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Female pain during sex – top reasons for pain in sex

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Many women may face the problem of pain during their sexual intercourse and this can definitely reduce you pleasure and interest in having sex. Your partner may also feel uncomfortable when you face this issue. This sexual problem can be caused due to many reasons. Every woman would want to enjoy their love life and if this problem persists, then you might feel frustrated or unhappy. Try and find out what the problems are that are causing pain while having sex. Some if the main reasons that can cause pain are:

1)    Vaginal Dryness– This is one of the common problems that can cause pain during your sexual intercourse. If you have less lubrication then your vagina will be dry, causing pain during sexual intercourse. Lubrication becomes less in woman when she is not aroused much, so you can always try doing more foreplay to avoid this issue. Vaginal dryness may also occur before pregnancy and during the time of menopause. Women who suffer from vaginal dryness can use some lubricants like KY Jelly while having a sexual intercourse.

2)    Endometriosis – This problem can occur when the endometrial tissues grow inside your uterus. Women who experience this issue will have pain during or even after having sex. If you have this issue then you might have painful menstrual cramps, infertility, intestinal pain, pain in the lower back, bowel movements or urination during menstrual period. This problem can be reduced or removed by a surgery or medications.

3)    Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases – This is a bacterial infection that affects a woman’s pelvic organs. Painful urination, foul smell of the vaginal discharge, irregular periods, fever and abdominal pain are some of the symptoms of this issue. Women who have suffered from Chlamydia or gonorrhea can get this pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) easily. This PID can be treated through some medications and if it is not treated then it can lead to infertility.

4)    Vaginitis – This is an inflammation of the vagina due to some infections. Yeast and bacterial infections or trichomoniasis can cause this issue and you may suffer from a burning sensation, vaginal discharge and itching. This problem can be treated using antibiotics and vaginitis can cause pain during sexual intercourse.

Other Possible Causes

If you are suffering from ovarian cysts, scar tissue, bowel or bladder diseases, uterus problems, vaginismus and pelvic masses can cause pain during sexual intercourse. You should go consult a gynecologist about your problem.  The doctor might ask you to go for some checkups to diagnose the reason for pain and will prescribe some medications that are necessary. You can also go for a checkup for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to see if that is the problem for pain during intercourse. So does not worry there are treatments for the pain that you suffer during intercourse. But never hide these entire problems from your partner and to your doctor to have proper treatments to overcome this issue and have a happy and enjoyable love life.