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Few things you never say about your ex

Each and every person have a unique life style, his/her  life style may or may not matches you, so, ever don’t talk about their life style infront of your friends or others. Don’t say he is a bad or cheap person. Never complain about his financial status or the way he uses money. Let us see some other things you shouldn’t have to say.

She made mistakes too

If you have to face a situation that is involving you and your ex, face it. If some pinches on a topic where you and your girl friend have spent a good time, take it in a general way. Don’t go with over emotions or happiness, it will strike your new girl friend and gives a though that whether he completely moved on or not. On the same, take a deep breath and say about the bad that she have done with you.

Though you still love her

Break-up means doesn’t mean forgetting everything in a day or night about your ex-boy/girl friend and their memories, it takes time. Amidst don’t say to some one that am still loving her/him it will increase the time to heal your break-up. Show it fake until to achieve it. Change it to ” We had a good time and i wish for the best always” even if you don’t want to say it up.

Spreading makes you fool

Well, don’t discuss or argue about the bad things with any one that were done by your ex. Don’t create a cheap impression before others. It may reflects you a question, if he/ she is a jerk then why did you stay for those many months or years. And then think about the clues that you lost in your past relation  which has given to jump out from that living and bridge the new relation carefully.

What they think about you!

If you have stared sharing the terrible stories one after the another, think about what your friends and current boy friend are thinking about you!

How much your parents loved him/her

When you take your new boy friend/ girl friend to your parents, don’t compare her with your previous one. Don’t let her know about how much love your parents showered on your ex. This gives the person a kind of nervous feeling and may uplift a question that would i fix here.

Zip your mouth for the better 

If you have complaints about your new boy friend/girl friend about their way of treating you, don’t broadcast the things that made by your ex like the way she surprised or gifted you the great. For the new relationship sake don’t express them with amazing emotions, it annoys your present one.

Don’t explore the mystics

Another thing you don’t need to say about your ex is about his/her promises, family, childhood and financial status. Don’t explore them at any cost infront of your new relation because these are interpreted to you by the trust. If you say about those things it is nothing but killing the promises and hitting trust. Keeping those promises on is the best way to lead your life.