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Home remedies to treat under eyes dark circles for men

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Dark circles not only strikes the sensitive skin of the women but they also encounters around the eyes of men too.  The various factors which triggers dark circles includes stress, hereditary, allergies and so on. How ever, the most well known reason is lack of sleep and late night sleep. So, if you are a person who has been fighting with the dark circles then follow these home remedies to make them off.

Zombie eyes with dark circles are really a pity to watch. Dark circles are observed most commonly in women. Now, it is being most commonly found in men too. This may be due to a lot of reasons. There may be many reasons for dark circles but it really looks odd in your skin and gives your eyes a dull and weary look. In specific, if your skin tone is whitish or fair enough, dark circles predominantly spoil the beauty of your eyes. There are many ways to treat dark circles. Though there are cosmetic treatments in large for these types of dark circles, there are also some reasonably magical home remedies for it. These treatments work well for dark skin tone under eyes and will help in making it disappear naturally.

How Does Dark Circles Form?

There are many who are completely unaware of the formation of dark circles under the eyes. They notice only after the under eyes have been completely turned to black. The veins and the capillaries present are one of the most common reasons for the formation of dark circles. A fact that has to be noted here is that the green and blue tone that is seen under the skin indicates the blood vessels passing through the underneath layer. If the skin underneath the eyes is thin enough, it turns into dark circles. These dark circles have to be taken care immediately. This is because it not only spoils your beauty but also spoils the overall health of the eyes. Since you are a man, you should take additional care of it as dark circles are more prominently visible to men even in early stages.

Reasons for Dark Circles

A problem requires not only a solution but also the root cause for completely eradicating it. Similarly, dark circles should not only be treated at the earliest. It is equally important to find out the root cause for the problem and vanish it out completely. Some of the common reasons why dark circles are visible among men are

  • Excess amount of salt in diet
  • Age factor plays a major role as some of the collagen and fat surrounding the eyes gets decreasing. Older the age, greater is the chance of formation of dark circles over eyes.
  • You have to believe that over sleeping is also considered as one of the most common factor for the occurrence of dark circles.
  • Stress plays a major role in spoiling the freshness and the sexy look in your eyes.
  • Heredity is another common factor observed by many men.
  • Any non-healthy habits like smoking and drinking
  • Too much of attention towards television and computers
  • Excessive crying
  • Never having a good night sleep is another major reason for the formation of dark circles around the eyes.

Now that you have got the major reasons for the cause of dark circles, here are some of the best ways to completely rule it out with the help of simple homemade treatments.

Good Bye for Dark Circles

Before moving on with the home remedies for dark circles, here are some of the simple tips that help in reducing and preventing the deadly dark circles to a greater extent.

  • Water – Water is not only a vital element for thirst but also a purifying element for the body. Water keeps your body hydrated well enough and prevents any type of health related problems. One of the main advantages of drinking excess water is that it cures any kind of skin related problem including dark circles.
  • Sun Screen Lotion – Apart from applying sun screen lotion all over the body, you can also apply sparingly under the eyes to prevent dark circles.
  • Proper Diet – A proper intake of food rich in vitamins and nutrients is best for treating any skin related problem, especially the dark circles. Some foods rich in Cucumber, Orange acts as a greatest source for keeping your eyes healthy in and around.
  • Eye Exercise – Eye exercise is one of the most effective ways for treating eye related problems. Dark circles can be easily prevented with the help of exercise that are specific to eyes because these exercises have the power to relieve stress which causes it.

Natural treatments for dark circles in Men

Natural treatments are less prone to side effects and hence considered as the safest remedy for treating dark circles. Here are some of the benefits you get out of natural home remedies.

There are numerous benefits one gets out of home remedies.

  • Easy to Find – The ingredients specified for the home remedies are easily available in the store or in the market. Hence this makes it easy for men to find the items that are meant for dark circles.
  • No Side Effects –Another top reason for opting natural treatments is its mild nature. Due to this, there are no side effects. Since it is the skin that is being concerned, it is very much important to choose the product that is safer and less allergic. Hence home remedies are considered the best for dark circles.
  • Cheap – When comparing chemical rich medicines and costly treatments, natural home treatments are cheaper to buy and use.
  • Effective – Home remedies are the effective ways for getting rid of diseases and other skin problems easily. Upon continuous usage, these treatments are proved to be the best for results.

List of Natural Remedies for men dark circles

Some of the natural remedies that can be trusted for the dark circles under eyes for men are

Rose Water

Do you wish for a faster yet an effective way of treating dark circles under eyes? Then, rose water is one of the cheapest and best ways to get rid of black circles. Rose water not only reduces the intensity of dark circles but also acts as an effective treatment for puffy eyes. It keeps your eyes cool enough and gives a refreshing look to your eyes. All you need is the rose water and cotton balls for this treatment. Soak the cotton balls with rose water and apply over the affected area. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next day. This keeps your skin fresh and makes the skin layer under the eyes even.

Ice Cubes

Just imagine the cool ice bags soothing under the eyes of your face. In addition to the exciting feel by using these ice cubes, it is also very good for your eyes. It helps in eradicating the bad cells forming the dark circles and gives very refreshing and lively eyes. These ice cubes can be prepared along with Camomile which gives calming effect to your eyes. The procedure is simple enough for working men. Wrap the ice cubes with soft tissue and rub under the eyes for couple of seconds.  Continue this natural treatment for a week to see desired results.


Turmeric is rich in antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. This helps in getting rid of dark circles under eyes within a short span of time. The anti-oxidant properties of turmeric reduce the formation of dark circles and soften the layers of eye. Mix turmeric with pine apple juice and apply under the eyes. Leave it to settle for 15-20 minutes and wash it off completely. This is one of the best home remedy for dark circles.

Potatoes for dark circles

You might have seen many women using the weapon of potato for dark circles. The same can be used by men who suffer from under eye problem. Raw potato has natural bleaching agent that helps in vanishing the dark circles in a natural way. It helps in reducing the puffiness of eyes as well as lightening the dark circles present in men. Take a chilled potato and grate it to extract the juice of the grated potato. Apply this juice in the affected area and keep it undisturbed for 15 minutes. Then, wash off with Luke warm water. This helps in eliminating the dark spots under eyes safely and effectively. You can also apply this paste over the skin for lightening of skin.

Get rid of dark circles with lemon juice

Lemon is rich in anti-oxidant properties which help in eradicating the dark spots in any area of skin. Many women and also men apply lemon juice over the skin covered with dark spots. The same can be done under the eyes also. However, it is advisable to mix few drops of water in order to avoid irritation in the skin. Apply this lemon juice under the eyes and keep it undisturbed for 20 minutes. Then wash off with water. Continue the same procedure twice in a week for best results.

Cold Water

For those who look for a very simple yet effective remedy for dark circles is cold water. Cold water has the power to constrict the blood vessels which reduces the appearance of the dark circles under eyes. Place the cold water over the eyes and keep it as it is for 5 minutes. Repeat the same step for 4 to 5 times. Anything icy on the eyes looks great and fresh without any puffiness and dullness. Cold water is one of the best ways to treat the skin with dark circles.


We know how an apple can help you have a healthy body. The same apple helps you get rid of dark circles in an easier and natural way. Smash the apple and apply the juice in the dark circle area. You can also add few drops of milk to the smashed apple for effective results.

Tea Bags on dark circles

Green tea bags are known to have excellent health benefits. Apart from the health benefits of green tea, these are also powerful remedies for dark circles that frequently appear under eyes. Since green tea has anti-oxidant and tannin rich properties, it helps in lightening your skin to a great extent in a natural way. Since the content of tannin is rich in green tea, it also reduces any swelling or puffing in your eyes. Here is the simple remedy of how to use the green tea effectively for removing dark circles.

Boil the tea bag in water for around 10-15 minutes until the essence of the green tea contents gets transferred to the water fully. Now allow this water to cool in refrigerator. Apply this under the eyes for lightening of the skin from dark circles. You can apply even twice daily for immediate results. Since there are no side effects in this method, it is one the most preferred one by men.

Cucumber to remove dark circles

Cucumber is considered as the top most remedy to fix the dark circles problem. Cut the cucumber into slices and retain over the eyes. Cucumber provides a cooling effect and soothes the eye, by which it helps to prevent the recurrence of dark marks around the eyes. You can also try applying cucumber juice to treat the same. Juice will works effective when it is left for the entire night. So, squeeze the juice from cucumber and apply around the eyes, leave it for the night and rinse off in the following day morning.


Using tomato to treat the under eye dark circles is a great idea. You don’t need to waste hours to make the tomato paste, it will be made with in few fast minutes. Just take one or two fresh tomatoes and grind them in to a fine paste, add this paste with a pinch of turmeric, few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of gram flour.  Add them well and apply around the eye, leave it for some time and then rinse off. Try this remedy for two to three times in a week to discover the changes. Initially your dark tone will changed into light and gradually it leads to complete reduction of dark circles.

Alternatively you can choose potato instead of cucumber. Keep the slices of potato or apply the juice of potato. Both of them works great. Or you can add both the cucumber and potato juices to treat the dark circles.

Almond oil

A few seconds daily massage with almond oil will help to get rid off dark circles. Take small amount of olive oil with your finger tips and massage around the eyes before going to bed. After massaging for few seconds leave it for the whole night and rinse off in the next day morning. Practicing this method for at least a month will discard most of the dark circles problem.


The natural cooling and soothing effects of yogurt will help to better the dark circles. Take two table spoons of yogurt in a bowl and add it half table spoon of lemon juice. Mix both of them and apply around the eyes. Leave it for the whole night and rinse off in the next day morning. Try this remedy for a month or two to get great relief.

Along with trying these home remedies nurture towards the diet and physical activities will also helps to treat the dark circles. Make sure you consuming right amount of water daily, increase the intake of fruits and dark green vegetables. Allow less amount of salt in your dishes to avoid some body problems.

Foods to consider for men to avoid dark circles

There are many who simply go on for external remedies for taking care of their health and beauty. However, the internal foods that are eaten play a vital role in keeping you beautiful and handsome enough. There are certain foods for each and every kind of issues faced by men and women. The foods that are specifically good for dark circles keep your skin healthy and toned enough. It not only prevents from the formation of these dark circles around the eyes but also lighten the already existing dark tones. Some of the foods that you can rely on for reducing the dark circles are explored below.

  • Vitamin K foods

Vitamin K foods are the boon to any kind of skin problems including the problem of dark circles in men. Foods such as Spinach, leafy vegetable, carrots and broccoli are some of the greatest choice of foods that are ideal for dark circles. Enough Vitamin K foods keep the skin lightened from dark circles and many other skin problems.

  • Vitamin A Foods

Another source of Vitamins that are ideal for lightening the skin tone is Vitamin A foods. Fruits and vegetables like papaya, pumpkins, mangoes and apricot gives you a strong living as well as safeguards your skin against various ailments.