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Hair fall can be stopped – Best tips to control the hair fall, hair loss in men

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Hair fall in men is a common problem these days. Men are worried about this problem and they don’t want to get bald before time. This is the reason they look for all natural and the artificial remedies to prevent hair loss in time. They tend to take care of the hair on the first sign of hair fall and in the way they can maintain the young look forever. There are several remedies to prevent and avoid baldness in time. You just have to know about them well and adopt the measures in time to help maintain the young and fresh look.

Hair fall is every one’s problem now a day. Previously it has been the problem of women. Now it is equally the problem of men too. It has been the 100 dollar question why does hair fall. The doctors say it can be stopped. But there has not been a solution for the suffers.

Every one particularly woman wants a beautiful hair. She thinks of it as crowning glory for her. Women feel a lot about their hair fall. Sometimes it may cause deep distress in them.

When the women comb their hair, the comb is covered with hair. When the woman see this, she immediately starts working on it by consulting her grand old mother for suggestion as she had her hair still shining and beautiful. The methods will be implemented immediately. But she can not find the result. She won’t loose her hope to stop the hair fall. This has been the story of a woman who looses her hair all over the world.

The women can not think about the reasons for hair fall. But wants to give nutrients to the hair peripherally. In fact lack of essential nutrients in the body is the main cause. Of course hair coloring and hair styling treatments is the second reason.  Improper and unhealthy dietary habits is the third cause. Harmonal imbalance also plays important role in hair fall. The usual appearances like dandruff alopecia and other scalp disorders contribute to hair fall. The stress and strain can also be a reason for it. Thyroid is a common problem in women more.

 Think of the following:

1. First use wide toothed comb gently and later the regular comb that you use to reduce the hair fall.

2. Don’t comb the hair when it is wet. It avoids not only hair fall but also reduce the breaks in hair.

3. Rub the wet hair gently with towel,

4. Combs are to be cleaned when ever they are dirty.

5. Use gently heated oil for the hair which keeps the hair strong.

6. Try to reduce chemical usage which certainly stops the hair loss.

7. Have a hair bath for every three days to clean the dust.

8.   Hair styles such as tight ponytails, pigtails and rubber bands are not to be used.

The following is the long term and effective way for a healthy hair:

The most importance is to be given for balance diet to arrest the hair fall.  Iron rich foods such as rich in zinc, Vitamins A, B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E,   fatty acids and proteins  are to be consumed to have result in possession.  Add moisture to the hair tp aviod hair fall.  So we will get thicker and stronger hair that shines well.

Carrots, oats, whole grains, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, sweet potatos, pumpkin seeds, oysters, nuts such as walnuts and almonds, flax seed oil, fish, eggs, beans and low fat cheese are to be taken to keep the hair strength.Try to dink plenty of water which flush out all harmful toxins from the body.

Home made hail masks can help a lot.

Clean your hair regularly with a mild shampoo

It is best that you make use of a mild shampoo to wash the hair. The washing should be done on regular basis to keep the hair so clean and bouncy. In the way you can stop the hair from falling by maintaining the cleanliness of the scalp. Regular shampooing will reduce chances of infection and your hair is sure to have less of dandruff. This is the reason there is less hair breakage. Moreover, when the hair is clean it seems that you have the best volume of hair and you are sure to appear the best at the time.

Vitamins for the hair

Vitamin is a good solution for the hair to stay best. With the intake of Vitamin A there is the right production of sebum and this takes place on the scalp. When you have Vitamin E this can encourage blood circulation in the scalp. This is a great way you can keep the hair in the best state ever. When the blood circulation in the scalp is normal the follicles are made to stay productive and even the intake of Vitamin B will help the hair maintain the natural colour. So, the group of vitamins is always good for the hair.

Foods that improve the quality of hair

There are certain foods which are extremely healthy for the hair. This is the reason it is good to eat food stuffs like lean meat, soy, fish and other protein stuffs. There are more foods which can really help in improving the condition of the hair.

Reducing hair loss with oil massaging

Men can reduce unnecessary hair loss by massaging the scalp with the variety of essential oils. In case you have had hair loss it is time that you apply the essential oils on the scalp and continue to massage well. The massaging should take place for couple of minutes. With the oil massaging the hair follicles are made to stay active. To achieve greater affects you can even add lavender to the content of sesame oil or almond oil.

Managing wet hair

When the hair is wet it is extremely weak. This is definitely not the right time to comb the hair. Wet hair can break quite easily. So, you should not brush wet hair immediately. However, in case you are in a hurry and you have no other option left in hand then you can use a wide teethed hair brush. This will cause less hair breakage and in the process. Some people have the habit of brushing the hair too often. This is once again not right for the hair. Too much brushing can cause injury to the hair follicles leading to unnecessary hair breakage. In case there are tangles you can make use of your fingers to undo the same. Don’t try to handle the tangles with a comb or a brush.

Juices for the hair

Juices of onion, ginger and garlic are extremely good for the hair. You can rub one of the juices on all parts of the scalp and keep the same overnight for the right scalp nourishment and suitable growth of the hair. Once you get up in the morning wash your hair properly. You can continue the process for the entire week and this way you are sure to get the best result in time. You can notice new hairs growing and in the way a change is sure to occur in your appearance.

Drinking water is important

If you want to avoid hair loss then it is important for you to have the right amount of hydration. For the reason it is essential to drink plenty of water. This is important to stay hydrated and at the same time this encourages the healthy growth of hair.

Application of green tea on the scalp

Some people say that with the application of the green tea on the scalp one can dramatically reduce chances of hair fall. For the same you have to brew two bags containing green tea in one cup of water. After this you have to keep aside the same to make it cool before application. It is time then to apply the tea on various parts of the hair. After an hour it is time that you rinse the hair well. To get the best result the men should try this for a stretched period of ten days.

Take care of the hair

However, men are more causal and it is important that they take to the best measures to help the hair stay in the best of condition. Don’t ever rub the hair hard with a dry towel. Just leave the hair to get dry normally.

Reduce the intake of alcohol

In case you see that your hair is falling at random stop the intake of alcohol. Alcohol consumption can damage the hair quality and now you are sure not to have hair growth any more. So, it is time that you decrease the intake of alcohol to notice hair growing at random.

Stop smoking for healthy hair growth

In case you smoke too much of cigarettes this can hamper the flow of blood to the scalp and with this you are sure to have reduced hair growth. So, stop smoking cigarettes if you don’t want your hair to fall before time.

Hormones for healthy hair

There is right hair growth when you have a balanced hormonal activity. For this it is important that you have regular exercising. You can swim or walk for thirty minutes in a day and in consequence the cells are expected to stay healthy and there would be least hair fall. Now, with the sort of physical activity you are sure to have a reduced stress level and now you are saved from unnecessary hair fall. Hormones play a vital role in helping the hair stay perfectly healthy.

Reduce stress to avoid hair fall

Excess stress can cause unnecessary hair fall. This is the reason it is important that you get distressed. For the same you can practice meditation. This will help you stay cool from within and create overall physiological well-being. With yoga and meditation you are sure to have a balanced hormonal functionality and you are sure to suffer less from conditions of stress. Once you are back to the healthy lifestyle there is less of hair fall. A change in mood is sure to cause a change in body system as well.

Avoid both heating and drying to maintain the hair sanctity

Constant and continuous heating and drying of the hair is harmful. Constant application of heat will weaken the hair proteins and this in the way makes the hair so fragile and damaged. Thus, take to the natural ways of drying the hair. You can sit in the open air and allow sunlight and hair do all the heating and drying. With this you are no need to adopt the artificial means of treating the hair. Now, your hair is sure to stay tough and you would have rather less hair breakage in the process.

Save the scalp from getting sweaty

Don’t allow sweat to settle on your scalp. Thus, after you return from the gym or jogging make sure that you rub the hair well and try to keep it free from wetness and sweat. Too much of sweat can cause the hair to fall. For this you can use a shampoo having neem and aloe vera. This helps in keeping the hair absolutely cool and even helps in saving the scalp from unnecessary dandruff. Men who wear helmets in summer have frequent hair fall. This is because the hair turns moist and in the process there is more of hair loss.

Keeping long hair can be damaging

In case you have long hair there are chances that you would lose your hair more often. This is the reason it is best that you make the hair loose and avoid hairstyles like braids and ponytails. When you are having the artificial hair styles they keep on pulling the hair follicle. This causes unnecessary hair damage and you can see the hair loss on and off. Once the process becomes fast and rapid you are sure to lose all the hair and become bald in the process.

Stay healthy to avoid hair loss

If you are healthy you are sure not to have hair fall at random. This is the reason it is best that you treat all the chronic illnesses. You should not suffer from infections and high fevers. Persistent illness can make the hair fall and this way you are sure to become bald in the process. One medicinal re fact is that when you suffer you are made to have a regular intake of the medicine. Too much medicine consumption can once again cause rapid hair fall. This is the reason it is best that you stay well and avoid both illness and medicine.

Chemicals and colours can damage the hair

Please do not subject your hair to all the harsh chemicals. This can ruin the quality f the hair. Moreover, all the colouring stuffs can once more cause severe hair damage. This is the reason when you are having hair fall make sure not to colour the hair. The chemicals in the colour will make the quality of the hair deteriorate and after some days you would find the hairs falling like anything. If you want to be more stylish you can easily near to baldness. So, stay careful in this case.

Stay well to avoid hair loss

In case you are having unstable health conditions it is best that you see a doctor at the earliest. Particularly if you have illness related to the skin it is important that you speak to the skin specialist in time. When the health is not in the best of state there can be hormonal imbalance and as a result you are sure to have more of hair fall. However, the correct treatment at the correct time will save you from the condition and in this case you can definitely avoid unnecessary hair fall.

Fenugreek can do well to the hair

In case you are having hair loss you can take to the usage of fenugreek seeds for the hair. The local name for this is methi. Fenugreek consists of hormone antecedents and this helps in enhancing the level of hair growth. Now, there is rapid rebuilding of the hair follicles. Fenugreek has protein and it also consists of nicotinic acid and these are elements to stimulate the process of hair growth. Yu can soak the fenugreek seeds in water and in the morning you can make a paste of the seeds. Now it is time that you apply the paste on all parts of the scalp and wear a shower cap. After forty minutes it is time for you to wash off the hair properly.

The essentiality of licorice root for hair loss

Licorice root is also essential to avoid the process of hair loss. This is the sort of herb that helps in preventing loss of hair and can cause less damaging of the hair. The application of the roots will open up the pores and cause soothing of the scalp. Now, you are sure not to have scalp irritations and dryness and you are sure not to suffer from hair loss.