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Foods to cut the belly fat in men

Are you looking for the food which can break down the belly fat and helps you to offer the lower middle. Then try these food items which are available lull in the home or in a grocery store and are safe utterly.

Foods to cut the belly fat in men
Fresh peers

The low calorie and rich fiber contained fresh peers works active in losing the weight. Take one pears and eat it before you are going to hit the meals. Pears reduces the appearance of belly fat through the presence of its antioxidants: flavonoids and catechins.

Pop corn

Whole grain works well from stopping the formation of the fat in the belly where as the refined grains encourages the fat and fills the belly with the fat content. So try to opt the whole grains, especially  pop corn while you are hungry. It is necessary to keep the White rice, bread and pasta at low stock in your kitchen for the better belly.

Chilled potatoes

Potatoes which are kept in the refrigerator for the whole night are framed with resistant starch crystals. It is a constituent of fiber which triggers the production of two hunger-stopping hormones.These resistant starch crystals are helpful for the lowering the fat cells in the body.


The very tasty peanuts helps to cut the fat though they are packed with the calories. Pea nuts are the houses of healthy fats which burn fast in comparison with the less healthy fats that are present in desserts, creams, cookies and chips.

Sunflower seeds

Spread them in the salads and mix them with soup, combine with yogurt and punch with the sandwiches for nutty crunchy taste. Sunflower seeds are the rich sources of the healthy mono saturated fats, which play a unique and beneficial role of stopping the waist from the widening.


Drinking the white tea extract perks for the treatment of the fat. In a study it was proved that human cells absorb 70% less fat when given with white tea extract in comparison to the cells not given. The same tea is the perfect cutter of fat that is standing in the cells.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, which looks simple is having the property to burn fat. With the presence of acetic acid in the vinegar, it breakdowns the fat and simultaneously inhibit the stored fat.

Safflower oil

Are you tired off working with belly fat practices! then you need to follow this for sure. The omega-6 fatty acid called linoleic acid which is present in the safflower oil is the ideal way to treat the fat in belly. And in a study, it was appeared that people who took a tablespoon of safflower oil are benefited with the lowering of belly fat.


Taking caring about diet is the starting plan to get rid off the fat belly, but performing the exercises to the needy will be the exact breaker of your fat. One can get the results in lull with the daily practice of exercises.