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Few habits women will never stop practicing

In both the genders of men and woman, habits, likes and dislikes are almost differs. When coming to men, they are hated due to the cause of either smoking or drinking or some times both. While moving to the hate of list of men towards women is their extra talking nature or bad habit of gossiping and etc.  Our habits are developed and carried due to various environments and situations that we have gone through. Some habits come by their own and few we adopt them. These habits might be good or bad. When we find those habits are bad, we tend to come over it rather than ignoring them but women have few habits which will never change and always exist. Let us see some of them.

Few habits women will never stop practicing

Women like gossiping

Many people say that woman can’t stay with out gossiping and also throw a comment their food won’t digest if they stop gossiping about some thing. Woman enjoy the silly gossips and show good interest in it, when coming to house wife’s, it is considered to be as one of their best time pass.

Made for the make-up

Most of the woman love to give make-up for them, they like to apply cosmetic products though they are turning to old age. At few times you can find a woman who retain in natural. So, for most of the women dabbing a little compact and giving lipstick touch has remained as never changing practice.

Conscious about weight

Being conscious about weight is one of the premier thing that woman never leave. Every woman urges to look great, when they feel like putting weight to the body they just start the weight losing program with out confusing with the ideas. Woman habitually ask themselves and their peers am i putting the weight? If they ask you, say the words to which she is habituated to listen.

Addiction to shopping

There is no age limits for the woman who are into shopping.  They get ready actively when planning is going on for shopping. One of the bad things is that, every time of shopping they will get confused with the choice of things to pick up. For example, when they went to shop for curtain the shopping may end with buying a pair of slippers. One of the traditional habit is that they will never fail to trail for at least two clothes to pick one. It’s not tough for them to be food less while they are involved with shopping as they are the real lovers of shopping and they great happiness to be in it.


Woman love to clean their house and keep the home neat. They really work hard enough while cleaning and arranging of the house.  They even compare their cleanliness with some others and try to put up more shimmer to the looks of the home. Well on the other side, men don’t care about cleanliness and in such moments fights will also start.