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Best foods for men to keep cool in this hot summer

Best foods for men to keep cool in this hot summer

When the summer heat is up in the full swing during the particular season with mercury heading north, you must get suggestion from doctor about the special summer diet. This would basically consist of lights as well as healthy food. You will feel really hot once you are consuming the spicy food items. Thus, consuming something light and healthy would keep your body and mind cool in summer. According to one of the famous dietician working in one of the famous hospitals, the fluids consisting of electrolytes such as lemonade and coconut water will be preferable during the summer. Avoiding oily food will be another essential fact.

Vegetables with high content of water

According to the Omega 3 council of India, the vegetables that has high content of water such as cucumber, onions, tomatoes must be consumed on a regular basis during the summer season. Apart from providing a cooling effect in the body, it will also retain the nutrition.

Food for meat lovers

There is a group of people in the society who cannot consume meal without consuming meat at all. Even for them there are some delicious alternatives. These alternatives include red meat roast, fried chicken as well as grilled fish. Since these have high amount of fatty acids, it helps in regulating blood pressure and create a wonderful immune function as well as liver function.

Some beneficial food items for summer season


There is a tendency of many men to develop acne during the summer season. But, after consuming Apricot, you will develop fibre, iron, potassium and vitamin C. This can be regarded as post or pre workout snacks.


Corn is regarded as good source of pantotenic acid which also provides vitamin B that helps in reduce the stress level. You can either roast the corn or boil it and consume it during the summer season for a wonderful and cooling effect. It also lovers the cholesterol level in the body during the summer season.

Curd and Yogurt

People staying in south India consume curd and Yogurt on a regular basis as the climatic condition is extremely hot. People consume curd just after having their meal. It is much more nutritious as compared to ice-cream which contains fats and preservatives. It helps you stay healthy and fit all the time. If you are suffering from ulcer, this will help providing soothing effect around the ulcer affected area.


If the mangoes available at your home are unripe, you can easily steam it peel it and mix the same with the cumin seeds. Add some salt for better taste.  This will be an effective remedy for the heat strokes and other types of exhaustions in summer climate.


Liquids and juices will be always preferred by people during the summer season. This can be a wonderful way to go away from the hot and temperate climatic condition. You will get energy to work after consuming the juices during the afternoon and morning sunlight view.