Foods that fix the men’s health

Foods that fix the men’s health

Q. High fat contained pastries chocolate puddings and calorie based cookies, cakes will offer a feel of pleasure while they are melting in the mouth but they those will give only an instant pleasure and happiness but run for the long time.

A.Eat the round flax seeds daily a pinch amount, It contains of healthy fat and alphalinolenic acid which improves the cerbral cortex function and also the brain area that process any kind of sensory information along with pleasure. Start using it in dressing the fruit and vegetable salads, milk smoothies, shakes and cereals.

 Q. Fast foods are the great preservatives of calories, they includes heavy calories to the body than the regular calories in a day. Studies also proved that fast foods like burgers, noodles and pizza’s will increase our calorie bucket.

A.Try to control yourself, limit the eating to a single burger or to a single sandwich. Stop ordering more than that and add water, sugarless tea, fat free coffee or diet soda as a beverage. By limiting your self to less quantity will no more hike the calories.

 Q. For the growth of muscle and its strongness raw materials are to be added adequate. 

A.Whole eggs, wild salmon, fish oil, yogurt, berries, mixed nuts, spinach, red meat, virgin olive oil, flax seeds, broccoli, oats, tomatoes, oranges, carrots, apples, milk products and green tea contains the proteins and nutriets for strenthening the muscles.

Q.Due to the testosterone level drop muscle strength is not constant, it takes a long time for us quench back the full strength.

A. Prefer the food contained with vitamins C and E, they will repair  the damage of the muscles and also fight the free radical molecules. You can get them in broccoli and peppers. With these two vitamins addition to the diet they slow down the carbohydrates digestion and increase the quality of proteins.

Q.Arthritis problem knocks don’t knocks the smaller ages but the damage is in the process.

A. People who are went for joint replacement surgery will have the cartilage eating enzymes, These enzymes can be reduced by adding the fish oils. Get it through cold water fishes and salmon.

Q. Working or outing in the sunlight will reflects its harmful ultra violet rays by which the chance to skin cancer also increases.

A. As a preventive method consume two sweet potatoes in a week, it will offers betacarotene and minimizes the skin cancer risk factor.

Q. As like the passing age our muscles also shrinks from healthy to skinny, we can protect this losing problem by the good intake of high quality proteins and nutrients.

 A. To decrease this shrinking problem don’t use the over weights in the exercise periods and take good calorie amount.

Q. Eye sight effects every age, major cause is lack of lutein – a carotenoid found in plant foods. It prevents our retina tissues from the damaging risk.

A. Eat two servings of leafy vegetables on each day. Consider one serving to be as a half cup cooked Spinach or Broccoli or sprouts.

Foods containing low sugars and rich proteins improves the metabolism rate. Have them with regular breaks rather than consuming heavy amount at a single time. By this way, fats will burn regularly and sugar levels are also at dull.

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