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How to reduce cholesterol in men?

How to reduce cholesterol in men?

Getting cholesterol has become quite common today due to excessive change of lifestyle.  But, people are really cautious to become fit and fine throughout their life. Cholesterol and its impact on human body is an important fact to discover. If we take the positive side, it is a particular compound that helps in improving communication between cells and repairs the cell membrane. People also get advantage of the production of hormones with the boosting effect of testosterone and Libido. Cholesterol is mostly produced in the liver of individuals. Yet very small amount of cholesterol is released from the rest of the body parts.

Role of exercise in reducing cholesterol

Exercise plays an important role in stimulating enzymes of an individual’s body which in turn helps stimulating enzymes and moves LDL directly to the liver. It also helps in improving the size of the protein which can be termed as lipo protein.

Food that helps in reducing cholesterol in men


It is one of the citrus food items that helps trapping the cholesterol in your body before it enters into the blood stream of an individual. Since the orange have the fiber content, it is really very beneficial for cholesterol reduction in a male personality. Simply drinking the orange juice will not be enough. Rather, you must chew it appropriately so that the benefits of the fiber can be realized.

Pistachino nuts

According to a study in the year 2008, if a person keeps on munching few nuts for a period of one month, his would actually help in reducing LDL cholesterol for all those who have been suffering from elevated blood pressure.  Since the nuts are filled with great source of phytoserols that helps in stopping dietary cholesterol; this helps in a wonderful way in reducing the cholesterol level as well as the heart disease.

Beans and lentils

These are also an excellent source of fiber which is having solubility and can be treated as great for heart. You can prepare any meal and incorporate the same into the meal. This is also a low fat substitute which can be replaced with the animal protein.


Many people also consume sardines which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help in lowering of LDL cholesterol. If you are having some problem with inflammation in your body, these sardines can easily reduce that inflammation.

One group of people are really confused about the role of exercise in reducing the level of cholesterol. But, if you want to get the effectiveness, you must concentrate on both exercise as well as dietary changes. The studies have also proved important facts about the effects of exercise alone. There will be great evaluation between person consuming only dietary supplement and the one who adopts both diet as well as exercise. Even according to the researchers, the involvement of the activities is also greatly deduced in this regard.

Stimulation of enzymes takes place just with the help of exercise. This will in turn improve your LDL from blood.