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Home remedies for Urinary tract infections or UTI in men

 Home remedies for Urinary tract infections or UTI in men

Urinary Tract Infection is a usual problem both in case of males and females. It is important to know that both men and women get affected by the disease but the same is more prominent in case of women. The ailment happens when the urinary bladder gets infected by bacteria. The infection may be caused due to sexual intercourse. It can happen if you take more time to urinate. There can be infection at the time of pregnancy or menopause and also when you have diabetes. The infection causes an itchy feeling and you feel like scratching the place all the time.

Urinary tract infections or UTI occurs when the bladder and also the exit tubes got infected with bacteria. It is a common problem and can be treated with the home remedies easily. UTI is associated with change in the urine color, burning sensation while urination, increase in the frequency of urination and so on. If you find any of the above symptoms go through the home remedies.

Home remedies for Urinary tract infections or UTI in men

Cranberry juice

Drink cranberry to reduce the symptoms associated with urinary tract infections. Drink two glasses of cranberry juice for two continuous days to fight with the infections. Juice acidifies your urine and inhibits the bacteria entering the digestive tract. Also flushes out the UTI causing from the system.

Intake cranberry supplements for two times a day if you are not interested with the cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is not recommended if a person is in the course with blood thinners and for people who has kidney infection.


  • Drink plenty of water for the gradual change in the infections. Drink a glass of water for every one hour for nearly 24 to 48 hours to increase the urine flow. Excess urination dramatically flushes out the harmful bacteria from the system.
  • Never hold your urine it has the chance to multiply the bacteria which is causing UTI.

Hot water compress

A regular hot compress can definitely limit the enhancement of the bacteria causing infections. It reduces the bladder pressure and relieves the pain associated by the infection. Keep a heating pad on the lower abdomen for few minutes to reduce the pain or try keeping a flexible hot water bottle on the lower abdomen.

Baking soda

Baking soda gives relief from the pain by regulating the acidic urine. It is beneficial to neutralize the acidity of the urine and promotes for speed recovery. Mix a tablespoon of baking powder in the water and stir it. Drink this solution for once or twice in a day to recover fast.


Eating pineapple on a regular basis helps you to restrict UTIs. Pineapple has Bromelain enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties which are necessary to reduce UTI symptoms. You can also drink a glass of pineapple juice instead of the pieces but try to have the fresh juice as the canned one’s consist of preservatives.

Avoid taking irritants

When you are under the treatment of UTI do not consume caffeinated drinks, citrus, alcohols and hot spices. All these substances tend to irritate your bladder. Especially you must need to keep alcohol and caffeine at bay as they dehydrates you and makes the process of flushing out bacteria from the urinary tract tough. This way UTI will be prolonged so to prevent and reduce the UTI so no to the above products.

Maintain hygiene

People who are facing the UTI problems often needs to check their hygiene directory. As we know prevention is better than cure maintaining a perfect hygiene will helps to inhibit those problems.

– Try to retain the gential area dry and comfortable without the over sweat, as it sometimes leads to spread up of infection from one part to the other.

– Do not use any product that is fragrance oriented near the genital area.

– Wash your bathroom and toilets regularly.

– It is good to take over shower baths to control the feeding up of bacteria on your skin and also to control the spreading from one skin area to other.

The Intake of Apple Cider Vinegar

One thing you can use to eliminate the infection is the apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is the perfect source of enzymes and it also contains potassium and the other important minerals. These minerals can prevent the spreading of the bacteria and once things are neglected this can lead to growth and multiplication of the infection. In case you are suffering from UTI you can make the perfect use of the apple cider vinegar and this serves as the natural antibiotic in order to treat the infection in time. Take a glass of water and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the same. Again, to the solution you can add lemon juice and make the mixture taste sweet with the adding of honey. You can mix the solution well and this you can drink for two times in a day.

Indian Gooseberry for Treating Infection

You can even treat the infection with Indian Gooseberry or amla. Indian gooseberry is the perfect source of Vitamin C and this can really slow down the growth of bacteria. For this you have to take one cup of water. To the same you have to add one tea spoon of amla powder and one tea spoon of turmeric powder. You have to keep on boiling the solution till half of the water gets evaporated. It is important that you drink the solution for at least three times in a day and the process should take place for a time period of 3 to 5 days at a stretch. It is also important that you eat fruits like oranges, lemons, guavas, bananas, melons, kiwis, raspberries, papayas, tomatoes and the rest.  These are fruits and vegetables with the best content of Vitamin C.

How Can Tea Tree Oil Help

Tea Tree Oil can also help in eliminating UTI infection. The oil comes with all the antibacterial properties and this is the reason it can fight bacteria and cure the problem of UTI. Before you bathe make sure to add drops of tea tree oil to the water. Now, you can use this water to wash the part of the urethra opening. In an alternate way you can even mix sandalwood oil and juniper oil and the mixture is rubbed well on the part of the abdomen and even at the area near to the bladder. In case you have pain due to UTO infection this can really act as the wonder remedy in this case. The remedy should be followed for three to four days in a week. You can even add yogurt and tea tree oil to the warm water that you use for bathing. The amount should not be more than two tea spoons. You can carry out the process for ten days time and see the result.

Blueberries Can Cure UT Infections

You can even combat UTI infection with the intake of blueberries. Blueberries have all the bacteria inhibiting features and this can really help you fight against the infection of the urinary bladder. The blueberries have the presence of antioxidants and these are elements to help make the immune system so strong. Moreover, the berries will hinder the growth and spread of bacteria. It is the best component you can add to the cereal or the breakfast and in the way the food becomes so healthy for consumption. You can even make juice of blueberries and drink the juice on daily basis. The juice should be taken in the morning and at night to have the quickest result ever. Please make sure that you don’t add any sort of artificial sweetener to make the juice sweet. This can spoil the goodness of the drink. This is the best fruit you can have to stay strong and at the same time avoid the occurrence of the UTI diseases.

The Herb of Uva Ursi

You have an herb known as Uva Ursi. The herb contains various substances that can really help in the fighting of the UTI infections. The herb occurs with several chemicals and these can really work best in fighting the infections. The chemicals are all antiseptic in nature and this is the reason they can work best in eliminating the infectious condition. You can easily avail for the herb at the drug store and it is available in form of supplement. Once you have an intake of the supplement the bacteria of the infection is successfully eliminated and it also causes gentle stimulation of the process of urination. Moreover, if you have disease of the liver or kidney and also in case of a nursing or pregnant woman the usage of Uva Ursi is going to be perfect. However, the herb is not meant for children. This is a strong supplement and can cause over dosage in case of children.

Antibiotics at the Last Stage

When the infection is less you can control the same with the help of the trusted home remedies, In case the infection is severe you have to take to the right treatment. In this case you have to start having the intake of antibiotics. When there is increased urination and hydration you should take to the right medical treatment in order to have the perfect relief in time. Once you visit the doctor the physician is sure to prescribe antibiotics for the sort of bladder infection. In fact, the length of the treatment is sure to vary. However, you need to have the right medicinal dosage for the proper elimination of bacteria.