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Summer beauty tips for hair care

Summer beauty tips for hair care

The summer time can be a taxing season on your body. No matter how pleasant the summer may seem your hair is sure to feel the heat more than you. Even if you do not notice it your hair is bound to suffer. Sunlight can be a good source of Vitamin D that is good for both your skin and your hair. But getting a tan can help you ruin your hair in summer as well. The amount of pollution that your hair has to deal with is enough to give you bad hair days. If you do not take extra care of your hair then your precious hair might be highly damaged. There are a few simple ways of tending to your hair in summer.

Keep it covered

Your hair cannot be damaged if you do not expose it to the sun and the pollution. Even though the sunlight is good for your hair, too much of it can damage your hair irreversibly. It is best if you do not fry your hair in the sweltering heat. Wearing a cap or a hat can help you cover your hair. Tie your hair in a bun and set it inside the hat or cap. If that is not the look that you choose then wearing a cap or hat is enough to protect the roots of your hair. You might even use a light scarf to cover your hair if a hat or cap is out of place.

But here is a little warning. If you do choose to cover up then do give your roots the time to take a breath. Keeping your hair covered for prolonged periods of time can choke your follicle. Your sweat can also accumulate and it can even cause fevers. So, when choosing to cover, always find time to let your hair down.

Keep your hair moisturized

Yes, your hair does need moisturizing. Summers cannot just be hot they can be very dry. The heat can suck all the moisture out of your hair. Leaving it dry and rough and can cause split ends and hair breakage. Here are a few ways you can moisturize your hair:

  1. Use herbal shampoos instead of chemical based shampoos. Today we see that the chemical based shampoos are use by most people. But chemicals tend to dry out the hair. This is why it is best to use aloe based or any herbal based shampoo.
  2. Using conditioners after shampoos is a must. No matter what kind of conditioner you use it is sure to lock in some of the moisture for longer.
  3. Do not use a blow drier as they tend to dry out the hair very easily. The heat should not make it too hard for you to air dry your hair. So, instead of sizzling your hair using a hair drier choose to let it dry naturally.
  4.  Use cold water instead of hot. Cold water allows your hair to remain shiny and bouncy. So the colder the water the better.

Keep your body hydrated

Summers can take a grave toll on your body if you do not keep it hydrated. Your hair is also likely to suffer if you do not keep your body hydrated. Feeling thirsty is not something that you should ignore. No matter how busy you are, take a break to hydrate as often as you can. This can be the best way of keeping not just your hair, but your body healthy.