Few things women really love to hear

Few things women really love to hear

The mystic that has been opened since decades to impress her and to get her compassion utterly is all done by expressing your deep feelings similar to the below lines! check them and make your love life more stronger.

You are gorgeous

There are majorly three things in the world of women through which they don’t live happily. They are probably a colorful wardrobe, good food and hearty compliments. She always like to hear about how does she looks, how is her attitude, her figure, her clothing, accessories, professionalism at work, cooking etc.

You are my first women

This line enthralls every women and she assure that he is one woman men and not moving from one girl friend to another one. It gives more trust and works good for the long run relation. Say it only if you feel but not to flatter, so that she will never raises any questions. When she convinced with that line she turns free from all her insecurities.

You will be a nurturing mother

Most women think to have kids at the same time they doubt themselves that whether they would be a good mother or not. Saying this line melts her thoughts that are running in the mind – particularly when her man ponders that she is having all the qualities of a good mother. It will expresses your commitment towards your women and your hopes to bring kids.

You can read my mind

This single line makes her to stand in the clouds, she feel like he is entirely belongs to him and that’s why she had predicted about his thoughts and opinion. When ever you tell that ‘you can read my mind’ before telling the things to her, it gives a confidence to her. Whether it is a favorite dish or buying a gift that you wanted to buy yourself. If she convince with that she is knows you more than you, she prepare herself to give more than you expect.

You are my best buddy

Do you want to express her that you are loving her not due to because of her figure or glamour. Then say you are not just love to my life but you are my best buddy. It will increase the couple emotional bonding and sure it boost up her ego.

Whats your opinion

Ask her opinion in small things like the attire you wear or the big things like which car should we buy. Taking  her opinions ensures that you respect her feelings and thoughts. If you have any doubts, keep it in mind that women love to express their feelings and views what ever they know about. So, give her complete time to interpret about the views, let her feel like she is the master in that.

Am really lucky to have you

If she is really the one that you dreamt for being the love in your life and wanted her for your entire life! express her you are feeling lucky with her presence with you. let her know probably you have been single if she is not there. Expressing this will makes you a true gentleman in her thoughts. Tell her your life is awesome only because she in that.

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