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Herbs for men

With the growth of age men faces a lot of problem specially those who smokes and consumes alcohol. Their health is affected to a large extent and so they need to take care of their diet and their body. Instead of taking the help of several medicines and the doctors, men can make se of the various kinds of natural herbs that are made available to us through nature. Well many may not believe that these herbs can also cure you off your many illnesses. Many men face many kinds of sexual problems due to this fast running life and also due to stress and tension of various different kinds. Also they have to face many kinds of heart problems and take the help of many kinds of surgeries if needed if it’s very critical. When a man enters into his middle age he should become very careful with his health especially his eating habits. At this age come the digestion problems. This can make any man go mad when he has to face indigestion every day. Many people may eat spicy food every day which may not suit him. For these situations they need to make use of certain herbs which are extremely helpful to cure them and help them stay fit as if they are in their teenage.

Herbs are the best solution providers for many of the men related problems, and can be used to counter-act the illness and other health issues. But most of men don’t like to adapt them though they are pouring amazing results. Herbs are beneficial for today’s men lifestyle in order to secure the better health.


The herb siberian ginseng known more as Eleuthero is one of the top herbs which treats several conditions with the tonic property ginseng. On a study it was proven that men who took the Eleothero for eight weeks grabbed 13 percentage strength in the pectorial muscles and 15 percentage in the biceps. A new jersey company found that taking Eleothero for 8 weeks increased the fat burn sensation through work out by 43 percentage. Scientists are working on some more experiments to find additional benefits.


Ashwagandha, which is known as “Indian Ginseng” increases the body capacity to adapt discrete types of stress. Indeed it is one of the renowned Ayurvedicmedicine which has been using as a natural Viagra. It is also considered as an anti-aging herb and a tonic to cure the nerve problems. Some theoretical studies have proved that Ashwagandha has the ability to restore the potency in men. It shows it affects after the completion of 48 hours from its intake.


Yohimbe is a renowned aphrodisiac herb. It is extracted from the tall evergreen tree that is native to western Africa. There are numerous benefits of using yohimbe, it treat the common fever, leprosy problem, coughs, erectice dysfunction and is used as a medicine to increase the sexual desire. It is taken with caution because it is having hallucinogen content in large amounts. A prescribed form helps to increase the male impotence in similar to the working conditions of Viagra, Cialis but discarding the side effects of sniffness, heart palpitations and blue vision.


MuiraPuama is a rain forest herb native to Peru. It has the ability to stimulate the nervous system and to treat exhaustion. It also helps the people who are suffering with the gastrointestinal, mild exhaustion and nervous system problems. The major factor lies behind its magic is how you consume it, taking a few drops of lemon juice after the herb intake stimulates the release of active tannins. Scientists also trust that this herb has the properties to increase the levels of testosterone.


Triphala is a powdered mixture prepared from the combination of three fruits of three different plants. It offers multiple benefits for men in the name of Rasayana. Rasayana invokes the intelligence of the body and mild and by which it helps to long life. One of the major actions done by triphala is that it regulates the Apanavata. Some other benefits and advantages of triphala includes: It balances the blood pressure, reduces the headache problems, enhances the skin tone and complexion, cuts off fat, stimulates red blood cells and works as a gentle laxative.


Licorice which is also called as Glycyrrhizaglabra is a nontoxic solution for the itchy and fungus oriented foot. Steep three tablespoons of licorine in half cup of hot water and use it in the problematic area to get the instant relief.

Well listed below are 7 herbs that men should take in order to stay healthy and fit in their middle age. They are as follows:

  • Pine bark– this herb originates in France and helps men with the following problems. Sometimes men may have a decrease in their sperm count which makes them incapable to increase their family. So this particular herb will help men recover from this problem. This problem occurs due to fast moving life. With the help of this herb prostate cancer can also be avoided. Even if you have found it out that you have prostate cancer which is very much common among the men these days. You can have it cured with the help of this herb if your stage of cancer has not expanded.
  • Turmeric– This herb is mainly consumed by people of Asia and India. This helps in the proper blood functioning to the various parts of your body. It also helps in the supply of oxygen to various parts of your body. Oxygen supply reduces when men keep on smoking. So that has to be cured. This also makes your body to be able to fight against more diseases. This also helps in the curation of your urinary tract. Men who suffers from some urinary diseases will stop having it. The level of prostrate problems will lessen in number.
  • Pumpkin seed– Simple pumpkin seeds will cure you off your prostrate problems and various other heath related issues. These seeds also have various elements present in it which are very needy for the health. Minerals like zinc, potassium and iron are present it. The pumpkin seeds help in the proper supply of oxygen to various parts of the body. It also helps toe prevent urinary infections.
  • Saw palmetto– It is an herb which has been growing in America for a long time. The herb helps in the growing of hair. It prevents baldness which is very common among men. Hairs fall off mainly due to stress and tension. So when you take this herb you can prevent this problem to a large extent.  This herb also helps o keep your mood stable. You may be in a bad mood after your work due to some reasons. This scene is very common among the urban men. This leads to the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. So if moods stay stable then men won’t ever need to take these things which will cause a harm to their body. Not only that these things will also cause many other diseases in your body. So men should better avoid these things. This herb also tries to keep your urinary tract clean and establishes a normal flow of urine. So you are safe from that side if you face such a horrible condition. Urinary infection can lead to many diseases.
  • Pygeum bark– It is growing in Africa since the 1700’s. It helps protect men against prostate cancer. This cancer is fast spreading among men. So you can take actions from beforehand. It also acts as an anti-oxidant. So if you are facing the same then you can resort to the herbs services.
  • Stinging nettle– This herb helps to make your sugar levels normal. Due to high stress and tension people these days will have diabetes and they won’t maintain their sugar level as they are much more eager to consume fast food as they do not have the time to make food for themselves. So thy prefer eating out. This herb will help maintain your cholesterol level as well. These are all minor problems. It solves the biggest problem that is prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is fast growing among men these days. So you have to be very careful about it. If you find any such symptom of the disease then you must consume this herb immediately.
  • Smart weed– This particular herb acts as an anti-oxidant and also helps in the curation of urinary infections.

So these are all the seven herbs that help in the curation of many manly diseases and they are pretty safe. You must avoid medicines that are anti-biotic and seek help from these medicinal herbs. You can also consult a doctor if you want to. You also have various doctors who have studies on these plants and their medicinal uses. They have no side effects unlike the medicines that are used by the people. There is no surety whether you will be cured or not when you take the medicines that are produces by many companies. But these herbs are entirely natural and are also cheap. They won’t cause any kind of problems on your health and body. Instead it will keep you fit.