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Hair care tips for summer

Hair care tips for summer

You can’t expect summer to do much for your hair. Though your hair looks naturally beautiful and shiny in general, due to the change in climate, it tends to spoil the texture of your hair to a greater extent. If summer can make a woman’s hair worse, no doubt that it will also affect a man’s hair. Though the volume is small, the sufferings are same as that of women. In order to make your hair look smoothing and healthy, here are some wonderfully working tips for hair care especially in summer season. Before moving on with the tips, one most understand the different hair problems faced by men during summer.

A season that makes you sweat a lot comes with many excusive challenges. At some point you might felt to have more than two hands to work on your body to clean it. On the other hand it not only shows its action on your skin but also damages your hair too. Though it is known, many men neglect the fact that direct exposure of hair to sun leaves dry and damaged hair.  Men have to nurture their hair from the sun rays in a perfect way. There are several ways to protect your style curving hair from the risk of sun. Here are the tips to follow.

Shampoo daily

Excess sweating is a most common one during summer months compared to any other season’s. The more the sweat the more dirty your scalp will becomes so daily shampooing is a good trick to follow. If not daily taking head shower in the alternate days will also retains your scalp and hair healthy. If you are complaining dryness or frizz due to regular hair wash then it is suggested to rinse off your hair with herbal shampoos and conditioners which can protect from those problems.

Keep it short

Summer won’t let you enjoy those long hair strands more over it irritates your body. So say no for the long hair fashion during summer’s and get trimmed well to a short length. Short hair is an easy way to maintain your style and look. Along with that do not forget to cover your head with a cap before moving out from the house.

Chlorine water damages

One would like to jump into a swimming pool and relax to beat the heat in the summer but the presence of chlorine in the water likely damages your hair. It spoils your hair and turns dry and straw like. So take a minute to wear swimming cap before going to swim in the pool, it helps to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Oiling is necessary

Most of the men keep their oil bottle at a distance when it comes to summer season because of the discomfort that causes during in the heat. But experts recommend to oil the hair in order to keep it stay hydrated from inside out. A regular application of oil to the hair is good for your scalp and hair. Apply your favorite oil for thrice a week, it makes your hair healthy and well conditioned.

Sunscreen to your hair

The powerful ultra violet rays from the sun not only harm your skin but also your hair. To protect your skin from the sun sunscreen will saves you, similarly to protect your hair from the sun damage the application of sunscreen lotion for hair before going out is a best practice to do.

These are some of the summer hair care tips for men to follow to help protect their hair from various conditions.

Hair Problems in summer

Summer is not a great season for men due to the problems it causes to various areas of the body like skin and hair. Let us see some of the most common hair problems faced by men when it comes to summer.

1) Sweating of Hair

It is common to see people’s body sweat during summer. However, if you note keenly, you can understand that even hair roots gets sweated during summer season. This releases bad odor from hair. This makes your hair texture go awfully bad in some cases.

2) Hair Fall

For men who suffer from hair loss problems in normal seasons should take great care during summer. You hair roots and strands gets heated up which makes the root of the hair go weaker. This in turn makes hair fall even worse.

3) Greasy Hair

Greasy hair in summer is a common one faced by both men and women. So, what exactly is referred to as greasy hair? It is a tendency of hair which makes the roots and strands oily. This is because of the excess sebum produced in the roots of the hair which is predominant in summer.

4) Frizziness

Frizziness is yet other common problem in summer. When your hair becomes frizzy, it becomes completely unmanageable and spoils the beauty of the hair style you had. Frizziness can also be combined with split ends, rough and damaged hair.

Tips for Healthy Hair

Now that you have got an idea of what summer can do to your hair, here are some of the do’s and don’ts to be followed for a perfectly textured hair.

1) Avoid Coloring

Apart from hair coloring becoming a trend, it has now created a craze among men. If you are so tempted to color your hair, it is highly recommended that you postpone your hair coloring after summer. This is because you don’t have to spoil the investment you have made to your hair just because of the sun. A proper hair coloring treatment is a costliest affair. However, when it is summer, there are a number of chances that the color gets faded away easily. Also, it spoils the healthy strands of your hair thereby turning your hair weak. Hence avoid hair coloring treatment during summer in order to avoid the worst of hair problems.

2) Go for Protective Layer

Scarf and caps are the best and easiest way to avoid the excess summer heat. This stops hair fall to a higher level. Also, it prevents from any dust being formed in the roots of the hair. These dusts may get accumulated along the roots of the hair causing dandruff. By wearing cotton cover ups around the head, it avoids excess sweating in your roots of the hair.

3) Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy. Drink as much as water you can in order to maintain the natural texture of the hair. Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your hair healthy but also the whole body. It removes any dehydration in your body and keeps your hair perfectly strong. Eating fruits, vegetables and taking vitamin tablets are also some of the best ways to have a naturally healthy hair.

4) avoid too much blowing

Hair drying at high temperature is not suitable for summer days. Since high temperature generates a huge amount of heat and if the heat from blowing gets added up, it causes hair fall problems to your hair. Hence try to avoid too much of heat application to your hair during summer days. Allow your hair to dry up under natural environment.

5) Using conditioner

Using conditioner to your hair is another simple way of reducing hair problems in summer. A good conditioning product keeps your hair healthy and avoids frizziness that is caused during summer. Make a practice of using good conditioning product for better results. Natural conditioners like egg, Amla and aloe vera does wonder for summer.

6) Eat Healthy

In order to stay healthy, you should make a practice of eating healthy. Certain foods like curry leaves, amla are best known for producing healthy hair strands. Choose foods that are rich in nutrients. It is better to avoid any spicy and fried items during summer season. Follow a proper diet in order to stay healthy. Staying healthy not only keeps you internally beautiful but also externally.

Fruits and Vegetables for Summer Hair

Here are some of the fruits and vegetables that give a shining and healthy hair.

  • Carrots – Since carrots are the great source for Vitamin A, it gives you a healthy and strong scalp. Since scalp forms the base for strong growth of hair, it is highly beneficial to consume carrot as a part of daily routine.
  • Avocados – Avocados, also known as butter fruit is the central house for nutrients. Avocados act as natural moisture to the skin and hair scalp. Hence it boosts up the natural growth of hair strands in men. This fruit also has the power to reduce hair fall.
  • Oranges – Oranges are the key for superior hair growth. Oranges are packed with Vitamin C that produces collagen. Collagen helps in protecting the growth of the hair strands in dense manner. Orange can either be taken in raw form or as a juice.