her man can be an ordinary person or she can marry the president of the country. You never know whom she can choose as her life partner.

The Characteristics of a Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is just like a climber who has to reach the top of the mountain at any cost. It does not matter how slowly she is climbing and from what position she is starting to climb. She will reach the top at any cost, if not today then tomorrow. She is so much dedicated to her ambition that you will never know when she has crossed her milestone.

Capricorn women are very much family oriented persons. They have their won ambition and goal in their life and they always try to achieve them. But ambition or goal never comes before the family in their life. They give the highest priority to their family. May be she is acquiring a very high position in a multinational company. But she always enjoys performing the role of a mother or wife of her family more than her respected work position. Although Capricorn women are very much social and clam in nature, their mood swings like others. If someone ill treat or miss guided her she feel really very depressed. It is my opinion not to tease a Capricorn girl ever. She may take it literally. She likes more compliments than other girls. She wants security from her life partner. She is very much realistic. She does not love to see those dreams which are unreal. She only sees those dreams which can be converted to reality. She never walks to a path which is not safe.

Capricorns are Social and Family Oriented

She always likes to serve her guests. She looks attractive all the times. She never looks ugly in any situations. She looks totally attractive even if she is having loose curls in her head. You can think that a Capricorn woman looks extremely attractive from outside but she is not that much confident from inside about her looks and appearance. You have to assure her always that she looks beautiful. A Capricorn Woman is very much honest. She prefers not to tell lie and she will expect the same from her life partner too.

If you are the husband of a Capricorn woman then you have to respect her family as much as she respects. You have to treat her parents as like they are yours parents. Nothing is more important to her than her family. Don’t think that you are marrying a Capricorn woman then you have to marry her whole family. If you take care of her family then she will also takes care of your family too. If you love your family as like her she will be happy. If you cancel your holiday trip for paying the hospital bill for your father then she will never mind for that.

She is Clean and Sparkling

Capricorn woman are clean from outside and from inside both. You can see the refection of he nature in her house. The house of a Capricorn woman always remains very much clean and sparkling all the time. She is totally realistic. She never ever sees a dream which she can not make true. She has a passion of making the dull surroundings warmer. She can make impossible possible by her warm heartily nature. Capricorn women are extremely good mother. As a mother she is able to give love, security, warmth to her child. She teaches her children discipline, to respect elders, social etiquette’s and economy. She never stops dreaming and you will also never stop dreaming if you stay with her and she will turn the dreams into reality.