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Few compliments men don’t like to recieve

Few compliments men don't like to recieve

Men or women it is the nature of a person to feel happy with the compliments, but in some cases the compliments given by women to men doesn’t hit good even they makes him feel a bit sad. Let us see some of them.

Its so sweet for doing but i can make it fast my self

To lull the work load men try to help women, but due to because of big time lapse┬áthat they took to complete the task feels the women that they are slow in this particular work and might they say ‘ Its so sweet for doing but i can make it fast myself’ – Never handle the situation like this way, though your men work for long hours. Men hate to receive those kind of words that put them down.Say him his help made ease to your work and you want it for next time too.

It’s surprising to find you fix the leaky faucet

Don’t feel surprise when your men complete some work with out the help from a professional. Expressing your surprise and shock may hit the self-esteem of him. Try to know his various facets and compliment for their work.

You are the only one to whom i can talk

Never made him to bear such an emotional load, well he can’t be the mix of your girlfriends, mother and sisters. Tell him he is your understanding and favorite person. Just say, i talk to my mom and my sisters all the time but the one who understands me better is not more than you. It gives him an idea that you are respecting his listening.

You are so cute

Your man doesn’t belongs to a category of babies and pets. Most of the women in order to avoid their deep intimacy convey these kind of words in substitution to the real feeling, you are handsome! But men says, taking a compliment like you are cute makes us to feel like kids and it don’t show our rugged handsomeness.

This gift is one of my interest

When your men brought a gift for you by not knowing your taste don’t ever say that its not my taste, it really hurts them. They have several thoughts of your surprising face when you receive it but if you say that’s not your kind it is nothing like slapping on his face. Be it the great or better or even bad receive with a whole heart and express your thankfulness for the lovable gift.

Go straight

Never mix up two unique feeling, if you feel like he is doing the things in a kid track say him directly what you want to say but don’t club – you are making things similar to kid but i love you any ways. Say him like, its so good that you are sharing the time with the kids and make them to play but some times, i really want to be on my side of discipline.

Don’t over explain

Don’t say every thing about your man to your friends, don’t explain his private gestures. Words are powerful, might they reach to him back and spoils his privacy with you.