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Home remedies to treat the jock itching in men

Home remedies to treat the jock itching in men

Itching is one of the most common problems faced by men. In specific, jock itching has become a non-tolerant one for men. Though women face this type of itchy and rashes problem during pregnancy, a number of men who face such a kind of problem is more. An itching can be occurred due to various reasons. Your skin type plays a major role to it. Since jock itching is common these days, there is nothing to worry if you too face the same issue. Jock itching is mainly a type of fungus that varies from one person to another. For some, it may be mild whereas for few others, it may go severe. Though many believe that only athletes suffer from these types of infections, it is not. Even the most common men get infected with these jock itches.

An itching sensation that has become too common in the area of your genital can leads to jock itch. It is a general skin problem associated with itchiness, redness, darkening of the skin and followed with skin peel out. It is a fungal infection develop in men due to severe sweating. One can identity the skin condition jock itch by observing a ring shaped rash on the inner thighs or around the groin area. The skin which is an interface between the genital area and legs highly affect with the itching and in some cases it may spread to other areas and lead to the same problem on that specific area. A person who has been with the problem athletes foot closely develop the jock itch also, this is due to the reason that the virus which is developing athletes foot is the same virus that is calling for jock itch. However it is not a serious condition and can be treated with various home remedies.

Causes of jock itching

Jock itching is caused due to various factors. One should note the common causes of jock itching in order to avoid any kind of severe infectionfrom occurring further. Below are some of the jock itching causes that are observed most frequently in men.

  • Skin Friction – This is the most observed cause for jock itching that makes a man uneasy and irritant. The skin fiction in the groin makes the skin to itch severely.
  • Bacteria and Fungus – Any infections caused by bacteria and fungus is the another common reason for jock itching.
  • Tight Clothing –One should remember that any tight fitted dress below the waist line is prone to easy jock itching in men. Hence avoid too tight clothes in the groin area.
  • Heat – Environmental or external factors also play an important cause for the jock itching. Moisture, heat and humidity are some elements that are to be considered.
  • Obesity – Men who suffer from obesity is more prone to these type of jock infections

Avoiding jock itching

As a preventive measure, here are some of the tips for avoiding tock itching from irritating your skin.

  • Avoid tight fitting clothes
  • Keeping yourself clean is more important not only to prevent itching but also to prevent the whole body from infections.
  • Have the habit of bathing regularly.
  • Dry out the areas of jock itching properly.
  • Make your immune system stronger enough to avoid these type of itching
  • Apply anti-fungus ointment for getting away from jock itching.

Anti-fungal soap

Use an anti-fungal soap during your bath. Regularly clean your skin with this soap, it helps to flush out the germs in the skin. Make sure you are drying the groin area utterly before wearing the clothes. This process helps to reduce the itching sensation gradually. But before going to use the soap you need to remember the category of soap you are going to buy, it must be a medicated fungal soap but not cosmetic one which has some chemicals that may worse the condition.

Anti-fungal powder

Buy anti-fungal powder and dust it around your groin area. Powder has the nature to keep your groin area dry and free from moisture, this way it absorbs sweat in that area and reduces the growth of fungus. While using powder you are suggested to keep away powder that is perfumed, also do not use any other perfumed products near the groin area. They may worse the condition.

Similar to the above an anti-fungal cream can also reverse the jock itch problem. Get them from a drug store or at pharmacies.

Homemade ointment

Mix tea tree oil with some amount of carrier oil and apply it over the itching area. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties which help to reduce the infection. As tee tree oil is strong in nature it should not be applied directly, dilute it with carrier oil otherwise it causes burning sensation. For the effective action add few drops of turmeric oil to the above mixture. For the best results apply this ointment after washing the groin area with warm water.


Take a small piece of garlic and make it into paste. Spread this paste on the affected area and hold it for two or three minutes. Keeping for more than 5 minutes gives you burning sensation. Apart from the external usage also increase the intake of it to help reduce the problem with its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Margosa leaves

Margosa leaves have anti-fungal properties that can ease the problem. Dry few margosa leaves in shade and grind it into powder. Use it whenever you want.

Home remedies of jock itching

Coming to the main part of how to treat the jock itching in an effective manner, home remedies are the best choice. Home remedies are best way to treat any type of problems and disorders. Sometimes, relying on chemicals may lead to a reverse reaction or side effects. Hence applying chemical drugs may not be the wisest choice when it comes to jock itching. Instead one can go for home remedies that are natural. They do not cause any side effects and are purely safe. Also, self application is possible in home remedies which are less costly. Here are some of the popular home remedies that help in treating jock itching.

Apply tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is known for its best medicinal property from olden days. Tea tree oil is an excellent home remedy for curing any types of itching and reddish layer. Since it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it helps in eradicating the appearance of jock itching rashes and ring shaped around itchy area. Just soak soft cotton balls and dip it with the tea tree oil. Apply this in the affected area and leave it undisturbed. This, when followed continuously relieves from any kind of itching in the body.

Skin friendly clothing

Making use of skin friendly clothes is the best and easy remedy for avoiding treating itchy skin. Use clothes that are loose fitted for air circulation. Never go out with uncomfortable and tight fitted clothes. This is because tight fitted clothing only elevates the itching in the groin area. 100% cotton is the safest option a man can try.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an alternative to tea tree oil which you apply for getting relieved from jock itching. Simply apply the pure coconut oil in the affected area and leave it unaffected. Coconut oil when applied twice in a day is the easiest option every men who suffer from jock itching can try. You can also mix both the tea tree and coconut oil for effective results. Coconut oil also plays an important role in reducing skin friction.

Foods that reduce weight

As discussed earlier, obesity comes as a main reason for jock itching. So it is important to initially concentrate on the ways to reduce obesity. This in turn reduces the risk and chances of itching in the groin area. There are a number of foods that helps in burning excess fat in the body. Foods like oat meals, fruit juices are the great way to reduce obesity. Avoid any foods that are fried and unhealthy which increases the level of obesity. Exercise and asana are another wonderful factors that reduce the jock itching. Since these activities involve stretching and bending, it gives flexibility in the groin area and keeps it unaffected.

Salt relieves itching

Salt bathing is another easiest home remedy for jock itching. Salt helps in drying up the blisters and reduces the irritation. Salt water also reduces the pain developed in the itchy area. Just apply salt, few pinch of baking soda with hot water. Now get yourself dipped in the salt water. This gives you a soothing and relieving effect from jock itching.


Whenever you step into the region of home remedies, honey always have its own position in it. Since honey contains a lot of medicinal properties, it relieves pain and reduces any infection in the groin area. It is always better to use raw honey for effective treatment. Honey can also be mixed with garlic and made as a paste which can be applied in the affected area.

These home remedies are best for any severity of jock itching and gives relief from bacteria and fungus.