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Things every father must teach his son

When you are in the responsible position of father you need to inculcate some basic things to your kid from his tender age. The behavior that he had admitted will carry even in his youth and in the next phases and he won’t depart from it. Here are some of the things you need to teach your kid.

Things every father must teach his son
A basic twist

Twist right for tight and twist left for loose, this is the way to remember him how to turn a screwdriver and or a lid from a jar.

Things to do when a cop stop him

Retain the hands in such a way that cop can see them.Never run from an office and don’t resist and touch him/her.¬†While talking to the police officer, respect him by using the word sir. This helps to add some points.

How to console

In the life journey, when your kid is growing up at some point of time he need to console a friend or a relative who has lost their family member. Learn him how to make a message and how to address them that represents the feeling from his bottom of the heart. He should never say “for the best he has passed away”, while consoling his friend when he lost his grandfather.If your friend is sorrow due to losing some one, you need to invite the child for a movie or some outing with your family even though he is not interested to come. These kind of things will thickens the bonding between them and will go appreciated.

Hand shake

A firm handshake that is carried with looking into the person eyes with the respect and dignity. Press the flush between the index finger and thumb of his to let him feel the exact form. A slight smile is also an essential part. Opening the car door when a woman is coming, Being in the stand up position at table when she is seated and handling the heavy bag of her will all shows his honor to a woman.

Dressing in a right way

1.Their trousers are at perfect fit.
2.shirts are revealed to a quarter to half inch while wearing suit.
3.Tie is descend to the belt color
4.Socks are long enough to utterly cover the shins if legs are crossed.
5. Choose the belts in such a way that they match the color of shoes.

Honoring parents

Describe him how to respect the parents not due to their performance but for the parents position they occupied.

Working hard

A person will get the fruitful results when he put his entire effort to do hard work. Work is essential for the productive life, it inculcates the self-discipline. Work not only benefits the body but perks for the mind.

How to treat an angry person

Teach him how to handle the situations like treating a person while he is angry. Tell him staying calm is perfect move to do in such cases. Controlling one’s self is most important practice for every person.