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Few things not to say a woman

Every status of a life is enjoyable and has its own pros and cons. So, while being single can give you freedom from the various commitments of life, having a partner gives you mental satisfaction and strength to fight against all odds. The single status gives full independence, while being in a relation can bring commitment with happiness. The grass is greener on the other side, so, every one having a steady relationship thinks how happy his or her single friend is. But single ladies many a times has to face many unwanted, painful words from their friends, relatives, colleagues and even from others. So, try and respect the feeling of every woman and avoid hurting them. So, be polite with ladies as they have a softer heart and sentiments than you men.

Many of the happiest moments that every one had cross through is from the time when they are being single. Not committing to any one and being single is one of the greatest blessings. It gives you the freedom of happiness and independence. We may have at least few single  in our friends circle and at least for one time you may think that how happy their single life is!! But do you know how they feel when you add some bitter words to their happy life?

There are few single woman who never like to face some silly and bothering questions. Hence here are the few questions listed below what not to ask a single woman and not to hurt them. They may appear genuine but make them feel.

On marriage

Never ask a single woman about this question, if you ask when you are going to get married, it turns her off and  makes her to feel that is she not worthy and that is why she is not get married. You can show the concern signs for your friend about being unmarried but it doesn’t mean you have the right to ask that question.

Comparison is not a good thing to do

Never compare a single woman with the woman who is having kids and family. Today’s generation single woman are more towards their goals and dreams. They are planning about how to achieve the career goals rather getting married and to deliver kids. So, don’t say certain kind of lines like “when am at your age I am having three kids and a happy family” when you met your friend or a relative of yours, it is not a good way to treat a single woman.

If he has not proposed you

Though you have been dating a person since many months and not getting any positive response from him don’t take it into deep. If he has not proposed you yet, your life will not end up there. Single woman should realize that there is a long way to go and seek a right person who matches to their needs and feelings.

How long you have been single?

The question that really offend a single women is how long you have been single! In what ever the situation or case that she is being, you must never say a single woman such kind of lines. Just retain yourself in her shoes and repeat the same question for yourself.

Its good to get married before 30

You might think single woman must aware about having kids before reaching the big count of age 30. But it doesn’t mean you need to give her suggestions to choose a guy and get married.  You don’t need to say that what she have to do, single woman are having more knowledge and they know when they need to get married and to get kids.

These are some of the questions you never need to ask a single woman. If you are single, think about how others when they given with these kind of questions.

Handle Their Feelings with Care and Emotion

Happy moments are to be cherished and be with us as a sweet, everlasting memory. We all know men and women belong to different planets. So, never be harsh or arrogant at your first date. Trying to be witty may sometime make a mess and end off your relationship before it starts. The lady can be open, jolly, jovial, and funny but that does not mean that she does not have any reservations for any specific question. So, never try to analyse the beautiful lady in front of you. Never drink too much in front of a lady at your date. This makes you restless and you talk too much. And when you talk too much you talk loose which can offend the lady and show lack of logic on your side.

Try to Hide the Secrets

You need not be over frank and start talking about your bank account. Try to be relaxed, confident with her and pay attention to her and only her. Never show any gesture which is sex dominated, or never say any words which are linked with sex. This will upset her and she will feel reluctant to meet you any further. Remember scope of re-take is not there, what you once commit is all. That you pay for. Do not be complaining in front of her, about anyone. This will project a negative image of yours in front of her. This will make her feel uncomfortable and unhappy with you. Never, ever try to ask her why she is single. This is a sensitive issue and this can hurt her feelings and emotions badly. Never try to show you have too many lady friends who keep you busy always. She will be least interested in your lady friends and about their whereabouts. So, never boost about wrong thing to project your charm and heroism. Never ask anything related to the birth control, which you may already know from her past. This is really discouraging for her.

Try to be Emotional

When you are with her the choice of your words, phases should be perfect and appealing, rather than being emotion less. Don’t use foolish, childish words and annoy her. When a lady is angry and out of her nerves never tries to make the situation light by saying words like,“so, are you prepared to be the best in front of your lady.” Talking of too frequent visit to the bars do not please her at all. She may think that you drink too much. Another annoying statement is you have cleared your plates that are great. This sounds so rude and not very classy. Now never say the fragrance is also used by his mother. This is too much for a girl. She feels unwanted, and thinks that his mother is much more important than her. So, pay her attention and show she is your lady love who is incomparable and attractive. Remember ladies love the man in you, not the money and bank balance you have. So, never boost about your money in front of her. Never say that you are not picky. This sends a totally different message to your partner. When you are with her focus on her fully, andnever say she has a resemblance to one of my male friend. So, you should be calm and patient with your lady love always.

It is best to Relax

This is how you are trying to make her feel that she is shouting for no cause. This proves that her anger has no effect on you. This totally frustrates and takes her to a state of depression. Try to boost her mentally high, by giving your shoulder to cry and bring out the emotions. When she shouts keep your calm and make her feel that you are with her emotionally to hold her hands at times of distress. Never forget the birthday, anniversaries and try to give any excuse against it. Any consolation or excuse will make it big and problematic. Never say ‘I Love you’, ‘it will never happen again, because any apology won’t work here. Women think from their heart so feel and pamper their heart. Show the warmth for her and feel the magic of her love for you.

Making the Relationship Right

‘I Love you’ is a magical word in a love relationship but not during a bitter fight. When you are committed to a lady you need to take many decisions hand in hand. The lady expects co-operation by participating in the decision taking. But men think this decision taking part is the lady’s job. This habit of bypassing the duty of taking a decision, to a lady is really hurting and unacceptable. So, saying no to decision making portion is disheartening to the lady. Silence brings peace is the general logic. But, sometimes it can be an exception. When you face a controversy and keep quite like a fool is really irritating. So, when a discussion occurs at the woman places the views with a silent man on her opposite, makes her feel dejected and lonely. Never try to play safe. May be your words are not very much pleasing for her, but at least she is satisfied that you have the interest to participate.