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Health tips for men over 30

Out from the teenage and entering into 30’s! Then this page is for you. An year to year increase in the age to the 30’s will come with the bundle of health issues. In the 30’s its need to give attention for the health more than your teenage days.Life probably tilt a bit serious in your 30’s of age. You are likely into heavy responsibilities like ownership, a veritable career and you might be hooked with one or two kids and family responsibilities. How ever, there are chances for the more serious health problems, as well. But by following few steps will ensure the healthy 30’s and physical fitness. During your 40’s you may feel like if i been with proper care in my earlier age, might i don’t be in such problems. So, get the steps for the cheerful 30’s and to carry the same happiness to 40’s and beyond. Here is a list check them below.

Health tips for men over 30
Bone health

The bone health of the men are concerned more than women. ¬†After 30’s the bone related problems will begin for most men due to lowering of the bone mass in the 30’s. Indeed the loss factor is less in this decade, but if you have the family routine of osteoporosis or if you have smoking habit and less usage of gym then try to get a DEXA scan (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) to measure the bone density.¬†take 1,000 milligrams of calcium combined with 400 IU of vitamin D to increase the absorption of bone formation nutrient.

Prostate cancer

A person who got detected with prostate cancer in the 30’s will have the better cure options than the one who got spot in later life. The fact is that only 1 in 10,000 men under 40 are diagnosed with prostate cancer. How ever take care about this potential problem in your 30’s. Check the signs of prostate cancer Frequent urination, Tough in maintaining the erection and painful urination.

Time to yoga

Physical fitness care is one of the significant step to follow because there occurs a short in the male muscles and connective tissues which are the main causers for the decreased flexibility. So, try to bend through yoga which helps the body motion in an active way. It also decrease the blood pressure and ensures to slow the heart rate.

Stop over eating

In the 30’s you are required to take care about your food habits. The best practice of food will helps for the muscles and connective tissues to not to contract. This is also the crucial decade which increases the body fat and waist size. Don’t take the heavy meals at a time where as get them in the limited amounts.

Visit your family doctor

This is the decade where cholesterol, body fat and blood pressure may hit. So, make a schedule to visit doctor in regularly. Visiting doctor not just provides you the information about your present potential health issues but gives a clue for the forth coming health problems.