Healthy ways to prevent hormonal imbalance in men

Healthy ways to prevent hormonal imbalance in men

Healthy ways to prevent hormonal imbalance in men

The deficiency of hormones don’t just affect women body, they also shows negative affects on men too. Men’s body also hold hormones named Estrogen, prolactin and progesterone, especially the hormone testosterone got large significance in men for the proper body functioning.

Men must have large quantities of testosterone levels that aids for the maintenance of muscle mass, sperm production, facial hair and bone mass. Imbalance of this hormone generates a list of problems including low sex drive, weight gain, breast enlargement, erectile dysfunction, less energy levels, rough and dry skin.

The human body is a seat of magical transformation. The hormones that are also called chemical messengers work many different kinds of magic and the whole body takes part in this. The hormones are released into the bloodstream and the body goes through different side effects. Side effects that are common in men are:

  • Gaining body weight
  • Infertility
  • Feeling tired or fatigued
  • Low call of the libido
  • Insomnia or less sleep
  • Depression
  • Thinning of hair

These are all signs that the hormones in your body are not in proper balance. There are different synthetic additives to your daily food intake that can balance your hormones but these can make you dependent on these therapies. The symptoms of one area give way to other different issues in other parts of the body. The synthetic medications or therapies can also cause serious side effects like osteoporosis, heart issues and even serious ailments like cancer. The best thing for men is to balance the hormonal imbalances with natural products and methods. Some such methods can help you immensely without burning your pocket or creating other side effects.

Let us see how to ward off hormonal imbalance in men

Life style changes

With the simple changes in the lifestyle habits men can control imbalance of hormones in the body. Munch plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, limit the intake of caffeinated drinks to one cup a day.

Reduce consumption of soybeans

Limit the consumption of soybeans and soy based products. Men are not in a need of excess estrogen quantities. Soybeans are one of the optimum sources of phytoestrogens, the cellular structure of estrogen and phytoestrogens are similar. Hence, men shouldn’t opt this protein in additional amounts. Rather than this, you can rely on egg whites, lean meat and low fat diary products.

Avoid processed foods

Many of the processed foods are the limitless sources of chemicals which generate toxins in the body. The result of toxins damage the regular digestive system functioning and affects the working of the body.


A good night sleep is necessary for the overall health of the body. Taking adequate amount of daily sleep promotes the generation of hormones through brain and adrenal glands. So, always target to sleep for recommended eight hours per day to minimize lots of problems.

Lift heavy weights

Excess muscle mass and physical high strength of men are linked with the presence of high amount of testosterone in their body. If you are feeling week or unable to have good muscle mass, lifting heavy weights will help you gradually to turn strong. So, lift heavy weights in the gym for two to three times in a week. Though women do not produce testosterone, it is also a good tip for women to practice inorder to make themselves physically fit and strong.

Stay calm

Working towards commitment, taking responsibilities and dealing with stress are some important notes in one’s life, they can impact your hormones in a positive way and shows adverse effect on your health. So, stay calm wisely. Have a cup of herbal tea without any caffeine flick to kick start your day healthily. You can prepare tea with any herb like chamomile, jasmine and lemon grass which have soothing nature on your nervous system.

Avoid the usage of poly-unsaturated fatty acids

Vegetable oils contains of poly-saturated fatty acids that have the amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 fats.  These fats help to fight with inflammation. As an alternative omega-3 fat can be absorbed through fish and flaxseeds where as omega-6 fat can be obtained from readily available cereals. Hence use the healthy and hormones helping rice bran and olive oil to cook your food and to taste your salad.

Carrots and broccoli are healthy for hormones

The carrots contain a fiber that helps in detoxification of the body. The estrogen within your blood stream can be lowered with this fiber and thus the imbalance can be eliminated. Broccoli is another such vegetable that contains substances which modulate estrogen. You can also try cauliflower, bok choy and cabbage for cleaning your body.

Boosts metabolism with avocados, salmon and coconut oil

You can use fatty acids to keep a check on the imbalance of hormones. These essential fats are good for blocking hormone production that is not beneficial for your body. They are also good way to increase the rate of metabolism in your body.  This helps in keeping a check in your weight gain. You can keep avocado, butter, salmon and coconut oil in your diet to keep a check in the hormonal misbalance within your body.

Liver is called super food for balancing hormones

You can take liver that is full of nutrients that can keep a good check on the hormonal imbalance of your body. This adds vitamin A to your body that is considered to be extremely beneficial for hormones. It improves functioning of thyroid and also keeps the liver of men healthy. Some of you may feel that vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes are good for vitamin A but the beta carotene in these vegetables need to be converted to Vitamin A for the body to be able to use it. The body cannot convert it easily and when there is hormonal imbalance – the conversion becomes impossible. Thus taking liver in cooked form is the best way to directly gain vitamin A. You can also go for the capsules as per the recommendation of your physician.

Keep away from birth control pills

Birth controlling pills are ways to raise the imbalance of hormones within your body. These can increase the risk of cancer, migraines, stroke, mood change, liver tumors, nausea and irregular bleeding, increase in regular blood pressure and many other severe diseases. These disrupt gut bacteria and create nutritional deficiencies in men. It is better to keep away these pills and remain healthy the rest of your life.

Yoga is a perfect way without any side effects

There are different yoga classes that you can join and keep your body fit and healthy. These postures are good for your healthy and they will also keep most of the ailments away from you. You can do this particular pose in yoga and it is called ‘legs up’ and you can place your legs up against a strong wall while lying down on the floor or bed. Remain in this position for 2 – 3 minutes and then get back to normal horizontal position. Repeat this for few times and slowly increase the time you put your legs up. It can increase lymphatic circulation at the bottom part of your body. This helps in collecting the lymphatic fluids and toxins for elimination. This way the lymph elimination is maximized and the effects are shown in proper balance in the hormones.

The meditation or breathing exercises are good for keeping away all negative entities from your body too. Fifteen minutes of deep breathing two times a day can show you the results within a few weeks. These help in keeping your body in balance. These can also keep away stress and your body performs far better in any situation. They help in keeping your body in proper condition as the elements are balanced with the breathing exercise that you perform.

Limit intake of caffeine

The caffeine is a slow but sure killer. You can keep it away from your regular habits. If you cannot completely control it, you can reduce the intake consciously. Caffeine increases the cortisol level and lowers the hormones produced from the thyroid gland. You feel the havoc that is created by this component within your body and feel good about it. Actually it never gives you any energy but causes imbalance. You can try green tea or some Tulsi tea for boost in your energy. These will also give you benefits like weight loss and add antioxidant to your body to fight cancer.

Keep body care chemical products away from your body

The conventional body care products are produced with a lot of chemicals that can harm your body. The high DEA, propylene glycol and parabens are not right for your body. There are sodium lauryl sulfate that can cause harm within the internal environment of your body too. It is better to go natural and try organic products or products that are made from different organic components. These will keep your body free of the toxins and balance the hormone production from the glands.

Love the nature and your body too

The hormones within your body will get disturbed with any severe ailments that you may have. The nature is a soothing experience if you can be near it for some time each day. There are people who enjoy jogging or exercises within the natural environment. These can stress your body as a long period of cardio exercises give in to addition of free radicals within your body. You can experience adrenal fatigue and imbalance in hormones. Walking is the best exercise as this restores your body stresses and makes your inner environment stress free. Walking in nature lowers cortisol and also improves immune system. Both can give better hormonal balance.

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