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Home remedies for impotence in men

Home remedies for impotence in men

Impotence is the commonly used word for erectiledys function which affects many men at any age. It is a condition in which men fail to hold erection during sexual performance. Men may lose the sexual desire or libido.  The causes of impotence can be tiredness, stress, relationship problems or even excess consumption of alcohol. There are many medical treatments like implants, surgery vacuum pumps or medicines for its treatment but there are some effective home remedies which men prefer in place of other methods.

Male impotence is a general problem in many men and it becomes greater as they age. Impotence is not a problem that you need to suffer for life time. It can be well treated in many ways, among them home remedies can help men to achieve sexual potency. Try these remedies in a regular manner, they work effective for less advanced persons. Seek professional help if you are not finding perfect results.


To treat impotence in men garlic is one of the common spice at home. It works effective in boosting immunity. Garlic helps to improve sexual activities which were lost during a disease or an accident. It controls the nervous exhaustion of the people who are too much indulging into sex. Chew garlic cloves daily. Consuming two or three cloves a day shows effect on your impotence levels. You can also include them in your dishes and soups to increase the intake.


Onion has great qualities of increasing libido and it even acts like an aphrodisiac. Consume onion by the following way to inhibit the loss of semen, impotence and premature ejaculation. Take one or two white onions and peel them off. Grind them to make a paste, fry this paste in the butter and consume a tablespoon of it along with a tablespoon of honey. You need to consume it on the two hours empty stomach.


Carrots can help to sort out the sexual disorders. Daily consume one chopped carrot with one half boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey. Continue doing this remedy for a month or two to maximize sexual stamina.

Lady’s fingers

To increase sexual vigor lady’s fingers works effective. Mix 5-10 grams of lady’s fingers root powder and two tablespoons of powdered mishri in a glass of milk and drink it. Drink it daily to restore vigour and to improve impotence.


Saffron is used as an Ayurvedic treatment to improve fertility with its erotic fragrance. Mix saffron with oil and use it to massage over your body to provide relaxation to your muscles or add it to your food to increase sexual vigor.

Dried dates

One of the tasty strengthening foods to consume in your daily routine are dried dates. Crush them and mix it up with equal amounts of pistachio nuts, almonds and quince seeds. Daily eat this mixture about 100 grams to restore sexual drive and to improve overall vitality.

Drum stick

One of the ancient way to improve impotence in both male and female is through drum sticks. Take 15 grams of drumstick flowers and boil it in 250ml of milk. It is an effective tonic to treat sexual debility in both male and female. You can also consuming dry bark powder to avoid premature ejaculation, improve impotency and to strengthen semen. Boil 60 grams of dry bark powder in ¼ liter of water for about 20 minutes and intake 30 grams of this powder along with one tablespoon of honey. Repeat eating this mixture for three times a day for the best benefits.

Treatment of sexual impotence

  • Asparagus The dried roots of asparagusis used in Unani medicineas an aphrodisiac.  This treatment can be carried out in the house by boiling dried roots in a cup of milk. This mixture has to be consumed twice a day to cure impotence.
  • Drumstick serves as a useful sexual tonic for sexual disorders in men as well as women. The powder of the dry drumstick is very effective in premature ejaculation, impotency and consistency of the semen. Boil drumstick flowers in milk and drink it like a soup. Alternatively boil the bark powder in water and add some honey before taking it.
  • Ginger – Ginger juice is very effective in the treatment of sexual weaknesses.  Take one spoon of ginger juice with honey and one egg in the morning for a month. It is a perfect diet for premature ejaculation, and impotency.
  • Raisins are recommended by Ayurveda for sexual vigour.  Wash and boil black resins in milk and consume them three times a day
  • Pomegranate juice Pomegranate juice has numerous health benefits related to heart disease, blood pressure and some researchers have also proved that pomegranate juice is effective against impotence as well.
  • Gingseng is said to improve the body’s capacity for mental and physical exertionby boosting the production of cortisol and adrenalinein the adrenal glandswhich play an important role in the body’s response to stress.Gingseng is known as the male remedy in China as it increases vitality
  • Cinnamon, ginger and cloves are spices that help to warm up the blood, increase blood circulation around the genitals. There is no scientific evidence that these spices are helpful in treating impotence but experts have revealed that in the ancient civilisations these spices were used to warm the blood and increase the circulation of the blood in the body. It is commonly available in many Indian kitchen of south east Asia.