How to recover from sunstroke quickly?

How to recover from sunstroke quickly?

How to recover from sunstroke quickly?

Heat can take away large quantities of moisture from your body. It can even cause mineral imbalance. When such a thing occurs under extreme heat, you might experience a number of symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, nausea and even make you unconscious. The weakness that follows a heat stroke can be a bad experience as well. If you are exposed to the heat for a very long period of time and do not take measures to stop heat stroke then it can be fatal. Every summer thousands of people around the world lose their lives to heat stroke. If you do feel like you are having a heat stroke then there are a few things that you can do to be safe from a fatal heat stroke.

Cool off

If you are out in the sun then it is best to find shade as immediately as you can. The shade can help you cool down. The better option would be to cool down in front of an oscillating fan. Running into an air conditioned room would seem like a good idea at the time but if you are vey sweaty then it might cause fever. You can duck into an air conditioned room if you have cooled off a little in the shade or if you have an extra set of dry clothes. But if you are having a heat stroke you can afford to risk fever, so duck into the coldest place you can find.

Drink up

Even if you cool off under a shade or in an air conditioned room, you might not be able to cool off fast enough. Drinking something cold can help reduce your body’s core temperate. Once your core temperature is reduced you can cool off faster. You can grab a bottle of water. If you have energy drinks then they can offer the best solution to your heat exhaustion. If nothing else you can mix a little sugar and salt with some water and have it. This can help you cool off, hydrate and stabilize your body.

Dress down

The summer is the best time to wear as less layers as possible. But even with the little layers that you have worn you might feel the pain of heat exhaustion. The best way to cool off is by taking off a layer. By doing so you allow your sweat to evaporate, this cools down your body temperature naturally. If you are wearing tight fitting clothes then try to loosen it. Let your body cool off by allowing the sweat on your body to evaporate faster.

Blood flow

When you are having a heat stroke your brain is staved of oxygen. If your brain is starved for a long period of time then it can cause permanent damage. You need to get the blood flowing into your brain as soon as possible. Here are two steps to make that happen fast:

  1. Lie down on a flat surface, without placing anything under your head.
  2. Rest your foot on a pillow or even a stone to elevate it from the rest of your body.

This increases blood flow to the brain making your body regain composure.

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