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Home remedies to control the skin melanin production in men

Home remedies to control the skin melanin production in men

Natural color of men’s skin may not be always retained due to pollution and tough sunrays. This gives rise to production of pigments specifically known as melanin. This is basically a skin condition which takes place due to excess production of melanin in skin due to which the particular skin area becomes darker than that of its surrounding areas. This can be due to the factors like over sun exposures, reaction of perfumed items, etc. The stubborn blemishes get darker with time. It is important to take proper care of it so that it does not becomes never eradicated substance.

Home remedies for hyper pigmentation

It is now possible to get rid of the hyper pigmentation with no side effects at all. You will be using only the natural products to eradicate the melanin effect. Since they have very minimal side effects, skin problem would be much lower.  Some of the home remedies for pigmentation are as follows:

Aloe Vera

Today, Aloe Vera is used in almost variety of major skin remedies. Even it is an excellent remedy for treating hyper pigmentation. Your dead skin layer will be removed with the wonderful Aloe Vera gel. Your skin will again go ahead with regeneration of the new skin cells. You must apply some fresh aloe Vera gel and wash it away in the morning. If you can follow this routine for a period of two weeks, you can easily find eradication of the dark patches on your skin.

Lemon juice

It is always good to use lemon juice on your face that is infected by melanin as it is a natural way of washing away darkness from your skin. Men can look much brighter and radiant after applying the same on their face, hands and other skin areas. You must rub the lemon on your face and hands which includes natural bleaching phenomenon. Your skin tone will become lighter gradually after the application of lemon juice. You can also make a mask by mixing lemon juice along with honey. You can apply the same in the affected skin area, leave it for the period of 15 minutes and wash it away.

Cocoa butter

You can also use cocoa butter as a massaging agent on your face and body so that hyper pigmentation becomes lighter than before.  If you can massage cocoa butter in the melanin affected area, this will probably help you get a moisturizing effect and your blood circulation will also be improved.  This will also help breaking down the scar tissues and will also reduce hyper pigmentation over the skin area.


Cucumber is another important natural product that helps reducing the dark circles under the eyes. Today, due to stress and anxiety of work, not only women but also men suffer from sleepless night which in turn gives rise to dark circles under the eyes. Also if you have swelling around the eyes, it will be easily removed. You must leave cucumber extract over your eyes for 10 minutes and remove it.

Peel of orange

Take the peel of orange and make it a fine paste or gel with 1 to 2 t-spoons of milk. Leave it after half n hour and massage gently and wash it off with warm water. Use this twice in a week or thrice it encourages cell renewal and removes the dark blotches .

Min leaves

Grind a few mint leaves and mix it with water o form a paste. Apply this paste on the melanin spots and rinse it off after 15mins.

Drink water kept in the copper vessel for overnight it can help to reduce vitiligo patches. Make it a habit.