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Health problems, Health risks, Health concerns, Health issues in men over 30

Health problems in men over 30

Everyone in the world will wait eagerly for their next upcoming birthday, they will different plans and ways to celebrate it in a grand carnival manner, but the funny thing is as much as you wait for your birthday, you are going to “+” you age with one more year, I mean one more year will add to your current age, now the embarrassing thing is as our age increases we tend to develop some symptoms of increasing age. Most of the men don’t care; not taking care is the big mistake which we should not do.

Come on lets go through the health problems and causes, and how to prevent them.

  • Particularly, if you entered into 30’s, the age which we call it as “Middle Age”, should be the most care taken age, because, here people are not young like “Teenagers” and even not so old like “Senior Citizens”.
  • Let’s go through our journey to know what are the health problems arises and why.
  • If you won’t take care of your health. You will become old at the age of 30 only that means your unhealthy can result in over aging.
  • You can lose your hair in the early ages of 30 due to Stress and tension with your daily activities.
  • You will be more anger than your Teenage, due to several responsibilities ahead and even work tension.
  • A person at the age entered into 30’s the main issues arise is “Herniated Discs”, in our common local language we will call it as “Back Pain”. This will occur due to several factors like “Weight gain and strain from improperly lifting a heavy object”.
  • “Belly Fat” this is the most common problem in men at the age of 30’s which makes to become very lazy and even unhealthy too.
  • In this Android world, we will spend most of our day in front of “Screens”, particularly Laptops. Desktops, Ipads’s etc, as much as Technology increases and bought the information from desk to our hands, but it in turn results in the  “Blurred Vision” at the age of 30 only.
  • Due to heavy work and sometimes you won’t get a time to “Take a breath” and even due to stress people are becoming “Half Minded” , means they are facing several memory problems which effects their Neurons in Brain.
  • There were several sexual problems in men due to age increment, which affect their sexual life.
  • People are addicting to more medicine and drugs at this age due to “Depression” related problems.
  • There is a chance of Heart Attack in this age; this is like origin age for it.
  • You can reduce all the “Attacks” and increase your life span with more happiness by keeping an eye on the below factor’s.
  •  Take a proper diet every day; particularly don’t skip your Breakfast which helps to make your day so active.
  • Stop smoking, which can help you to keep away from cancer related problems.
  • Plan your day accordingly with exercises and workouts which help your body to keep fit with fresh mind.
  • Try to avoid Fatty food and junk food which helps you to keep away from obesity and Heart stroke.
  • Try to keep control on your blood pressure which in turn helps you from heart related problems.
  •  Most of the Statistics also suggest married men live longer, as does sticking to recommended maximum alcohol limits. Getting a good night’s sleep, avoiding stress and remembering to use safety equipment for any risky activity also help men live longer.

So finally I just want to share “A man who is too busy to take care of his health is nothing but like a mechanic who is too busy to take care of his tools.

A majority of men have a solid career plan by the time they reach 30. While some find that their hairline has slightly receded or that they have gained a few extra pounds, some others realise that it is time to start planning for their health too. This is because they find that most men in their 30s are suffering from some health problem or another. Here are a few health problems that men over 30 usually suffer from.


A few years ago, who would have thought that people under the age of 40 would start suffering from problems that usually begin to appear at the age of 60 or more? However, the bitter truth is that problems that are as serious as cholesterol are beginning to appear at a young age itself. Therefore, you should start getting your cholesterol levels checked beginning at age 25. Then, you can get checks performed every five years or so in order to prevent it from affecting your health.


One of the problems that affect people of all ages is diabetes. If you exhibit certain symptoms that only diabetics generally show, you should go and get your blood sugar levels checked. This can otherwise result in blindness or other problems such as heart attacks, kidney failure, stroke, etc. Even otherwise, it is advised that you get your blood sugar levels checked regularly starting from the age of 25. This will prevent such problems from affecting you. Also, dieting and exercising can prevent diabetes.


Osteoporosis is a condition, wherein the bones become weak. In such cases, you must exercise regularly in order to prevent this problem from affecting your health. You must also take in foods that are rich in Vitamin D or health supplements that can help you strengthen your bones. Otherwise, it can result in bone fractures quite often.

Urinary problems

Urinary problems come with symptoms such as the need to frequently urinate at night, a sensation in the bladder as if it has not been emptied after urination, the dribbling of urination for some time after urination, a strong urge to urinate, etc. Even though these symptoms do not necessarily imply that you need treatment, they may mean that you need to get yourself checked for some other health problems that are troubling you.


The brain tissue becomes inflamed when a harmful virus infects the brain or the spinal cord. Also, the infection does not necessarily have to start in the spinal cord or the brain but it can start elsewhere too. Of course, it is a rare condition that affects only certain people. However, you would need to be extremely careful and take the necessary precautions before it can affect your health.

Alcoholic liver disease

This is one of the conditions that affect the livers of those people who consume excessive alcohol on a regular basis. Alcohol can not only inflame your liver but also result in cirrhosis or even scarring over a period of time. So, you should avoid drinking as much alcohol as possible. If you are into the habit of drinking a lot of alcohol, try to curb it or attend an alcohol rehab programme in order to break the alcohol addiction.

Hearing loss

Watching too much television and listening to loud music can damage the ears. Sometimes, hearing loss just comes with age and in some cases, it is hereditary.So, you should get your ears checked regularly for the possibility of hearing loss.


At 30s, some men face the problem of constipation. They find themselves struggling to make the bowels evacuate from the body. This is due to the obstruction of the intestines. Sometimes, this can lead to bigger health issues. So, you would need to get yourself checked and treated on time.

Mental disorders

Sometimes, men who are in their 30s suffer from mental disorders such as ADD, ADHD, etc. These can develop at any age in some people. If you would like to avoid these problems, you should get yourself checked regularly.

Hormonal imbalances

If your hormones are out of sync, you can suffer from other health problems such as alopecia, loss of libido, bone loss, chronic fatigue, etc. Also, low testosterone levels also fall under the category of hormonal imbalances.Of course, hormonal imbalances can always be treated. So, ask your doctor to perform a physical exam and hormone therapy on you. In fact, did you know that hormone therapy can protect your heart from diseases? Besides, it can also protect you from cancer.


Since most men are stressed out due to work pressure, they are unable to get a good night’s sleep. They end up becoming insomniacs. If you would like to get some sleep at night, you should consider talking to your doctor about it. Also, changing your diet and lifestyle will help you sleep better. It is also important that you reduce your weight in order to be able to sleep properly.


When the flow of blood to a certain part of your brain is cut off, it results in a stroke. Sometimes, it can result in a permanent damage if the brain cells do not recover. Even consuming blood thinning supplements can result in stroke at times. So, you would need to be extremely careful what you take in. Also, other health conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, anaemia, heart diseases, obesity, etc. can cause stroke in a person above 30 years of age. Make sure you work with a doctor to get your health problems treated so that you will not have the possibility of getting a stroke.


If you do not get yourself checked and treated on time, these health problems could lead to some other health problems and it would be too late to do anything about them. So, take the necessary steps to introduce important changes to your diet and lifestyle. Make sure you also talk to your doctor about the various health problems you are facing.