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Grooming kit – Every men must have

Men find it engrossing to work in the outer world and they often do not pay similar attention towards their own grooming. The best thing for them is to keep a kit handy in the washroom so that they are reminded to use the kit regularly at appropriate time. The products must be chosen with care so that the skin and the body is nurtured properly with the use of this kit. Removing oil and dirt from the face should be the work of a face wash but it should not cause dryness or irritation of the skin. You must store these grooming products and pamper yourself for some time in front of the mirror. The result will be a shine free, wrinkle free and bad odor free you. You will love it as will others.

To make your everyday looks decent and sharp every day grooming tips will help you surely. Styling your hair and wearing a colorful shirt doesn’t completes the word grooming, there are certain items in the grooming kit which will full fill the word.

Grooming kit – every men must have

Shaving kit

Pacing first on the men’s grooming things is a good shaving kit with a quality razor, moisturizing shaving cream or gel, brush, mirror and the final item – after shaving lotion.

Face wash

Where ever you go, let your face wash follow you not just to carry your good looks but also to make you feel fresh and young. Get a face wash that is specially designed based on the skin type, use it twice in a day to slide the dusting layer on the face.


How great you look, the small carelessness may ruin your entire look. If you sweat excess never leave your underarms as they are, use a good quality deodorant to make you smell good and to keep yourself fresh. Choose your deodorants that are not labeled with alcohol inorder to protect your skin from the residues.


If you have that forehead center with no space in between the eye brows! There goes your bonus beauty points in the air. Make them clean and get a fine shape don’t run for the perfect shape it will be too girly. Just remove those extra hairs that are meeting in the center. To remove the eye brow hair tweezer is the handy tool that every can afford. Before plucking them out, wet your eye brows to continue in a pain less state.

Anti-fungal powder

How would you feel if a person is itching in the body in the midst of an important meeting! if you don’t want some one to feel in that way sprinkle your body with anti-fungal powder. It will keep you dry.

Body wash

If perfume is not your choice then an ideal body wash can set your body fragrance. After the shower follow up with a good moisturizer which can holds the place of a perfume odor to keep you fresh all the day long.

Moisturizing cream

Yet another important item of the men’s grooming kit is a best moisturizing cream or lotion that is added with the qualities of sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays and from the changing weather.

Hair grooming

A comb sitting in your back pocket helps you many times in a day, if you concentrate more on your hair carry a gel or cream along with the comb to stylize your hair when ever your want with in just minutes.

Mouth wash

Not just the external looks but the proper hygiene is too important, when it comes to oral hygiene the importance goes more than the vital. Brush your teeth for two times a day, if you smell excess than the usual then a bottle of mouth wash will help you in every precious moment.

Razor and other shaving items for that chiseled look

You must keep an electric trimmer or shaver for shaving at home. You must also have a personal barber and visit him regularly to maintain the look of your hair. If you are sporting a beard then you should also visit the salon for keeping the trimmed look. There are shaving gels or creams that you must keep at home for that day when you do not find time to go out for shaving. Make sure you keep your shaving area well lighted and use a big mirror for this job. This will change your face to that desired efficient look.

Brushing teeth and cleaning face

You must also have a good toothbrush. Electrical ones are good as they give the right motion to clean more plaques than the manual ones. The paste should be chosen with care and you must also choose a foam face wash or any other type of facewash that will clean the oil that was deposited on your face overnight. Your face will look clean and crisp. Find some flosses for your teeth and a rinse to clean the inner part of your mouth. All these products should be from good company and you must make sure you stock them before these are finished completely.

Face and eyes need more care

You will need a face pack to tighten your face once in a month. You can also use this pack for cleaning the pores of your face and wipe off the tired look. Use some under eye cream for removing the black patches from the area under your eyes. A day cream for your face and a night cream at night will also help you look younger. Your facial skin will remain more elastic with this extra care. Your lips are the next part of your face. You can use a good lip balm for moisturizing them. You can also use some exfoliating scrub at the weekends to clean your face. You must buy a SPF 20 sunscreen to apply before going out into the sun.

Hair products that work well for you

Select a shampoo, conditioner and hair gel for your hair. You can use organic shampoo or herbal ones as per your choice. You will need special shampoo if you color your hair. Some also want to use pomade or waxes for the hair and if you use these ingredients then you must find if they suit your skin type. Hair sprays will keep your thinning hair in their place and if your hair is thick then you must make sure the barber cuts it so that you do not have to deal with tousled hair at every corner of your life. Conditioner must be used after you shampoo your hair. Choose the right conditioner that will nurture your scalp and will not dry your hair roots or clog them.

There are some lotions that will care for your scalp. Some men with thinning hair also use these lotions. Others use lotions so that they can stop the hair falls. If you are one who needs such medicinal care for your scalp or hair roots, you must keep them handy in your grooming kit.

Bathing and cleaning your body is an art

You will need a lot of personal things for bathing or soaking yourself in the scented water for some time. You will need clean towels of different sizes and you will need shower caps. Choose a good soap or a shower gel for cleaning your body. There are antibacterial soaps or soaps that prevent oil to gather on your face. You can use liquid soaps that are not scented and some aromatic oils to pour in your bath and soak your tiredness in them. You can use some oil to spread on your body once a week before taking a bath. These will also smooth out the irate or stressed nerves within your body.

Care for your feet and hands

You can go to a salon and get a manicure or pedicure once or twice a month. The rest of time you will have to clip your nails by your nail clipper. Keep a good manicure set handy. You must cut the nails and then clean the cuticles and soften and brush the edges of the nails that are not cut properly. Feet nails often get longer and you must cut them with care. You can soak your feet into some hot water and brush off with pumice stone to get rid of dead cells. The last thing that you must do is apply some moisturizer to your hands and feet before retiring for the day. You must do this and then find a supple and clean looking hands and feet at the beginning of the day.

Manscape properly with the shavers designed for this work

You will find that you need to trim your pubic hairs too. You will appreciate this in your partner and you would want to do the same. This activity has become popular with men for sometime now and is not considered to be girlish. You would like to trim and keep the growth tidy. There are shavers that are shaped to work on the nether area and you can buy them for this job. Make sure you keep it separate so that you don’t confuse it with your regular shaving device.