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Genital problems in men

Genital problems in men

Male genital problems and also injuries happen easily because the penis and scrotum are not build up with bones. They may occur during sports like baseball, soccer etc, during some recreational activities such as mountain biking and so on. Some work based tasks including exposing to skin irritating chemicals.

The health of the penis is extremely important. If it suffers, then men can experience a host of health problems, relationship problems, etc. Penis problems can also harm your self-confidence and also your ability to reproduce. Particularly since the penis is not protected by bones, it can easily experience lots of problems. Here are some of the genital problems experienced by men.

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is one of the common cancer in men. It mostly strikes the men between the age 15 to 35 years old. Growth in the testicles or scrotum doesn’t mean that you are having testicular cancer. Formation of a lump inside the testicle is a big sign to identify this cancer. This lump does not associate with pain.

Torsion of a testicle

Torsion of a testicle is a condition where a testicle go twist over the spermatic cord that it leads to blood supply blockage to the testicle. It is an emergency condition to take care.

Erection problem

Erection problem occurs due to the injury of blood vessels which helps to transmit blood to penis. Not in all the cases this problem generates erectile dysfunction. For some men it is a medical emergency and does not calm down naturally.

Kidney stones

The stones formed from the minerals exist in the urine are called kidney stones. These stones are hard in nature and do not develop pain when they remain in the kidney but when they start travel from kidney through the narrow tubes to reach the body there occurs a severe pain.


If the urethra is not extended up to the tip of penis then it is called Hypospadias. It is considered as one of the common birth defect.

Sebaceous cyst

A cyst developed at the outer layer of the scrotum skin and is filled up with a substance that is in the nature of greasy is called sebaceous cyst.

Undescended testicles

Undescended testicles or cryptorchidism is a condition occurs when one or both of the testicles are not moved down into scrotum.

Scrotal problems

The problems included with scrotal are the formation of fluid around one or both of the testicles or it is also observed as an enlargement of vein in the scrotum. Though these problems are minor and don’t gives rise to pain they must be treated under the guidance of a doctor.


Infections may occur at any vicinity of the genitals including: At testicles – Orchitis, The urethra – Urethritis, The bladder – cystitis, The epididymis – epididymitis, The prostate- Prostatitis, at the genital area – Fournier’s gangrene, at the head of the penis. There are chances for the infection to occur under the foreskin which is called balanitis, a hair follicle or deeper abscess in the scrotum which may adds up the testicles, urethra or epididymis.


The development of ring worm or yeast infections leads to rashes in the groin part. These rashes can be treated easily at home. Some rashes represent a sign of STI-Sexually Transmitted Infection. So do not have sexual activity with your partner until you got evaluated by a doctor.

Sexually transmitted infections

The penis can be affected by various sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, and the like. The signs and symptoms include penile discharge, painful urination, blisters or sores on the penis or in the genital area.

Peyronie’s disease

When abnormal scar tissues are developed inside the tissue of the penis, then it is known as Peyronie’s disease. This might result in painful or bent erections.

Penis fracture

Even though this is a rare condition, it can occur when there is trauma to the penis. During erection if the penis is bent forcefully or suddenly, the lining in one of the cylinders in the penis that is responsible for erections can be ruptured. This could occur during masturbation or sexual intercourse. A penis fracture can be an extremely painful injury.

Retrograde ejaculation

In this case, the semen enters the bladder unlike the normal release of the semen through the penis during orgasm. Even you reach sexual climax, little or no semen is ejaculated. This is known as dry orgasm. Even though this condition is not harmful, it can cause infertility in males.

Male genital dysaesthesia

This is a condition, which can be described as a sensation of heat, burning, irritation, increased sensitivity to touch or discomfort of the foreskin, penis or scrotum. Some men with genital dysaesthesia find it difficult to sit down or even wear underpants. The symptoms may interrupt sleep, sexual function or be very stressful. The genital area may appear redder than usual.

Male papillomavirus

The men, who suffer from male papillomavirus, do not show any symptoms. The only problem they face is that of the appearance of genital warts. These warts maybe cauliflower shaped, raised or even flat.

Inguinal hernia

This condition occurs in people when a small portion of their bowel enters the groin through the inguinal canal. This causes pain or a burning sensation in the groin or the scrotum.

Sexual dysfunction

If you are suffering from diabetes, it could result in artery and nerve damage in the genital area. Smoking, drinking, etc. can cause this problem.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes can occur due to the transmission of sexual diseases while indulging in sexual intercourse. In men, it can cause sores on the penis. It is a sexually transmitted disease, which when goes untreated, can result in serious problems for the person.

Male Genital Lymphedema

The symptoms of Male Genital Lymphedema include infertility, the loss of sexual function, and the like. The other complications include fungal infection, skin rashes, and social stigma.


This condition may result in the presence of blood in the semen. This may even be the result of a non-infectious pathology.

Scrotal oedema

This can result in inguinal, perineal, scrotal or penile swelling. It can be a result of insect bites on the penis.


If you are unable to retract the foreskin to glans, then it is called phimosis. This condition can occur as a result of a penile injury.


This condition occurs when there are persistently painful erections. It may result in urinary retention in case it is not treated on time.

Phthirus Pubis

This condition is when there are lice in the pubic area. It can be the result of sexual intercourse with a person, who is already suffering from this condition.

Penile pearls

The growth of a semi-mucous membrane on the penis is known as a penile pearl. The condition results in blotches on the penis, which are conical or semi-spherical.

Bowenoid Papulosis

The condition results in brown-grey papillae on the penis. It is a sexually transmitted disease that can be visually diagnosed.

Queyrat Erythroplasia

It is not yet known whether this condition is a sexually transmitted disease. However, it can result in erosive lesions and shiny plaques on the penis.

Fibroepithelial Polyp

This condition can result in lesions on the skin of the penis. It could either be a benign polyp or a carcinogenic one.

Urethra Ectropion

Reddish nodules appear on the penis of the person, who is suffering from urethra ectropion. Mild haematuria is also caused sometimes.

Reverse acne in the perigenital region

Small blisters and lesions appear on the penis of the person, who suffers from this condition.

Inflammatory Balanus Ulcer

The penis of the person, who suffers from this condition, is highly inflamed.


The prepuce and the balanus of the penis of the person suffering from this condition show multiple lesions.

Pyogenic Granuloma

Red nodules, which are soft in texture, appear on the penis of the person, who is suffering from pyogenic granuloma.


Those men, who are suffering from gonorrhoea, feel pain when they urinate and get a foul smelling discharge from the penis.


Initially, a hard sore called the chancre appears on the penis of the person suffering from syphilis. In the next stage, a reddish brown rash appears on the surface of the penis. In case this condition goes untreated, it can result in paralysis, blindness, dementia, and sometimes, even death.


The person, who is suffering from trichomoniasis, gets a feeling of irritation on the penis or a burning sensation after they ejaculate or urinate.

Behcet disease

The person, who is suffering from Behcet disease, gets painful ulcers on the penis and also experience genital pain. In case this condition goes untreated, it can result in serious problems for the person.

Molluscum contagiosum

This condition is characterised by the appearance of small papules on the penis. This is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause serious problems in case it goes untreated.

Penile intraepithelial neoplasia

You would be able to find lesions on the penis of the person suffering from penile intraepithelial neoplasia. There are red plaques on the penis apart from lesions in the person, who suffers from this condition.