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Fashion tips to conceal men’s belly

Fashion tips to conceal men’s belly

Most men struggle to get rid of their bulging belly. After a particular age men find it impossible to lose the extra fat on the stomach. Hence it is necessary to find ways and means to hide the area and look smart by making changes in the clothes. One needs to wear casual clothes to give space to the belly. One will be surprised to know that certain accessories like shoes and socks also help to camouflage the bulging belly. The main idea is to dress in a manner that the attention is diverted from the belly to other parts of the body.

There are magic’s which work on your belly to conceal it. You don’t need a magician but right attention and clothes what matters. Get the tips to cover your belly fat, it is all about dressing style and hiding the belly. It is good to avoid the clothes that are not too tight, likewise there are many tips to hide your bulge.

Do you have beer or fast foods quite often but at the same time you also find your bulging belly unattractive? You are not able to impress any woman as you are too hefty. However, you want to change that, isn’t it? Then, without doing any kind of workout you can stop yourself from looking hefty. You can follow some fashion tips to hide your bulge. You just need to introduce some changes to your dressing style even you do not prefer to do that.  However, if you want to impress people around you, then you will have to.

A bulging stomach can spoil your image. You have to face a lot of embarrassment if you are on the heavier side. So, it is high time that you follow some fashion tips so that you can walk around with your head held high. Nowadays, you do get plus sized clothes. However, people look at you as if you do not deserve good clothes. So, here are some fashion tips for the men so that they can save themselves from the embarrassment.

Some other tricks included with dressing encompasses good shoes, accessories and also a neat face which helps to divert the attention of people from the belly.

Pick the dark

Whether you have absorbed or not men who wear dark colors look sharp and fit. Dark colored clothing flaunts you slim then what you are, indeed dark clothing covers your actual belly size. You can pick the best dark colors like black, navy blue, brown etc to make your look bright.

No tights

It is one of the biggest mistake belly men do. Wearing a tight outfit displays your belly bigger than the else body parts. Try shirts that are not too loose and too tight, infact what makes you comfort and feel fit. Never choose tight t-shirts which are extremely tight. They will inevitably shows your belly.


Get a good jacket and wear to your comfort, it is one of the stylish way to hide your belly. Carry one if you are going to a party with your friends or when you are attending a family function to not just camouflage the fat of your belly but also to maintain yourself fashionable. This way you can cover your belly at the same time it don’t draw the belly attention of your’s.


Jeans is the best choice to choose as a casual wear. Try jeans which will come to your belly button level. If you wear jeans that comes below the belly it will points your belly fat and shows it big. A fitting jeans has the fitting effect on the rest of your body too.

Tucking in

Tuck-in the shirt is an oldest way to shape your looks. It manages your belly to show up in a flat way, if your belly is a little bulging out. Of all, it helps to cover your overall belly size from the original. Choose a shirt that is not too tight and tuck your tummy in, it will help to not highlight it much.

Go simple

Wear the simple looking and smart clothing. Outfits that are too flashy grabs the belly looks and it likely draws attention to you. So, try the clothes before buying, mix them to get the perfect color combination and it is always best to opt the low contrast colors.


A tailor who can cover your dress flaws is always good to have. The way he stylize your dress matters to hide your belly. Don’t randomly change your tailor, it may not bring what you want. Communicate with your tailor and let him know what kind of fashion clothes your are urging to wear.

Hugging tight clothing must be not worn by men with a bulging stomach. On the other hand tight shirts will force the belly to protrude out.

Select the right fabric Select fabric that does not stick to the body like satin, silk, lira and tight pullovers. The fabric should be a little stiff and stay away from the body like cotton.

Avoid ill-fitted pants Do not go in by the fashion even if the latest fashion does not suit the body. There are certain styles of pants which are comfortable and do not stick to the waist. Rather loose pleated well-fitting pants will be more comfortable on a bulging tummy. Always wear clothes that are comfortable and avoid those that just look stylish.

Select the right colour Experts have proved that dark colours make a person look slim. The colour must also be selected by keeping the complexion of a person in mind.  Men with dark colour should select dark colours like navy blue, brown and dark red, whereas those with lighter complexion can go in for softer colours.

Layer it The best way to hide belly bulge is to take away one’s attention from it. This can be done by wearing a jacket or in other words wearing a second layer over the first. Jackets in attractive colours, checks or stripes will capture the attention of the viewer faster.This will give an attractive look and the attention will be diverted to the face from the belly. An extra layer can also be added to the jacket. This gives a look of a V shape that moves the attention on the top.

Match the socks to the trousers as it will give an illusion of lengthy legs. Polish the shoes to again divert the attention from top to bottom.

Fashion tips for a bulging stomach

You can hold your breath for some time. However, you can’t do that for long.  You can do it at the most for one or two minutes – maybe while posing for the camera but then that’s about it.

  • If you are fond of wearing formals with full sleeves, then it is time for you to wear those with short sleeves. This makes you look thinner as compared to wearing full sleeves which make you look hefty.
  • Tiny designs on your shirts can make you look thin. No matter what the design, each of the design elements should be placed far away from each other.
  • Try to be comfortable in the clothing that you generally wear. You do not have to follow the fashion trends so much so that you end up leaving your comfort zone and end up being embarrassed in front of many people.
  • You should always stand straight while walking walk on the road. This will make you look thin.  You should avoid wearing clothes with stripes. Only those shirts with vertical stripes will suit you.  Avoid wearing shirts with horizontal or diagonal stripes on them.
  • Now, many men think that they would need to go on a diet or stop eating completely but they really do not need to sacrifice themselves so much. They can just follow a few simple tips to look thin. There are many people in the world who get fat despite not eating much. Such genes might be running in their family. Even if they do workouts every day and follow a strict diet, many do not slim down. For them these fashion tips will be of great use.

Simple to follow fashion tips

Even a simpleton will be able to easily understand and follow these tips. It hardly requires any kind of investment. You just have to change your dressing style.  Half the battle is won when you follow these tips. Try adapting a different style of dressing, which may work wonders for you.