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Man sneezing

Home remedies for cough in men

Man sneezing

Cough in men is a serious condition and this makes you feel so sick and endangered. You keep on couching for the entire day and your chest and stomach start aching. This is the time that you should take to the home remedies to minimise the tendency to cough for the entire day.

The hot liquid of lemon and honey

You can prepare a hot liquid with lemon and honey and drink the same in order to get rid of cold. For this you can use plain hot water or you can even take the hot tea to add lemon and honey to the same. The advantage of the same is that you can have the liquid often as it comes with no adverse effects. Make sure that this is not the right solution for children less than one year old.

Onion for cough

Onion comes with the strong vapour and this is the reason you can use the same to get rid of the persistent cough. Before retiring to bed you can cut an onion to four pieces and keep them on a plate just beside the bedside. This solution is quite popular in France and Spain and this is the best remedy for the babies and the children.

Humidity for cough

If you take a steam bath or hot shower you may notice improvement in your condition of cough. This makes you understand the importance of humidity. The humid air will help in reducing the irritation and in the way you can get rid of the congestion. This effect you can have in the steamy bathroom and for the same you can even make use of a humidifier. However, you should use the humidifier as according to the instruction of the manufacturer. However, you should well clean the humidifier in order to get rid of cough.

Zinc lozenges for cough

To reduce cough you can eat zinc lozenges. When having the lozenge or the cough drop the tendency may heal. You can make use of hard candy for the same reason. In this case you can choose the flavour you like. With the zinc lozenge you can get rid of the cause to cough. However, it is best that you read the labels on the lozenge and then start having them as directed.

Add spice to cough

To ease cough you can have hot peppers and you can even eat spicy foods for the reason. This will help in releasing congestion and help you get the relief. This is just a temporary solution to cough and with this you can have the perfect clearing of the nasal passage. With this it is even necessary to have a healthy diet as constant coughing makes you feel so weak and vulnerable.

Having fluids is important

At the time when you are suffering from cough it is important that you take to lots of fluids. Coughing makes the throat dry and this is the reason you need something to keep the area wet. However, to get rid of the irritation you have to drink lots of fluids. You can take to tea, coffee, water and juice. These are some of the best drinks to keep your throat and chest wet all along the day. This is the perfect way you can get rid of the irritation at the earliest.

Garlic cures cough

The taste of garlic can help in reducing cough. You can take garlic as a form of remedy or cure. In case you have garlic supplements on regular basis you have lesser tendency to suffer from cough and cold. So, when you find that you are having the frequent tendency of coughing, you can start having garlic at the earliest.

Gargling heals cough

When you gargle you can get rid of cough very soon. Once you feel that you have sore throat make sure to gargle with warm water dissolved with salt and this is going to give your throat the fastest relief ever. The salt mixed in water helps in draining the extra liquid from the areas of the throat which have got inflamed and in the way the symptoms are better reduced. With gargling you can even remove the irritants from the throat and in the process the mucus becomes so thin.

Sleep with elevated head

When you have cough it is best that you sleep with the head elevated. This helps in reducing the drainage and due to the position you have less cough at the night time and now you are made to sleep better. At night the normal sleeping position allows the mucus to drip from the back area of the nose and this falls within the throat and indulge in coughing. However, the condition becomes worse at night and you cannot sleep due to intense coughing and this makes you feel utterly uncomfortable.

The mixture of honey and turmeric

If you have dry cough a mixture of turmeric and honey is sure to do good. For this you have to take turmeric powder and mix the same with one teaspoon of honey. You can have the same for three to four times in a day and the remedy is immensely effective. You can also have a preparation of turmeric tea and for this you have to add one tablespoon of turmeric powder to four cups of immensely hot water. You should keep the same for some time and then strain the tea and drib k well with honey.

Tulsi and ginger can cure cough

A combination of ginger and tulsi can help in curing cough. Take ten tulsi leaves and crush them well. The crushed leaves should be mixed well with the fresh ginger juice. The same should be mixed well with apt amount of honey and the ingredients should be mixed well. The mixture if you take three times in a day can really help in curing cough. In fact, it is important that you know about the best qualities of tulsi and this can really help you relieving cough at the fastest.