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Tips to gain weight fast and how to gain weight quickly

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There are men who gain weight effortlessly and look for methods to lose weight. On the other hand there are thin and skinny people who find it very challenging to gain some weight to enhance their physical appearance and regain their masculine look. Skinny ladies are most often with their body and do not envy those who wish to lose weight with unhealthy diets. Healthy weight gain or healthy weight loss are both essential fundamentals for a healthy body.

There are several ways by which you can have a fast and effective gain in weight. For the reason you need to follow some basic rules in life. When you gain in weight the right way you are sure to have a change in appearance and you appear so matured and smart at the same time. Too much of lanky look makes you appear so disinteresting and you tend to lose the natural charm and smartness. To match with the height you need to have the apposite physical stature. In case you are too thin and at the same time you are extremely tall as well you are sure not to good look at all. This is when it is preferable if you have a good gain in weight.

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

Tips on how to gain weight fast are priceless to skinny people who struggle to put on some fat. It is a real challenge to for people to struggle to keep a healthy weight or to gain a few extra pounds. Reasons for gaining weight include some health problems, lack of appetite, burning of calories in sports and exercises, or just trying to get rid of the skinning natural body. Most dieticians believe that being a little underweight is not a problem as being overweight is related to number of problems.

Calories and Nutrients Count

Focus on healthy foods to gain weight, because even though calories count but well nutritious food is always rules the health of a person. It is not right to have just high calorie foods like fat and sugar; one must also have nutritious food like yogurt, fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy fats. The goal for choosing food to gain weight must be packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and also calories.

Eat Often to Gain Weight

It is advisable to take snacks more often to pack more calories in the body to gain weight. The major three meals of the day must contain protein, starch, vegetables and fat. A sample of this meal can be a chicken whole grain sandwich with mayonnaise and a tomato and a glass of fruit smoothie.

Gaining Muscle Mass

Athletics are instructed to snack on high calorie snacks high protein energy bars and low fat chocolate milk or protein shake after a body building program. Even those who are not doing body building exercises should take healthy snacks frequently to maintain or gain weight and to give energy to their physical activity.

Reasons for those who fail to gain weight

There are some people who fail to gain weight quickly, no matter how hard they try.

Poor Diet– – It is true that skinny people do not eat the right food especially that is required to gain weight. Most people do not take enough protein which is essential in gaining weight. These people fail to gain or even have any significant weight improvement.

Proper Exercise—Eating is not enough to gain weight. There should be some physical activity that will help to convert the food into energy. People must understand food and exercise are a must to gain muscle mass.

Poor Motivation— Motivation behind the person wanting to gain weight is important for his/her to achieve the goal. The present generation wants instant results, but it is necessary to understand that weight gain is not a week’s mission; it is a long term goal.

Foods that help to gain weight

  • Foods with animal fats are highest in calories. These include peanuts, seeds, almond butter, hummus and oils.
  • Animal fats also provide fats and nutrients like plant fats, but these can increase bad cholesterol, hence to be taken in limited quantity.
  • High calorie juices and high calorie condiments like mayonnaise, cease and thousand island salad dressing help in adding weight.
  • Fruit smoothies, milk products like cheese ghee yogurt are a healthy source for adding a few pounds.
  • Dried fruits are a concentrated source of calories that can be sprinkled on salads, juices, milk yogurt or taken on their own.
  • Potatoes are a good source of high calories. They can be taken with other vegetables, and beans.
  • It is ok to take fried foods occasionally, but stir fried foods are still better.
  • Another easy way to ad calories is to sprinkle oil, ghee on vegetables, salads, cereals, soups and stews.
  • Plain cheese pizza, and sub sandwiches made with lean meat are allowed for adding more calories in the body.

How to gain weight quickly

  • One who is trying to gain weight must eat frequent meals that are packed with nutrients. The snacks and food must be full of calories and nutritious as well. Liquids must include milkshakes, fruit smoothies and milk before and after the meals.
  • Right kinds of fats must become a part of the diet for gaining weight. There must be more of avocados, dairy products, meat and nuts instead of ice creams and fried fatty junk foods in the diet.
  • It is true that protein is good for muscle building, but it is also helpful in building bones. High protein foods include meat, cheese, soy products, cereals, eggs and fish.
  • Complex carbohydrates are empty calories which are stored in the body as fats. They are the main source of energy to the body.
  • Changing the eating time to late at night will help in gaining weight. Studies have shown that dinner after 8 pm give more calories to the body
  • Weight training also helps to add weight because muscles weigh more than fat.
  • Exercise also increases appetite and a high protein bar or shake will satisfy the craving muscles.
  • A rest with no exercise is another way to burn less calories and increase body weight.

Eat more times in a day

First, it is best for you to eat at regular intervals of time. The more times you would eat the best of weight gain you are sure to have in the process. When you have the desired bulk gain it is sure to show in your physique and this is when you are said to possess the apt personality. However, to gain in weight there is no need for you to have too much of sugars and junk foods. Take to calorie dense foods like peanut butter, nuts, dried fruits, cheese, avocados and the rest.

Increasing the workout sessions

It is best that you increase the sessions of your workout. It is true that there is a time when you started it all. Soon your body became accustomed with the process and the workout sessions did not yield. It would become easy workout sessions for you. Now, then it is time to give your muscles a better challenge. You can invest time for weight gain at home. It is essential that you have fast muscle building sessions to stay in the best physique ever.

Staying idle helps in weight gain

Stay idle and don’t move much. This is the best way for you to be immobile and have a sure gain in weight. Just take the remote in your hand and laze yourself on the couch. In few days you can make out the fat portions showing in different parts of the body. Your face becomes fuller and the growing fat can be noticed making you appear perfectly beautiful and matured. If you cut down in your rate of activities and have more of rest and relaxation you are sure to have quicker weight gain.

Carbs can help you have quick gain in weight

You need to eat excess carbs if you want a gain in weight. Carb is the main source of energy in humans and once you start storing that energy you are sure to have faster and meaningful gain in weight. You can go for the complicated carbs and avoid the ones that are simple. For this you can have an intake of potato, pasta and brown rice. Consumption of whole grains too can make you look fatter at the earliest.