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Homemade men acne face packs, face masks

men acne face pack

Men these days have become very much conscious of their looks. Like woman they even want to look young and fresh at all times. Instead of using those outside market products they can make some face packs at home and apply them when they get free. Acne or rather pimples are very common these days. Most people have oily skin these days. When you have an oily skin then you are bound to get pimples on your face. Pimples might leave spots ion your skin. There are many homemade products to reduce the spots on your skin. But first of all the acne should be prevented. For that many natural and easy to get products are found in the local market and you can use them to make many kinds of face packs at home. It’s very easy to make those face packs at home. You can get many such recipes over the internet. It is very much cost effective and cheap.

The first most area affected by acne on the face is forehead. Acne is caused due to various reasons including lifestyle, environment and genetic reasons. Other serious contributors of forehead acne is oily and dandruff prone scalp. Clogging of pores due to the direct exposure of skin to pollutants in the environment directs for white and black heads which it gradually develops acne on the skin. Even the hormonal changes while turning to youth stage and even at adolescence also causes acne in some cases.

Men’s acne face masks


Not just a single fruit can save you from the problem. Most of the fruits are encompassed with the good nature that reduces the skin problems. Get a papaya, watermelon, avocado, grapes or banana according to your wish and depending on the season. Mix any of the two fruits and mash them to a paste, add them a dash of honey and some amount of curd to make it more powerful. Apply it on your face and leave it for some time until it becomes dry. Rinse off and follow up with a moisturizer.


Here is a vegetable that can take out the heat from the body and gradually minimizes the acne and pimple problems. Using cucumber on the face is a simple way to get rid of the acne by men. Applying the juice of a grated and refrigerated cucumber will do the magic on your face. It moisten your skin, takes away the heat and reduces acne problem.

Chickpea powder

Another home remedy that works excellent in reducing the acne problem is chickpea flour treatment. Measure two tablespoons of chickpea powder and mix it with half cup curd. It will give you a spreadable paste which you need to apply on your face. Keep it for some time and try to damp it when it got dried. Give your face few circular motions and slowly remove the paste from it. Follow up with a moisturizer and continue doing this process for two to three times a week for the desired results.

Mint face mask

This herbal treatment is good enough for any kind of skin type to reduce acne and to fight with pimples. The goodness of mint cools your skin and provides a soothing effect. Simply grind a handful of mint leaves and add it two tablespoons of honey. Apply this paste on your cleansed face and hold on for some time inorder to dry it. Rinse off with normal water and pat it dry. Try to do this remedy for one time in a day to minimize the problem.

Multani mitti face pack

Many of the guys watched their sister or girl friend applying multani mitti face mask. But guys you can also try this to cure your acne problem. It is having many ayurvedic properties that can cure acne. Simply mix rose water and multani mitti in the 2:1 ratio and mix well. Add this paste few lemon drops and apply on your face. Rinse off your face with cool water after it got dried.

You should wash your face very nicely before you apply any pack on your face. While you wash your face all the dirt from your face gets washed off leaving behind a clean and natural face free of dirt. You can apply the packs after you get up in the morning or you can apply it at night before you go to sleep.

There are many causes for having redness on your skin. Sometimes due to some skin allergies, sun buns or pimples your face skin might burn. To save you from such situations there are many homemade masks which can help you to get a relief from the redness on your face.

  • You can make a mask with one cup of oatmeal and gravely chopped cucumbers. The ingredients has to be mixed well and blended to get a paste. You should use this pack on your skin before going to bed at night or after getting up in the morning. You must leave it for 20 minutes on your face to get a clean and moisturized face. This will cool your face.
  • Warm up some green tea and wait for it to get cold. After it cools down take a cloth and soak it in the tea solution. Apply the cloth on our face to get a relief from redness and scratchiness.
  • Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and an anti-oxidant. Apply this on your reddened areas so that your skin gets a bit of relief. You can also apply it when your skin feels tight and dry.
  • You can also apply some manuka honey on your face to reduce the redness on your face. This is mainly produced in New Zealand by the bees which feeds on the manuka tree. You can also use the honey as a regular cleanser. This is truly helpful and very much natural.
  • Before applying the mask you have to wash your face very nicely. Take a papaya and with the help of its flesh make a paste out of it. When the paste is made apply it on your face and leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. After it has dried up you can wash your face. You have to wash your face with lukewarm water. Your skin will give a glow and you will see the radiance that it emits. Your skin will also feel fresh and smooth. You will have a skin of a baby.
  • Baking soda helps to reduce the oil in your face. When you know you have an oily skin you should try this paste out to avoid having too much of pimples or acnes on your beautiful face. You are bound to get a fresh and oil free skin after the application of the mask. Instead of the face washes which you use daily you can apply this natural mask which will also help you in the removal of dead skin cells.

Many people might be having a sensitive skin. Their skin type is such that most products don’t suit their skin. They have to keep on searching for products in the market to cure various skin problems. For them there are many homemade face masks that can be very easily prepared at home with a few easily available natural ingredients. You should always keep your skin clean and clear to avoid having pimples. After coming back from office you should first of all cleanse your face with some natural packs. You should do this in order to remove all the oil and dirt from your face that has accumulated on your skin all day through. If you don’t make your face clean then you will keep on getting pimples which will make your skin look ugly?

In this 21st century people are very much busy with their personal and professional life. Despite of having a busy schedule you must take out some time for yourself to keep your face clean and healthy so that you look presentable. Many people are of the view that if a product is available in the market then why to waste time making it. They are right .But that product will be completely made up of chemicals that will harm your skin. You need to understand this point very nicely or else you might make a mistake while choosing your product. Many think that some costly products will help cure their acnes. But that is not the case. Costly products might ruin their skin as they contain harmful chemicals in it.

You must always go for home products how much pain it takes to make the paste. You can choose natural things which are available easily in your local market. Once you get the things you just need to find out some time to make the paste. It does need an effort but you will benefit from it a lot if you use it properly on your face. These homemade packs are highly beneficial whether it be for men or woman.