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Hairstyles and Cuts for Men with Receding Hairlines

Has that Widow’s Peak started to appear? Or is your hairline showing the first signs of receding hairline as you’ve just started losing hair from the sides of your forehead? In either case, it is not yet time to lose your sleep over it. Receding hairline is quite common, and the good news is, it’s fairly easy to cover it.

Short Haircuts that Can Save the Day

Though short haircuts are a great way to hide your receding hairline, these will focus a lot of attention to your face. So think a bit, before you let in the trimmer! Short haircuts are also a good option if your hair is thinning at the same time.

1. The Buzz Cut

Trimming the hair to the same length all around takes off the attention from the part that has thinned away! Look up Jason Statham for a very masculine example of this hairstyle. You can also go The Rock way, by adding a bit of subtlety by leaving a bit more hair on the top and gradual fading on the sides.

Buzz Cut

2. The Taper Fade

It is one of the simplest, undercut hairstyles with a lot of variations, like the Mohawk, the Caesar fade, Airbrushed, the Drop Fade and others.

Taper Fade

Be careful with the length of your Mohawk as it may just turn up looking disproportionate!

3. Bleach Blondes

A good way of coping up with your receding hairline is to color the tips of the top hair blonde! It will not only give you a funky look but will also accentuate your look.

Bleach Blondes

4. Crew Cut

If you’re someone who dreads experimenting with their hairstyle, then go old school with the crew cut. A variation of this can be the high and tight, in which the sides and back are trimmed with a bit of volume on the top, tapering upwards.

Crew Cut Images

5. Close cut with Top Texture

This hairstyle leaves a messy wave of hair on the top with the sides trimmed giving very a different look amidst the passing trends.

Close Cut with Top Texture Photos

Tip: If you want an out-of-the-bed messy look with the close cut with top texture, apply pomade in the night on wet hair and go to bed. When you wake up, voila, it’s there as you want it.

6. Side Parted Look

Go for the classic side-parted look with fading sides.

Side Parted Look Picture

Tip: Ensure that you part it clean and neat, preventing loose strands to flutter.

7. The Afro Jack Taper

Have you got curly hair and it’s still receding backward from the sides? Go for the classic Afro Jack as it keeps the volume giving you a cool rapper look.

Afro Jack Taper

8. Messy Spikes

Spikes are benign hairstyles in the way they hide our hairline problems! Trim the sides, and keep a disheveled top which will not only do the needful as a cover-up but also pump up the style quotient!

Messy Spikes Image

9. Fohawk

A fohawk will move public attention up, not letting it linger around the temples with the receding hairline. You can top this with a preppy beard or stubble to give a more formidable look to your face.


A Few Long Hairstyles

Before going for a long hairstyle, be very sure that your hair is receding and not thinning. Having a bit of length will demand that you take care of it regularly like applying shampoo every two days, use pomade or wax to give it texture, and blow dry it to create a voluminous appearance.

1. The Slicked Back

This cool undercut leaves your sides short but allows a bit of volume on top. Add some gel or pomade to give a shiny feel to the top hair. You can go with the neat, the undercut or the longer version!

Slicked Back Pictures

2. The Mop

This hairstyle keeps volume all around the head covering up the receding hairline. For inspiration, take a minute to observe how Zac Efron goes messy with the mop.

Mop Photo

3. The Comb Over

Don’t spoil this hairstyle by letting the top hang down loosely!

Comb Over

4. Asymmetrical Fringe

Leave your hair not only long, but very long. Remember, to keep it a bit messy as that is the trick to looking good with this hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Fringe
Asymmetrical Fringe

5. The Long Brushed look

If you love those long strands of hair that are still growing in an area of recession, try the brush back or the brush-up hairstyles.

Picture of Long Brushed

6. Fringe Sweep

This creates a visual illusion of a fuller hair volume and protects your receding hairline from the public eye.

Images of Fringe Sweep

Don’ts for a Receding Hairline

  • Do not apply a lot of wax, clay or pomade as it will accentuate the receding hairline, revealing more of your scalp.
  • Avoid a super-hold pomade as that will wear your hair down, making the receding hairline visible. Use moderate-hold pomade or mousse.
  • Make sure to blow dry your hair, then take a dime sized amount of pomade, emulsify by rubbing it throughout your palms, and then apply.

No need to enmesh yourself in a world of gloom and stifle your social life because of the receding hairline. Try out any of these different hairstyles and stay forever young!