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Fun things for new dads

Fun Things For New Dads

Becoming a dad for the first time in your life can be both exciting as well as exhausting. However, it is also a time to enjoy yourself with your newly born baby. Moreover, since the mother of the child might be feeling overwhelmed after the birth of the child, they need to be given a break. While mothers usually bond over nursing their children, it is important that fathers bond with their babies too. Here is a rundown of fun things to do for new dads.

Talk about nature

Your new-born may be too young to comprehend what nature walks are but you can definitely talk to her about nature and the magic of preserving it. Children are easily influenced by their parents even if they are quite young. In fact, you must already be aware that children are said to be able to hear and understand whatever you tell them when they are inside the womb. So, when they are outside the womb too, the message would reach them and when they grow up, they would do their best to preserve nature. So, take your baby for a stroll off the road once in a while or simply talk to him or her every day about nature.


Dance with your baby since he or she would love to move his or her body. Hold your baby on your hips or shoulders and dance around the entire room. If you want, you can put on some music or even sing to him or her. This is a great way for dads to burn some of those extra calories. In fact, this is one of the best ways to bond with your newly born child. Alternatively, you can dance and let him or her watch you. Besides, who wouldn’t want to watch their baby giggle with joy? Besides, dancing with your child on your shoulders would make your wife love you more for all the care and attention you are giving your baby.

Baby games

Get your baby to roll on the floor unless he or she is a brand new infant. Make fun sounds and let your baby enjoy every moment with you. Rotate your baby gently and do not forget to make funny noises so that he or she will giggle after hearing them. It is an incredibly sneaky and yet easy way to make him or her get some tummy time! This game is also known as super-baby. However, there is no dearth of games that you can introduce your child to. Playing with him or her all day long is one of the best ways to bond with your child. If you want to see that look of wonder on your baby’s face, hold a stuffed toy before him or her and speak in a squeaky voice.

Read out to your baby

Try reading out a book to your little baby. You will be happy you did when he or she grows up since it can establish a pattern you will love later on. Research shows that reading books out aloud to your baby will help them get an early kick-start in life that will make him or her want to read more as he or she grows up. However, make it a point to read out colourful books to him or her since your baby can only understand the language of colours and sounds in his or her infancy. Besides, reading is one good habit that your baby must cultivate after he or she grows up.

Picture this

If you are a good photographer, you must make it a habit to click the photographs of your child sleeping, eating or performing some other activity. Some of the most precious moments would be your child looking into her mommy’s eyes as she coos to her. As you preserve all those photographs, you would be able to cherish every moment you spent with your child in the future. Make sure you also take enough photographs of yourself holding your baby or cuddling him or her. You would find happiness in spending some quality time with your little bundle of joy and you would also find yourself falling in love with him or her over and over again the moment you look at the photographs later on.

Take some time

“Take the time to be a dad,” asserts the slogan of the Fatherhood site created by the American government and it is true. Since every moment you spend with your loved one is precious, you should make it a point to give him or her the gift of your time. Also, make it a point to enjoy special days such as Father’s Day with your child since he or she will cherish the moments you spent and give you gifts when he or she grows up. You could even watch your kid being silly and laugh. Enjoy watching your kid being himself or herself. Be patient. Be gentle and always be there for him or her and someday, your kid will thank you for it. Hold your baby in your arms and gently hum songs into her ears.


Take your baby shopping and watch him or her giggle with joy. Get him or her bathtubs, cribs, toys, car seats, and even baby monitors. See to it that you make a shopping list of all the items you want for your baby before shopping. Instead of letting your wife do the shopping, try shopping yourself this time. Also, if your wife is in postnatal confinement, you should not allow her to do the shopping. Get your baby a toy train and watch him or her smile with happiness and joy. There is nothing more precious than watching your baby smile or giggle. Did you always want one of those monster trucks or toy motorbikes? Get it for your child even if you could not get it for yourself when you were a child. Also, make sure you do not get the same old things for your baby time and again. Get him or her something new for a change.