How exercise can improve your sex life – Types of sex exercises

How exercise can improve your sex life – Types of sex exercises

A senior man holding two dumbbells while flexing his muscles.

Exercise is always recommended to have a better lifestyle. Sometimes people tend to be amazed to know that their sex life can be improved with regular exercising, this is because, to some people, it is matter of pride that they can perform sexually well in bed, without making any efforts. It has been scientifically proved that, having intercourse could pleasure some in the beginning but if not taken care of, then, sometimes, people may get exhausted. For this reason exercises are necessary, to make your energy match up your desires of having an intercourse with your partner.

It has been observed that physical fitness has all the powers to improve the sex life of a person. Exercise is the main source of physical fitness which helps in increasing the production of sex hormones and in increasing the flow of blood to the genitals. Exercise also lowers stress levels and decrease fat deposits in the body, making it full of life and energetic. It is also observed that men and women feel more attractive after exercise even if they do not lose weight.  Exercises tighten and strengthen the pelvic muscles which in turn add more excitement in sexual activity.

Exercise involves physical activity that is performed, either individually or as a group, with the objective of promoting and maintaining good health. Sex is an act of endurance and thus needs some sort of physical activity to help partners to enjoy sex for a longer time. Regular exercise can boost a person’s sex life.Regular exercise can arouse sexual desire and make sex more enjoyable.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise improves blood circulation and increases blood flow to the genitals which prevents erectile dysfunction.

  • Exercise improves one’s mood and boosts confidence and self-esteem which leads to a better sex life.
  • Exercise can also help pump up one’s sex drive by increasing stamina, reducing stress, and boosting one’s self-esteem.
  • Physical exercise increases sexual appetite and sexual activity.
  •  Most exercises activate hormones; give renewed courage and a glow of good health.
  • Exercise improves physical flexibility that provides comfort and pleasure to both partners.

Types of better sex exercises

  • Weight Lifting is the one of the best exercise for man as it helps the body to produce testosterone which is the vital source of male sex drive. Muscle building exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and crunches help to lead a better sex life as they help in strengthening the shoulders, abdomen and chest.
  • Kegels exercise is simple exercises of squeezing the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles holding and relaxing them. Many women can tone their vaginal muscles with this super intimate exercise. They strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor and delay ejaculation in man
  • Yoga gives a better sex by allowing the body to get into positions for maximum pleasure during intercourse. It also improves stamina and strengthens the pelvic muscles.
  • Fast Walking helps in lowering the risk of erectile dysfunction by improving blood circulation and blood flow to the organs. Fast walking, running and aerobic exercises help in keeping the blood vessels clear that can result in stronger and longer erections.
  • Swimming is said to increase sex endurance and in losing excess fat to make one look more attractive to the opposite partner.
  • Squats and leg raises are good warming up and for exercising the muscles around the vagina. They help in tightening the pelvic region.
  • Exercise Studies have shown that sex itself is a type of exercise that helps in burning calories increasing a person’s stamina, immunity and self esteem. Exercise is said to reduce the chances of a heart attack especially in men. Sex is an enjoyable activity that helps in releasing happy hormones which boosts one’s mood and relieves the person from stress.
  • Pelvic exercises increase the blood flow to the pelvic region and bring more excitement in sexual experience.
  • Resistance training exercises boost confidence in a person and increase the production of sex hormones called testosterone.
  • Belly dancing is the perfect exercise to loosen the hip and pelvis muscles. It also helps in improving the looks of the body and develops confidence in a person.
  • Walking with the spouse helps in building a bond in emotional relationship. Aerobic exercise also lowers the risk of developing erectile dysfunction by increasing the flow of blood in the sex organs.
  • Salsa, tango, or ballroom dance lessons will keep the partners close to each other and develop. Intimacy between the two.Most of the poses in these dances is sexual and sensual.
  • Wide-legged straddle pose is the best pose to release the deep tension in the hips and maintain the calmness of the mind.  Do this exercise by sitting on the floor with legs wide open and toes pointing to the ceiling. Press the legs to the floor and bend the body between the legs. Hold on to third pose and slowly return back to original position.
  • Bridge pose improves sexual performance by strengthening the pelvic area and the core muscles that play a vital part during sexual action. This pose is performed by lying on the floor with legs apart and hands on the sides. Inhale and pull the stomach inwards and raise the pelvic part from the floor. Hold on to the pose looking like a bridge foe few seconds and then slowly return back to original state.

How does exercise boost sex life?

  • Exercise leads to a better sexual performance by increasing strength and endurance. It opens the chances of more varied sexual positions with good physical control. It increases flexibility, improves physical strength, and excessive flow of blood to the sexual organs.
  • The enhanced body image after exercise leads to a wider sex drive. One is more comfortable with a better looking that leads to a relaxed sex.
  • The production of Testosterone, Endorphins and Adrenaline levels increase in both men and women with regular exercise. These lead to more frequent erections, more sex urges, and more muscular strength.
  • Women experience more frequent sex, sex arousal and sex drive at a higher level.

Excessive exercise can have the opposite effect on sex drive.  Intense cardio workouts can actually deplete the body of sex hormones and increase the production of hormones causing stress. Proper rest and sleep play a big role in improving sex life. Regular exercise at moderate rate will lead to optimum sex drive.

Sex exercises are beneficial, for both, men and women

It is not only the men, who need to increase their sexual stamina in bed, but women as well. With routine and regular exercises, both, men and women, can improve their sex life. Exercises helps to improve the stamina, which of utmost importance for having a satisfying intercourse. Women need to attend regular workout sessions to match up to the energy of their partner in bed, otherwise, the partner may feel distracted and will develop a sense of disapproval from the woman, because less energy often portrays disinterest. This could even lead to problems in their relationship, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

Men often hesitate a lot to accept that they are having stamina problem during sex, this is because they find it very humiliating and think that it would leave a bad impression on their partner, which is a very immature conception on the part of men. This kind of problems should be discussed with the partner and a qualified trainer should be consulted to improve the stamina and the ejaculation. This will not only strengthen the sexual bond of the couple but will bring them closer to each other emotionally, with a better understanding of each other’s abilities.

Sex problems caused due numerous reasons

Nowadays, people face many problems sexually, which is primarily due to unhealthy and indiscipline lifestyle, which includes the following:

  • Inadequate sleep: A person needs to have seven to eight hours quality sleep to excel in their sexual performance. Inadequate sleep results in tiredness and exhaustion. It leads to distraction and makes it very difficult to focus. This also results in creating tension in the couple.
  • Excessive Medication: Excessive or high-dosage of medication leads to reduces level of testosterones in men and also causes insufficient erection. This causes the inability to have control over the orgasm.
  • Alcohol/cigarettes/drugs: People, who consume alcohol, cigarettes and drugs in abnormal doses, tend to decrease their fertility, which makes their orgasm last for a very short period of time, and making them feel dissatisfied and frustrated after then intercourse.

Improved sex life with the help of exercise is very effective and beneficial for the couple

  • Exercise improves the sex life of the couple by:
  • The exercise improves stamina in both. Now you feel less tired and continue with sex for long hours. You feel like trying things innovative in sex.
  • The exercise improves the sex drive. Now you feel the inclination of doing sex often. You feel the greater attraction towards one another.
  • The sorts of exercises help in improving erections. Now, you are made to feel better comfortable in sex.
  • The exercises will help in improving the ejaculation. This is one more advantage you can have.
  • The sex exercises will also help the orgasm to last longer.

When the sex life of a couple improves, then they are able to connect better, understand each other better, emotionally, as well as physically. When a couple has a better understanding of each other they can take their relationship forward without complications. Exercise improves the sex life of the couple, which helps the couple to enhance their compatibility.

  • There are lesser misunderstandings between each other. Now both can understand each other well and there is lots of respect for one another.
  • When love persists there is lesser conflicts. In fact, there is no room for quarrels and shouts. It is all peace and love between the two.
  • You don’t feel like arguing with one another as you are happy with everything.
  • As misunderstandings are over you suffer from less stress. This helps you feel the relief in life.
  • Now, when you are in bed you feel less anxious and it is all peace between the two.
  • This is the time when you have better focus in life and you can concentrate in sex with utmost peace and confidence.

Thus, it is very obviously and evidently proven that with improved sex life, which can be achieved with help of regular and simple workout sessions one can be happy, satisfied and healthy, as exercises keep the body and mind stabilized and helps to improve the concentration.

More facts on sex and exercise

You may often have the question in mind that can exercise influence sex life? Yes, it can do so if practiced in the right way. If you are physically fit you are sure to enjoy sex better. When the muscles get toned they help in increasing the sexual gratification. Fine sex depends on the activities of the muscles and this is the reason it is important that you stay physically fit. In case of both males and females it is imperative that you have the perfect functioning of the heart if you want to have long hours of sex at random.

When you have the desired physical fitness you are a real champion in the bedroom. Fitness increases libido and it makes the testosterone level fine. In men this level can get affected due to age and so it is important that you exercise regularly to help gain that fitness in time. When you are physically fit you tend to be emotionally well too and once again this is important to have a perfect sex life. It is desirable that you are both mentally and physically fit in the process.

The essentialities of having sex

To be in sex on regular basis you have to look good and feel good at the same time. When you ar sure to look good and physically fine you have an increased self esteem and this is when you are extremely confident in sex. To have long time sex it is important that you look attractive and daily exercise will help you maintain the shape and the beauty so that you seem appealing to someone else. There is a relationship between sexual functioning and physiological fitness. However there are more things that can increase the sex inclination in a person.

To have the best of sex experience it is important that you follow a perfect exercise program and at the same time you should indulge in other healthy activities. It is important that you have good eating habits. Eating good food at the right time of the day is sure to help you stay fit always. If you want to stay physically you have to quit smoking. This is again essential. Continuous smoking will deteriorate your health and you won’t be able to practice sex seriously.

In order to have the right level of sex it is essential that you have plenty of sleep. Having the right amount of rest is essential if you have to keep the sex vigor alive. In case you lack in rest you won’t feel like doing things in sex. A test has been done by the University of California in San Diego that middle aged men who practice exercise on regular basis are sure to enjoy a better sex life. In fact, it is necessary that you practice exercise for at least 60 minutes daily. This will help you stay healthy and at the same time keep the sex inclination at the heights.

If you just work out casually without concentrating on the sexual aspect it is likely that you would have no improvement in sex. However, in case there is problem in sexual life there is no reason for you to believe that not doing exercise is the reason for not having sex. There are more things involved in session and this is the reason it is time that you pay attention to the right things at the right time. Bering serious and disciplined in life will definitely help you enjoy genuine sex.

The best exercises for the females

Here you have some of the best exercises for the females to help them have the perfect sex life.

The Abdominals

One can start with the abdominals. Abs plays a critical role in boosting sex. This is the reason you should practice abdominal exercise on regular basis. You can start the exercise with the right amount of crunches. Make sure to lie on the back side and then you can provide proper support to the neck. Bent the knees and keep the feet on the floor. Now, it is time that you lift up the body and put the shoulders just off the ground. You should continue with three to five sets and there should be at least 20 repetitions.

If you want more benefits you can practice bridges. Once again you have to lie on the back. Then it is time that you bent the knees and keep the feet on the floor. Now, it is time that you lift the hips in the up and down motion and in the process you follow 3 sets and 15repetitions. In fact, this is an effective exercise for the women to stay fit and sexually happy at the same time.

The Pushups

In order to have the trusted sex life it is best that you practice pushups. In case you are looking just for on exercise to practice, this is the exercise you can do to have the best sex life. You can start with the basic training pushups. You can start doing the wall presses. This you can practice in three sets of twelve to fifteen. Once you are ready you can start with the knee pushups and this you can practice on the floor. When you are doing the exercise it is important that you keep the back straight. Slowly you should practice touching the ground with the nose. The last one that you can practice is the conventional hand and toe pushups. The variety in pushups will really help in your love life going.

Practice Deadlifts

Practicing deadlifts can help you have a lasting love life. This is the exercise to help your back become so strong. Now, you can work out fast by using the legs. This is the perfect exercise to make the legs and the torso workout the best. You start with the neutral bent over posture and raise the barbell or the dumbbell from the ground. This is an easy thing to practice but you have to make sure that the process is right. Thus, it is vital that you follow the right technique in order to prevent the sort of injury. You can avail for the best tips at the gym in order to get the maximum benefit out of the exercise.

Pushing and Pulling at the Gym

You can practice pulling and pushing exercises at the gym. These are exercises like flyes, rows, and you have lateral raises and the crossovers. These are machine based exercises and once you practice the same there is sure to be an improvement in your level of performance in the bedroom. The experience is effective and your toil at the gym is sure to show best in your love life.

Bends and Twists to Improve Sex

You can even practice the torso side bends and the twists. You can do these exercises at plenty and gym is the best place to practice the same. Bending and twisting is hard and practicing the same will help in keeping the upper body strong. These are even exercises to help you have lasting sex stamina. For the same you can make use of the cable cross over machine and this will help you have the maximum effect in time.

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