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Fun and Romantic things to do in first date for men

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“Date” now a day’s most commonly used word in the world, Supreme Court officially announced that “People can love each other and live each other without marriage”, but the unfortunate thing this people who don’t know the meaning of “Date” are the most who are in “Date” now.

This date can be categorized into several ways; before know them and start our journey let us know healthy meaning of “Date”.
In a simple way date is defines as “A type of initial meeting between two individuals to set a sweet and loving relation”, but now a days it is like a meet without proper understanding and if it results in bad experience killing themselves innerly by saying “Don’t cry for a person who’s left you, the next one may fall for your smile”.

Now let’s see what are tricks and tips to follow when you are in “Date”, particularly for Girls.

  • A first Date can be many things, most importantly; every single first date you go on could be a potential opportunity to meet the love of your life, the one you could probably spend the rest of your life with!
  • Try to impress a guy and make him to ask for a date, that is nothing but you’ve definitely done something right already, and that’s a good start too.
  • I don’t think so the first date differs from the any of the conversations you and the guy may have had earlier.
  • So plan it accordingly and be careful over a date because it’s not only a first step but also a serious move to know each other more than before.

Let’s see some date tips for a dazzle date (For Girls)

  • Firstly make him to ask for a date which helps you to know how much love he has on you.
  • Don’t leave all the decisions to him, plan and play accordingly so that he should not get an idea that you are depended on him; make him to take decision after having a discussion with you.
  • Start with a Good dress to impression.
  • As everyone say “First Impression is the best Impression” so start with a good dress which will attract and make a complete attention of that guy to you.
  • Make sure that you had make up which make you to be beautiful. Give a little touch up to your face which helps you to show more pretty.
  • Use a perfume liberally on your neck, your cleavage, your palms and the back of your neck, but don’t try to douse yourself into it.
  • Before Date do basic hygiene, like brush your hair, brush your teeth, apply deodorant, and check your breath
  • Be polite and try to understand the person and don’t even try to hurt him by saying rude and mean things.
  • Talk very little and don’t talk by opening your full mouth.

Guys will love when a girl shows genuine interest in their life, so don’t just sit back and answer questions like you’re in an interview. Ask him a few questions now and then or even ask him to elaborate further about something he mentions.

Keep always smile and laugh

A guy can be inspired by smiling and laughing wholeheartedly. It will make him believe that he is the king of humor world.

Try to make the conversation two sided

Don’t ask stupid questions or personal questions, but keep the conversation moving back and forth between you two.

If you’re going to dinner, try to avoid food with a lot of onion or garlic. Nothing is more distracting than bad breath!

If you are ready, just give him a hug and kiss while leaving which will be an awkward moment at the end of the date.

The way you say goodbye to the guy at the end of the date can make all the difference in the way the guy remembers the happy ending for ever.

Finally you need to remember “Don’t Date with person who is more beautiful, Date with the one who makes your world so beautiful and colorful too”.

Most men plan a movie and some dinner for their first date or settle for some variation of the same. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this dating strategy. However, even though it is tried and tested, it can get really boring. A good first date should allow for some conversation, fun, and a little bit of adventure. Make sure that you also take the interests of your date into consideration before taking her on a first date. Here are a few fun and romantic things for men to do on their very first date.


Bowling maybe an old school dating idea but it is sure to strike her heart and bowl her over. Of course, you could take her for some French fries after that so that you can converse for some time with her and get to know her even better. Moreover, if you ask the restaurateur to light some candles for the two of you, it would become a romantic candle-lit dinner. However, before doing this, make sure she is comfortable with your idea of taking her out on a bowling date.


Find out what outdoorsy activity your woman enjoys the most before taking her out on that first date. Exploring the outdoors is one of the best dating ideas. In fact, taking a stroll with her through picturesque fields would make her feel most comfortable. Moreover, it costs absolutely nothing. So, you can rest assured that there won’t be any debates on splitting the bill. Also, make sure you check the weather forecast before stepping out. If it is going to rain, you could bring your umbrella along with you and share it with her.


Aquariums are not just for school kids. You can also enjoy a trip to the aquarium on your first date. The two of you can walk at leisure while surveying the aquatic life around you and you will find that even that fishy silence between the two of you isn’t at all distracting.

Comic con or a gig

You can take your woman to a comic con and ask her to dress up as her favourite superhero or simply take her to a gig. However, if it is not your personality to go to highbrow shows such as these, it would not be better to take your woman on a first date to a gig.

Sports event

When you both attend a sports event together, you could get the opportunity to chat up with each other. You can even think of things you would like to say to her while you watch the match. Instead of wondering whether you could have taken her on a date somewhere else, try grabbing some snacks, beer, and get caught up in all the fun. Of course, there is a caveat to this – if you are not a sports aficionado, it would be better to go for some other fun activity since it would otherwise not likely secure you another date with your woman.

Play tourist

Instead of wondering whether it is a good idea to take your woman around your own city, why not try and see your city from the perspective of a tourist for once? People generally tend to take their own cities for granted. However, if you take your woman on a first date around the city, she will be impressed you did something different.

Stand-up comedy

The best way to impress your woman is not taking her out on a brunch or simply giving her a bunch of flowers and taking her out on a restaurant date but taking her out to a stand-up comedy show. Laughing together is one of the best things you could do on your first date. Also, remember not to try doing your own show, even if you are a self-proclaimed comic genius.

Try out a new cuisine

Instead of going for the same old foods time and again during your first date, consider going for a new cuisine. Of course, do not go for foods that will not cause your stomach to bloat or become filled with gas. Make sure you do your research before taking her out on a date, where you plan to introduce a new cuisine to her.

Rock climbing

Unless you are a professional rock climber, preferably do not try this out on your first date with her. Alternatively, ask a coach to help the two of you out so that you can make it interesting. Raise the stakes by telling your woman that the winner gets a kiss.


This idea is not as bad or weird as it sounds. Take your woman to the nearest pier and begin fishing. Besides, you would find that you have plenty of time to talk to each other and get to know each other better. Plus, a lot of men love those women who don’t mind getting a little dirty.

Paint some pottery

Take your woman to one of the pottery stores, where you could paint some pottery together. This is an excellent opportunity to be funny or creative – depending on what you want her to think. If you are feeling a little flirty, try painting the pottery in such a way that the message goes home.

Workout together

Well, there is nothing like working out together on a first date, especially if the two of you are fitness freaks. Even though not many women prefer to date a sweaty guy, when both of you workout together, it could be a great opportunity to get to know each other better.


Make her enjoy your time with her as much as possible. Make your first date with her as memorable as possible. Take photographs of the special moments you spent with her so that you can remember this day forever. Who knows? Maybe she will even offer to go on a second date with you after that. So, have the best time of your lives together on your very first date.