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Friend Zone Signs – Am I in the Friend Zone

Definition of Friend Zone

Two words every guy dreads to hear, or even think about, for that matter, are ‘friend zone’! It is that mythical area in a relationship between a man and woman where one member considers the other a friend and nothing more, while the other member wants him/her to have feelings that are more amorous.

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Friend Zone Signs for Guys

If you have a friend you’re crushing on, and there are absolutely no signs of reciprocation from her side, well, you may be in the friend zone.

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How Do You Know If You’re in the Friend Zone

Listed below are some of the telltale signs that would point towards your being stuck in the friend zone, give it a read and if you can relate with a few of them, move on to someone else as your cookie isn’t going to crumble with your crush.

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  • Talking about her hookups – If she talks about her crushes with you, it means that she considers you a good friend, good enough to be discussing such stuff with you. It may be painful for you even to listen about whom she has been turning it on with, and the fact that she still expects you to, is a pointer to the fact that you are deep in the friend zone with little hope of getting out.
  • Theoretically hooking you up with other women – If it has ever happened where the two of you are hanging out, and she points out other women to you asking if you like them or not, then she definitely considers you a friend.
  • Her family know and adore you – If her family members know you and love you, the chances are that she does not consider you anything more than a friend, which is exactly why she has told them about you in the first place.

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  • You carry her shopping bags – There cannot be a worse feeling than having to carry you crush’s shopping bags. And the fact that she cannot be less bothered about your feelings in this regard, maybe she might not be the girl you should be crushing on.
  • You are the shoulder – If she cries on your shoulders after her breakups, then it is not going to happen for you. If she’d been into you, she would not be opening up about her failures with such ease.
  • You keep doing favors – If you are regularly doing your crush favors without getting as much as a ‘thanks’ in return, you’re hopelessly entrenched in the friend zone. If she had a smidgen of interest in you, she would not have had you running her errands.

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  • The ‘other’ person – If you are having a hard time hanging out just with your crush-friend because she keeps bringing a third person into the fray, chances are she considers you only a friend. Had that not been the case, she would have tried spending some quality alone time with you.
  • She’s comfortable around you – In most cases, this would have been a good sign, but here her lack of fidgeting and nervousness indicates that there are no butterflies in her stomach when she is with you. Had she had any romantic inclinations whatsoever, she would have been more cautious, however little, about her looks and ways, in general.
  • She considers you her ‘bestie’ – For you, being considered her friend is bad enough, but to be considered her ‘best friend’ should be the last nail in that friend zone coffin. If she introduces you to someone as, ‘he’s my best friend,’ it’s time for you to accept your fate.

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Now that you have gone through some of the more obvious signs that imply that she just wants to be friends, evaluate your situation well and if necessary, either move on to greener pastures or just accept things the way they are.