Best ways to gain weight quickly for men

Best ways to gain weight quickly for men

Best ways to gain weight quickly for men

Just like shredding weight at the earliest it is important that you know how to gain weight fast. It may be important to get rid of certain diseases and at the same time it is even important to have the right health status.

Being skinny might be a big problem for most men. Skinny men are easily stereotyped and might even be discriminated against. Being skinny for a man can be worse than being fat. At the same time being fat is not ideal either. If you have a BMI bellow 18 kg/m2 then you might have to start finding ways of gaining weight. Eating a whole lot of junk food might not be the best way to gain weight. If you do want to increase your BMI then you should do it in a healthy way. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your weight increases in a healthy manner.

Weight gain tips

You need to understand your body’s needs instead of blindly aiming to bulk up. Here are a few tips that can help you gain weight yet remain healthy at the same time:

  • Most people remain skinny due to super fast metabolism. Drinking a lot of water can be a good way of allowing your digestion to slow down. When your digestion is slowed down to a more normal rate then your body can assimilate the fat from the food you eat, instead of allowing your body to break down all the fat. So plenty of water can do your body good in your bulking efforts.
  • The most obvious way to increase your weight is by increasing the amount of food you eat. Increasing portion sizes and frequency of meals always help in the assimilation of fat in our body. So it is important to have larger meals more frequently.
  • The size and frequency of your meal will not amount to anything if you do not increase the calorie consumption. Frequent meals are good for weight loss diets, but these frequent meals need to be low in calorie. On the flip side the diet to fatten up needs to have more calorie content.
  • If you are going to increase the calorie content of your meals then it is a good idea to keep track of the calorie intake per day. This not only allows you to see the progress that you are making by changing your diet, but you can also keep track of what you are consuming to achieve your goal.
  • When you try to gain weight you should not just try to fatten up, you should try to bulk up. The only way you can bulk up in by increasing your muscle mass. You can start working out and focus on developing muscles in certain areas of your body.
  • Apart from bulking up through diet and exercise you can resort to supplements as well. There are many supplements that are available to assist in bulking up. Many try to avoid supplements since they tend to show side effects in the long run. But if you are desperate to gain body mass then you might resort to supplements.
  • Above all you need to give your body adequate rest. If you allow your body to rest then your body gets time to convert your food into fat. Do not just take short naps, try to go to bed early and try not to wake up too early as well.

These few tips can help you bulk up. But the pace varies from person to person.

Eat good to gain weight and stay healthy

To gain fast weight men can depend on whole foods loaded with lots of nutrients. This is the reason you should take to foods nourishing and rich at the same time. However, do not take to sugary sodas and large pizzas. These will only help you gain fat and you would surely have an uncontrolled stature. This is the reason it is important to have good food intake which would help you gain in weight and make you stay healthy at the same time.

Keep track of things that you eat

At the same time it is even important that you keep track of everything that you eat. This will help you have an idea that whether you are including everything in your diet. Please do not moss out the essential proteins and carbohydrates. These are muscle building and energy giving foods and so you should take them as par guidelines to have a quick gain in muscles and weight.

It is important that you take rest

Along with good food, right exercise and plenty of water it is also essential that you take rest in the spare time. Don’t allow your body to get tired unnecessarily. This will make you lack the energy for the daily jobs in life. Thus, it is important that you have the right amount of rest so that you can energize yourself for the important tasks of life. It is a great way to rest and perform at the same time.

Not bad to put on with some fat

With all that food and care it is normal that you would put on with some amount of fat. Fat will show once you have a fast weight gain. There is nothing to worry as a flabby appearance won’t make you look bad. In fact, you would get rid of that skinny image. The bulk appearance will make you look cute and you would find people noticing the change in your physique. You would gain appreciation and it is only that you should know where to stop. There is a difference in becoming healthy and obese and so you should maintain that limitation and be on the right track.

Best Ways To Gain Weight Quickly For Men

Consume more dry fruits

Consuming more dry fruits can help you gain some body weight. It is actually one of the healthiest ways to gain weight quickly without any side effects. So, consume dry fruits on a daily basis.

Consume some mango milk shake

Drink some mango milk shake or eat a mango and then, consume a glass of milk after that. This will help you gain some weight. Do this every single day till you see results.

Tuna fish

Tuna contains a lot of calories and consuming this fish can help you gain weight quickly. This is also one of the healthiest ways to gain weight without any side effects.

Dairy products

Increasing the consumption of dairy products including curd, milk, and cheese can help you gain weight quickly. However, do not eat too much of anything since it will result in high blood pressure, indigestion, etc. Add butter and ghee to your regular diet.

Eat potatoes

A potato a day will help you gain weight. So, make sure to include this vegetable in your diet. Eating potato chips can also help you gain weight.

Consume eggs

Eggs contain not only fats but also calories that can make you gain weight. The contents of eggs will not only increase your weight but also help you build muscles. For best results, try consuming more of the white of the egg rather than the yolk.

Eat more of nuts

Nuts including groundnuts, peanuts, etc. can help you increase weight. Even a spoonful of nuts or butter made of nuts will help you gain weight easily.

Consume beans

Beans are calorie rich and also rich in fibre. You can eat beans any time of day or night if you would like to gain some weight. There are a variety of beans including lima beans, red beans, soy beans, black beans, etc. that you can choose from in order to gain weight.

Eat fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the best allies when it comes to helping people gain weight. When you consume fenugreek in capsule or powder form, you can easily gain a few kilogrammes. If you want, you can also prepare some tea using fenugreek powder and drink it.

Drink some dandelion tea

Dandelion can easily stimulate your appetite and make you feel hungry. Drink tea prepared using the dandelion flower thrice a day if you would like to see results.


4 dandelion flowers

Some water


Add 4 dandelion flowers to some water and bring them to boil. After the tea cools down, strain it and drink only the tea.

Eat some gentian

Eating some gentian, which is an herb used to help gain some weight, will help you regain a healthful figure. Since this herb contains lots of calories, you can take it in and you can rest assured that there won’t be any side effects.

Consume some complex carbs

Pasta, brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc. can help you increase some weight. Moreover, if you would like to build some muscles or bulk up, you can consume these complex carbohydrates.

Stop smoking

Did you know that smoking can help you reduce your weight? If you would like to gain some weight, you should stop smoking completely and maintain it that way.

Don’t be in a hurry

Do not be in a hurry to gain some weight. Otherwise, it can result in severe side effects. Take enough time to gain weight gradually.

Eat zinc rich foods

If your body is deficient in zinc, you will find that you do not feel like eating much. Eating zinc rich foods will make you feel like eating more foods and you can gain some weight easily.

Drink your food

Take in the fruits and vegetables in the form of smoothies instead of in raw form if you would like to gain some weight the healthy way. Smoothies contain more than 600 calories and still do not have any side effects.

Do not give up

Giving up easily will only make it look impossible to gain some weight. Do not give up on your weight gain dreams. It may take some time to gain weight but if you give you, you would feel disappointed and nothing will result from it.

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